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Indian Hospital- Indian hospital turns a profit and serves the poor

"Narayana Hrudayalaya, meaning 'Temple of the Heart', is a hospital with a difference that is determined to make a difference. Here, making a profit and offering free medical care go hand-in-hand."

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Created by PC Harris 2 years 24 weeks ago – Made popular 2 years 23 weeks ago
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Why Black Market Entrepreneurs Matter to the World Economy

If all the world’s informal markets were formed into a single independent nation, its $10 trillion economy would be the second-largest on the planet (behind only the US). These markets thrive in places where taxes are low, poverty is high, and resources are scarce. The colors on this map indicate the size of each country’s underground economy, as a percentage of its GDP

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Created by abexman 2 years 24 weeks ago – Made popular 2 years 24 weeks ago
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Rebels Call for Free Market Flash Mobs

While poking around for Rebels on Facebook I came across this group that is promoting an idea so awesome I had to spread the word. The group is called Rebel Road and they’re hosting a public event they’re calling a Free Market Flash Mob. They invite everyone to bring whatever they have to sell or trade to Balboa Park in San Diego. They boast “No Permission! No Permits! The parks are ours and we have the right to self-sustain by utilizing them how we see fit, when we see fit.”

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Created by MuslimNonarchist 2 years 25 weeks ago – Made popular 2 years 25 weeks ago
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The Icelandic Free State

The fact that the provision of "governmental" services was a competitive rather than a monopolistic enterprise was arguably one of the Free State’s greatest strengths; just as in any other market, the competitive discipline imposed by the fear of losing clients to rival service providers served as a check on inefficiency and abuse of power. Icelandic law owed its resilience and flexibility to this decoupling of authority from geography.

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Created by Voluntary Gary 2 years 28 weeks ago – Made popular 2 years 28 weeks ago
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Mark Levin attacks Murray Rothbard

Bestselling author Tom Woods responds to radio host Mark Levin's attack on the prolific and crucially important free-market economist Murray Rothbard.

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Created by Crotale 2 years 33 weeks ago – Made popular 2 years 33 weeks ago
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Pay with Bitcoins at more than 30 Restaurants in St. Louis MO!

You can now pay with Bitcoins at more than 30 restaurants in St Louis Missouri!

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Created by MemoryDealers 2 years 35 weeks ago – Made popular 2 years 34 weeks ago
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Liberty superstar Tom Woods looking to start his own show

"I’d love to have a one-hour show with a format similar to Peter’s: I open the show by myself, commenting on whatever, maybe take a couple calls, then spend time with a guest, then back to me, then end of show. The show can then be downloaded later for people who weren’t listening live."

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Created by HXn 2 years 35 weeks ago – Made popular 2 years 34 weeks ago
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Public ISP 'competes' with big cable for broadband service

Read this article eating lunch the other day, and was curious to fellow FTL listener's opinions on public ISP's competing with private cable companies. Most of the time you get a local monopoloy from a cable company and that's your only real choice for broadband internet service, and I know my service SUCKS. I'm in favor of free-market solutions and competition, but it doesn't really exist for Cable and Broadband services. This LA city has a public ISP that supposedly operates reliable at advertised speeds, for MUCH less per subscriber.

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Created by rchristof 2 years 36 weeks ago – Made popular 2 years 36 weeks ago
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Required embalming room drives up costs of funerals

Minnesota law requires funeral homes to have an embalming room at each location even though most do all embalming at one central location or even outsource that task to a third party, thus making the law a barrier to entry for competition and driving up the cost of funerals. A young funeral home director specializing in low cost funerals is now challenging that law.

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Missing you

Remy sings about the departure of our old friend the incandescent light bulb and the free market

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