Astronomer Says Earth-Like Planets Could Be Anything But


The past 12 months has seen a dramatic influx in announcements proclaiming the discovery of Earth-like planets. It was only a few years ago that the detection of any kind exoplanet was cause for celebration, but these days news of a potentially habitable planet has become routine. But as astronomer and astrobiologist Caleb Scharf now notes, we need to relax and take a deep breath; just because these rocky exoplanets reside within a solar system's habitable zone doesn't mean they're anything like Earth.

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Human settlement of Mars in 2023 by private organization


No political ties! This organization plans a one way trip for some lucky folks to permanently visit Mars with no government funding. They will use technology that is already available.

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SpaceX Launches With 15 Dreams Onboard


SpaceX successfully launched its commercial rocket today marking the first time a private company has sent a spacecraft to the space station. The Falcon 9 rocket along with the Dragon capsule is loaded with the hopes and dreams of hundreds of students from around the USA.

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Company aims to mine resource-rich asteroids


The company Planetary Resources plans to develop and launch a series of robotic systems and unmanned spacecraft, starting with its Arkyd-100 Earth-orbiting space telescopes that it hopes to launch by the end of 2013 to identify candidate near-Earth asteroids containing natural resources. A single 500-meter platinum-rich asteroid would have the equivalent of all the platinum-group metals ever mined on Earth, the company said. And the right 80-meter asteroid would have more than $100 billion worth of materials, Anderson said.

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Gamers help discover two new planets


Using the game Planet Hunters, gamers have discovered two new planets in the Cygnus constellation.

In what is starting to look like the beginnings of a trend, casual gamers have helped scientists make significant discoveries through a specially designed game for the second time this month.

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Space flight without government spending from Europe


"We aim to show the world that human space flight can be different from the usual expensive and government controlled project," the Copenhagen Suborbitals website states. "We are working fulltime to develop a series of suborbital space vehicles — designed to pave the way for manned space flight on a micro size spacecraft."

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Scientists support Mars colonization, propose a private sector program


Some scientists support colonizing Mars, but have zero faith in that government science bureaucracy called NASA. They have begun vocalizing support of opening travel to (and colonization of) Mars for the private sector.

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Real-time Satellites in Google Earth


Real-time Satellites in Google Earth. There are 2271 Sattelites in orbit around the earth.

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Danish Volunteers Build Manned Spacecraft - No Government Involvment


A team of Danish volunteers has built a rocket capable of carrying a human into space, and will be launching it in a week’s time. The project, which has been funded entirely by donations and sponsorship, is led by Kristian von Bengtson and Peter Madsen.

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Company Preparing First Private Space Station


From The New York Times: "In New Space Race, Enter the Entrepreneurs": Four years from now, the company plans for real modules to be launched and assembled into the solar system’s first private space station. "Every astronaut we have come in here just says, ‘Wow,’ ” said Robert T. Bigelow, the company founder. “They can’t believe the size of this thing.”

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Briton's $800 High-Altitude Camera Outclasses NASA


Robert Harrison, 38, used a collection of cheap parts costing £500 to create a balloon-mounted camera that can travel up to 21.7 miles (35km) above the surface of the Earth. The result is a series of pictures taken from a height that only a rocket or weather balloon can reach. The resulting photographs, which he published online, were so impressive that Nasa has been in touch.

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