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Government takes children after ShopRite complaints of names


Adolf Hitler and siblings JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie have been in state care since their parents requested a birthday cake from ShopRite with "Adolf Hitler" inscribed on it.

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Should Videotaping the Police Really Be a Crime?


Anthony Graber, a Maryland Air National Guard staff sergeant, faces up to 16 years in prison. His crime? He videotaped his March encounter with a state trooper who pulled him over for speeding on a motorcycle. Then Graber put the video — which could put the officer in a bad light — up on YouTube. It doesn't sound like much. But Graber is not the only person being slapped down by the long arm of the law for the simple act of videotaping the police in a public place. Prosecutors across the U.S. claim the videotaping violates wiretap laws — a stretch, to put it mildly.

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Agent provocateur at CA mosque: Know your rights


Ahmadullah Niazi, a regular at an Irvine mosque, befriended Craig Morteilh, who presented himself as interested in converting to Islam. Their conversations began around spirituality, but quickly Morteilh began discussing his access to illegal weapons, and recruiting people in a terrorist plot. The mosque obtained a restraining order against Morteilh, and Niazi reported him to the FBI. Within months Niazi was the one arrested on trumped up charges.

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Debtors Prisons Coming Back, Despite Abolishment by 1899!


An employee was arrested at her workplace for not filling out and sending back a form demanded by the creditor. The client, Barry says, suffered the humiliation of having to have her boss come to the jail and post a bond before she could be released. The bond money, he added, was turned over to the creditor.

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Created by civilchallenger 4 years 3 days ago – Made popular 4 years 2 days ago
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After Reporting His Son's Suicide, Man Beaten and Charged with Felony


This is why you should only call the police if it is your absolute last resort...

Man beaten and charged with felony after calling the cops to report his son's suicide. All he did was ask a police offer not to touch him after the officer came up behind him, grabbed his arm, and told him that he had to sit down.

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Created by mport1 4 years 1 week ago – Made popular 4 years 1 week ago
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What happens when citizen shoots cop by accident?


The recent trial of the BART police officer Johannes Mehserle who shot and killed Oscar Grant has left many wondering if justice was served. A good question to ask may be what would have happened if the tables were turned. What if a young black man had accidentally shot and killed a police officer?

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Created by awagele 4 years 1 week ago – Made popular 4 years 5 days ago
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8yr old autistic girl arrestted, cuffed for throwing tantrum at school


Little 8-year-old Evelyn Towry just wanted to be able to go to the party like all the other kids. But for some reason, a teacher at the Boise third-grader's elementary school wouldn't let her while she was wearing her favorite sweatshirt, a hoodie that her mom had sewn cow ears on to look like a cartoon character. Instead, the teacher put Evelyn in a classroom and asked two staffers to watch her and make sure she didn't leave.

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20 people arrested at the G20 tell of ‘inhumane’ treatment


More Stories of the police abusing and arresting peaceful people and releasing them 12+ hours later without charges!

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Created by Snaaky 4 years 3 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 2 weeks ago
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Police Arrest Burglar, Anarchist Cafe Won't Press Charges


An anarchist café in Santa Cruz is a victim of a burglary. Santa Cruz police catch the suspect, but the café says it doesn't want to press charges.

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G20 activists rally outside police headquarters


At least 1,000 protesters have filled College Street across from the Toronto Police Service Headquarters, to denounce what they say is excessive use of force and mistreatment of those arrested over the weekend.

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