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Thugs breaking and entering the tasing the owners, without a warant.

Government thugs breaking and entering the tasing the owners, without a warant.
"Cotati PD Employees Enter Home w/o Warrant & Tase Homeowners"

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Cops Go After Opinionated Quilt Maker

From Will Grigg's Pro Libertate Blog: "The Persecution of Rita Hutchens"

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Cops Bust Medical Pot Users But Ignore Women On Leashes

Thanks to the drug war, police have much more incentive to go after drug crimes than more heinous crimes.

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Woman sexually assaulted, ignored, then arrested in court.

Cop sexually assaults woman. When she brings it up before the magistrate, she is ignored, arrested, and separated from her toddler.

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Police taze man after he poured gasoline all over himself

A man has died after suffering horrific burns in an incident when he was "Tasered" by a police officer while doused in a flammable liquid. Police were called to the home of 32-year-old Andrew Pimlott in Plymouth following a domestic disturbance and told that he was in the garden and had a can of flammable liquid with him. An officer discharged a Taser and, according to eye witnesses, Pimlott was seen "fully on fire from top to bottom". One of the police officers jumped on him to try to put out the flames.

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Created by phonon 51 weeks 2 days ago – Made popular 51 weeks 1 day ago
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Cop in slow McDonald's line aimed gun at customer Ahead of him

A police officer who was waiting in the drive-thru line at a McDonald's restaurant in Forsyth County is accused of pulling a gun on the customer ahead of him because the officer was angry at having to wait for his food.

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Created by lobb40118 1 year 2 days ago – Made popular 52 weeks 22 hours ago
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Man in cuffs tazed, kicked by police while his pregnant wife screams

A man was tazed repeatedly and kicked in the head by police while he was in handcuffs in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. His wife, who was eight and a half months pregnant, watched and recorded the event, begging the police to stop tazing him. Throughout the disturbing and graphic video, the wife’s voice may be heard, begging the three police officers surrounding her husband to let her take him home.

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Gay man separated from husband in hospital was beaten and harassed

Ugly details emerged Friday from the standoff involving a gay man who was forced to leave his sick husband’s bedside by hospital staff and police. According to Think Progress, Roger Gorley was ignored by hospital staff, then beaten by police as he desperately clung to the rail of his partner Allen Mansell’s bed. After he’d been bloodied and subdued, Gorley was accused of having AIDS by one officer, who refused to touch him without gloves and insisted that his handcuffs be thrown away after they were used on Gorley.

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Police Union Director Jokes on Facebook About Two Women

Police Union Director Jokes on Facebook About Two Women Being Sexually Assaulted by a Police Officer

A Texas state trooper charged with sexually assaulting two women during a traffic stop was providing them with "customer service," says Dale Roberts, the executive director of the Columbia Police Officers Association (CPOA) and a professor at the University of Missouri. (The CPOA is a part of the Fraternal Order of Police, one of the country's largest police unions.)

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Created by Mattfree88 1 year 2 weeks ago – Made popular 1 year 2 weeks ago
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'We Were Handcuffing Kids For No Reason': Stop-And-Frisk Goes On Trial

Recently a 16 year old was killed in the Bronx by police officers in plain clothes. Witnesses swear that the man had no gun. People take to the streets in protest. Police officers challenge stop and frisk laws. "Roughly 4.4 million people have been stopped by the NYPD during the joint tenure of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, according to official government data. Nearly nine out of ten have been released without an arrest or summons. About 86 percent of those stopped have been black or Latino. "

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