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Free Talk Live 2014-07-31

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-07-31 23:34
Privacy and Children and Videography :: Derrick J’s Story :: Children Walking Home in Port St Lucie :: Japan Whit :: World War I and War II Related

Free Talk Live 2014-07-30

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-07-31 20:17
More of the 30 Things to Stop Doing :: Bitcoin Fair Outreach :: Inspiration to Complete Undesirable Tasks :: Muslims and Female Circumcision :: Did the Pentagon people deserve to die on 9-11? :: Military PTSD Liars? :: Science Isn't Science? Math isn't Math? :: Indfinite Detention of Military Members :: Court Confusion :: Govt vs the State :: Dealing with the Broken People :: Unconstitutional :: Blaming the People

Free Talk Live 2014-07-29

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-07-29 23:53
Ocala City Council Bans Saggy Pants :: Working in the System :: Insulting Saggy Pants People :: Hiring a Hitman :: Jonny Ray and Jury Duty :: Feen Phone :: No Violence in the Peace Church, Thanks :: Old Guy Tags Police Station :: Fire Challenge Probably a Bad Idea :: Jonny Ray's Game of the Week

Edgington Post; Billy Cooper 2014-07-29

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-07-29 18:50
Billy Cooper, author of CRASHED, the Death of the Dollar, talks about his first book and the amazing reviews it has received. Pick up this gripping account of what the crash of the dollar might really look like. http://www.amazon.com/Crashed-Death-Dollar-William-Cooper-ebook/dp/B00JKUXJNG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406673016&sr=8-1&keywords=crashed+cooper&tag=freetalklive-20

Free Talk Live Weekly Digest #30 2014-07-19 thru 2014-07-25

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-07-29 11:10
A week of Free Talk Live condensed into less than 75 minutes. parenting techniques :: ymca kids mistaken for immigrants :: opposition to immigration :: fake TSA agent :: TSA fees :: boarder patrol and the scouts :: copblock on fox news :: allergies and sudafed :: news crew hassled Tips for the work that goes into this project are always welcome and appreciated, and can be sent to this Bitcoin address: 19k7WrfMEu7t5ap4QrFtqJztS8U92kJCHy

Free Talk Live 2014-07-28

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-07-28 23:06
Market Basket Employees say NO to Unions :: The Latest on the Market Basket Drama :: Another Holocaust Coming to Israel? :: Sexting :: Driving Without Registration :: James on Hamas :: Attacked by City Gang Over Garden :: Zoning Enforcement Destroys Neighborliness :: Singing Happy Birthday Now Legal

Free Talk Live 2014-07-27

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-07-27 22:40
Tipping :: Above average intelligence? :: Don't want to go to jail – what to do instead? :: Scientific study on how server behaviors affect tipping :: hitting on servers :: religion anti-freedom :: “proof of god” :: Drones making national security worse? :: police state :: involuntary commitment :: bible talk live

Free Talk Live 2014-07-26

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-07-27 03:03
FBI Encouraging Terrorism :: DC Entraping Young Men Into Commiting Crimes :: Thought Crime :: Setup Prostitution Bust :: Are we in a police state? If not, why not? :: Economic Attacks on the Poor :: Bad Police Chief :: Where are the good cops? :: SC Sheriffs Under Investigation :: Revenue Collection :: Private Prisons :: Peace Officer vs Law Enforcement Officer :: Corporations :: Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theory

Free Talk Live 2014-07-25

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-07-25 22:38
Ellen Investigates Market Basket Strike :: Arthur T. Demoulas Offers to Buy Market Basket :: Free State Project and Secession :: Involuntary Commitment :: Forced Medication :: News Crew Threatened :: Begging Permission :: Don't Let Domains Expire! :: Tweet = Kicked off Plane

Free Talk Live 2014-07-24

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-07-25 10:05
Rich Paul Violation of Probation Hearing :: VOP Screws People :: Felons and Weapons :: New Tax System Proposal :: Rich Paul Sentencing Speech :: Rights of Conscience :: Middle East Anarchy? :: Marauders :: Crazy Michigan Court Story :: Recording in Court :: Sudafed Buyer Arrested

Free Talk Live 2014-07-23

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-07-24 00:17
Darth Vader Leading Presidential Poll :: Weed Everywhere! :: Conflicting Court Rulings Regarding Obamacare :: Minimum Wage :: FOX News Attacks Cop Block :: Detroiters Packing Heat Stopping Crime :: James in Arizona :: Threat Management Center :: Execution Goes Wrong :: Cruel and Unusual

Free Talk Live 2014-07-22

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-07-22 23:04
Memphis Police Targets Uber and Lyft :: Grocer's Shelves are Empty During Protest :: Rideshare Predecessor :: The Sordid Demoulas History :: Intra-company Conflict :: Non-Union Strikers :: Jonny Ray's Meat Story :: Boy Scouts Cower in Interaction with Border Patrol :: Hearthstone

Edgington Post; Ben Bova 2014-07-22

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-07-22 18:53
Legendary Sci-Fi author, Ben Bova, discusses his new book, authored with NASA scientist Les Johnson, Rescue Mode and his predictions for the future of space travel. This is an especially compelling listen. http://www.amazon.com/Rescue-Mode-Ben-Bova/dp/1476736472/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406069098&sr=8-1&keywords=rescue+mode&tag=freetalklive-20

Free Talk Live 2014-07-21

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-07-21 23:44
Free State Project vs Expatriating :: DC Decriminalizes Cannabis :: Massachusetts Decriminalization :: Legalization Fears :: Altering States :: Can drug use be good for society? :: Harm Reduction :: Bad Trip :: Drunk Guy Masquerades as TSA Agent :: TSA Fees to Double :: Troops Sent to Border :: Immigrant Political Football :: Free State Project

Free Talk Live Weekly Digest #29 2014-07-12 thru 2014-07-18

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-07-21 12:51
A week of Free Talk Live condensed into less than 75 minutes. New Hampshire is not free :: immigration magnets :: protecting the FSP :: Conservatives on immigration :: voip programs :: porcfest gun safety :: raising children :: criminalizing parenthood :: national i.d. cards :: vpn around the great firewall of china :: i.d. for air travel :: dell accepting bitcoins

Free Talk Live 2014-07-20

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-07-20 22:41
Caller recommends bringing back hanging :: MH17 and numerology :: Jimmy asks about a NH monastery :: McDouble the healthiest cheap food :: Eating cheap can affect you negatively later in life :: Guns & Weed :: Tea Partiers Gang-up on a Bus of Children :: Caller does not want open borders :: The Irish immigrant problem :: British girlfriend can't become US citizen :: Citizens need to take up arms against the immigrant

Free Talk Live 2014-07-19

Podcasts - Sat, 2014-07-19 22:32
Americans Say Elections Aren't Fair :: No Consent of the Governed :: American Hypocrisy :: Paying Taxes From Fear :: State Screwing People Seeking Help :: IRS :: Spanking Kids :: Peaceful Parenting :: Opting-Out of Federal Services :: Obamacare :: MDVIP :: Teenage Discipline :: Capitalism :: Using Force for Healthcare :: Healthcare Slavery :: Amtrak

Free Talk Live 2014-07-18

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-07-18 23:30
Proposed Bitcoin Regulations Worse than Expected? :: Interpretation of Law :: Voorhees Responds to NY State Regulatory Proposal :: Consumer Protection :: DELL Taking Bitcoin! :: DELL No Longer Public :: Immigration :: In California it's illegal to water your lawn too much AND too little. :: Drought Rules :: Water Snitching :: Right to Water?

Free Talk Live 2014-07-17

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-07-18 01:59
Bitcoin Regulations Coming to New York :: NH - Future Bitcoin Haven? :: Talkback :: Ignoring Regulations :: ProXPN and China :: Flying Without ID :: Bitcoin Crackdown :: 12 Year Old Placed on Sex Offender Registry :: Crazy Sex Offender Registry Rules :: Couple's Home Raided Over Child Porn Allegations :: CA Split Proposed :: Bank Robbery :: Micro-loan Interest Rates :: Representation

Free Talk Live 2014-07-16

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-07-16 23:25
Flag Colors :: Are Student Loans Taxes? :: 0% Loans :: College Scam :: Overprescribed Pain Meds Killed Wife? :: NH Weather :: Down's Syndrome Guy Wants to Fight :: Military Interventionism :: Scary Inter-State Travel Regulations Going Into Effect :: GCHQ Manipulating Online Polls

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