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Free Talk Live 2014-06-08

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-06-08 22:41
Silk Road Makes Drugs Safer :: Prohibition :: Violence and Drugs :: Computer Beats Turing Test :: Is the Dark Web Compromised? :: DefCon Legit? :: Dave from Poughkeepsie :: Artificial Intelligence

Free Talk Live 2014-06-07

Podcasts - Sat, 2014-06-07 23:38
Terrible Conditions in Customs Detainee Centers :: UBER to Continue to Operate in Virginia Despite Govt Ban :: Jimmy Abducted by Aliens :: Drug Possession Has A Victim? :: Caller Would Enforce Fugitive Slave Laws :: Laws and Corporations :: Open Agorism :: Coal Regulations :: System of Lawyers :: Cop Favors Legalizing Pot :: Dave is Back :: So-Called Sovereign Citizen Ordered to Send Daughter to School

Free Talk Live 2014-06-06

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-06-06 22:30
DEA Threatening Medical Cannabis Doctors :: Govt Transparency :: Drug War Money and Asset Forfeiture :: Police Have no Obligation to Protect You :: Are you obligated to help police? :: Drug Dealer Untouched by Police :: CA to Ban Sex Between College Students Without Sex Contract :: War on Chalk and Rich Paul Arrest Updates :: Nun Defeats Security :: Felony Chalking

Free Talk Live 2014-06-05

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-06-05 23:08
Mark's Mea Culpa :: 18 Year old Special Needs Student Shot To Death By Fraidy Cop :: Social Security Numbers :: Reset the Net Privacy Tools :: Determining Validity of Online Claims :: NH Senate and House Unanimously Pass Phone Privacy Legislation :: Owning Airspace and Underground :: Drone Restrictions :: Outrageous Police Behavior at Toronto Traffic Stop :: Abusing 911? :: UBER and Lyft Banned in Virginia

Free Talk Live 2014-06-04

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-06-04 23:55
Dad Jailed for 4-year-old Daughter’s Drawing of Gun :: Kids Giving Up Parents to Police :: POW Exchange :: War on Men in Pop Culture? :: Guantanamo Releases :: U.S. Marshals Seize Cops’ Spying Records to Keep Them From the ACLU :: Stingray Snooping Devices :: Seasteading and Money :: Rich Paul Arrested for VOP :: War on Chalk :: Renegades :: Property Ownership and Rights :: FSP President Wins Wiretapping Case :: Mark Insults Rich Paul's Activism, Flips Out, Storms Out of Studio

Free Talk Live 2014-06-03

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-06-04 00:18
Seasteading is Back in the News :: Moving to the High Seas for More Freedom? :: What about government at sea? :: What about pirates and hospitals? :: Vice Island :: UCSB Shooter Stabber on Xanax? :: Would sex have made a difference for the shooter? :: Mental Health :: JRGOTW - Goat Simulator :: Godfather of Ecstasy Passes Away

Free Talk Live 2014-06-02

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-06-02 23:10
Keene Spiritual Retreat Featured on VICE.com :: Escaping the Retreat :: Control vs. Management :: A More Humane Jail :: New Ideas for Corrections? :: Institutionalization :: Bureaucrat Reveals Social Security Numbers :: Appreciating Time Behind Bars :: Jail and Race Gangs :: Work Crews :: Jail Alternatives

Free Talk Live Weekly Digest #22 2014-05-24 thru 2014-05-30

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-06-02 17:14
A week of Free Talk Live condensed into less than 75 minutes. parents putting their kids on drugs :: government vs anarchism :: Jeffrey Tucker and the airmen of note :: combined federal campaign scandal :: isolation :: north korean black market :: gibson guitar Tips for the work that goes into this project are always welcome and appreciated and can be sent to this Bitcoin address: 19k7WrfMEu7t5ap4QrFtqJztS8U92kJCHy

Free Talk Live 2014-06-01

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-06-01 22:29
Reality and perception :: law of attraction :: flash bang grenade lands in baby's crib :: militarization of the police :: transgender cousin :: parent charged for making kid walk home :: thousands of Google takedown requests in the first 2 days of EU ruling :: Vigilante justice? :: Online presence :: Biblical passages

Free Talk Live 2014-05-31

Podcasts - Sat, 2014-05-31 22:51
150th Affiliate! :: Should you be honest with your children about sex being for pleasure? :: Frozen Foods and Personal Chefs :: Coal :: Holding Police Accountable :: Man Sentenced to Probation for Forcing Son to Walk Home from School :: Calling the Police Over Family Matters :: Helicopter Parenting :: Bus Pickups :: Caller Shocked at Police

Edgington Post; Jessica Arman 2014-05-21

Podcasts - Sat, 2014-05-31 18:52
Jessica Arman, a homeschooling mother of three, tells of her amazing tooth-whitener and mouth detoxifying powder. http://mymagicmud.com/

Free Talk Live 2014-05-30

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-05-30 23:03
US House Votes to Prohibit DEA from Medical Cannabis Raids :: Consciousness :: Law of Attraction :: Reputation :: Optimists and Pessimists :: 101 Reasons Film :: Lower Intellegence People More Likely to be Conservative and Bigoted :: What are the conservative principles? :: Xenophobia :: Small Govt Except :: Gibson Guitar Raid Revisited

Free Talk Live 2014-05-29

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-05-29 22:58
Lot's Laws of Creation :: Mass Awakening? :: Mark Questions His Activism :: Truecrypt Not Secure? :: Assessing New Age Ideas :: Mark and the Pentagon Statement :: Materialism :: Raising Vibrations :: North Korea's Black Market Generation :: Troops to Stay in Afghanistan :: Signs You're Talking to an Agent Provocateur

Free Talk Live 2014-05-28

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-05-28 22:47
Being Alone vs Isolation :: Doing Weird Things While Alone :: Warping the Mind with Isolation :: In-Cell Confederates :: Nonaggression Principle and Self Interest :: Chipotle Open Carry :: Time Warping :: Ethically Dubious Studies :: Man Finds Foot in Grill, Running for President :: Self-Imposed Isolation :: NH Progressives Attack FSP

Edgington Post; Kyle Kurbegovich 2014-05-28

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-05-28 19:02
Kyle Kurbegovich, of CryptoCards.co, tells how their etched aluminum cards allow you to store your bitcoins offline safely, securely and without fear. http://cryptocards.co/

Free Talk Live 2014-05-27

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-05-27 23:02
Mark a Bro? :: Females Raping Males :: Combined Federal Campaign :: Consenting to Sex :: Creation :: Karma :: We are all one? :: Liberty Cops? :: Japanese vs US Empire :: The Allegedly Lost 13th Amendment :: Gaming at Porcfest :: JRGOTW - Magicka

FTL2012-02-27 (re-upload)

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-05-27 14:28
(re-upload due to copyright issues) Carlos Miller Threatened with Arrest by Cheshire Sheriffs :: Ian, Derrick J, and Kelly Arrested :: Paypal Censorship? :: Leaving a Law Enforcement Career :: Would you take the blue pill? :: Secret Compartment Ban? :: Santorum Gay? :: Anti-Underage Drinking Advocate Busted for Throwing High School Drinking Parties :: School Shootings and Gun Freedom :: Liberty Forum

Free Talk Live Weekly Digest #21 2014-05-17 thru 2014-05-23

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-05-27 00:07
A week of Free Talk Live condensed into less than 75 minutes. drones at the beach :: feeding the homeless :: declining marriage rate :: raising livestock :: Carlos Morales asked questions :: rule of law vs rule of men :: wikileaks vs Glenn Greenwald :: Thailand martial law :: combined federal campaign :: open carry Tips for the work that goes into this project are always welcome and appreciated and can be sent to this Bitcoin address: 19k7WrfMEu7t5ap4QrFtqJztS8U92kJCHy

Free Talk Live 2014-05-26

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-05-26 23:24
Ian Walks in Memorial Day Parade With Peace Flag - Warmongers Pissed :: Crazy Horny Losers and Christian Girls :: Jeffrey Tucker on Memorial Day :: Just War? :: WWII :: Black Sheep Rising :: Lawyers :: The War on Smileys :: STOP FREE KEENE!!! On the Radio :: Negative Feedback from Memorial Day Militarists :: War is a Racket :: What Press Freedom? :: Press Freedom Rankings :: Prostitution

Free Talk Live 2014-05-25

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-05-25 22:29
Santa Barbara Shooting :: Racism and White People :: Pick Up Artists Sound Off on Elliot Rogers :: Goat Humping :: Female Genital Mutilation :: False Arrest :: Whit Rambling About Nanking :: Small Gov vs No Gov :: Cigar Dave

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