Man recording cops arrested... for violating HIPAA regs

A Minnesota man was arrested while recording police as they called paramedics to assist a stranger covered in blood... because the officer said it was a violation of HIPAA regulations. Cops also stole his camera... but the audio was recorded remotely via cellpone! It isn't a violation. So they charged him with "disorderly conduct" and "obstruction of legal process," whatever that is. He vows to not take a plea and will take the case to trial! Never take a plea!!!

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Watch light in slow motion

MIT researcher have created a camera that can record light in motion. Article links to TED talk showing light moving through a 2l coke bottle filled with water and another showing light moving over an apple.

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Man arrested for recording arrest says footage proves his story

Sarasota County also arrests people just for filming a cop in action... seems cops lied about the arrest

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An animated musical video about photographer's rights.

An animated musical video about photographer's rights. Presented by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, The Gregory Brothers and the ACLU.

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Just Say "No" to Voyeuristic Television Shows

My short morning rant on how voyeuristic television shows generally end up supporting the police state and hurting humanity. You might not agree with everything I say here, but take time to stop by and tell me what you think.

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Camera activism

More on filming in UK - Some interesting footage half way throigh the footage.
Would US police handle things this way?

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10 Producer Jim Epstein's Arrest's Producer Jim Epstein's Arrest on June 22, 2011.

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Federal Judge Says There's No First Amendment Right to Record the Cops

"Federal District Court Judge Suzanne Conlon has dismissed an ACLU challenge to the Illinois law that makes recording someone in a public space without their permission a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison."

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Cops jail student who filmed police abuse; charged with "lynching"

Special Ed. High School student who videotaped a cop abusing a fellow student, charged with "lynching", held in jail over holidays on $155,000 bail, and offered a "deal" of 32 months in prison.

He never touched the cop.

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Red-Light Cameras: The Trojan Horse

For two decades the insurance industry and ticket camera merchants have unsuccessfully tried to make photo radar a fixture of American Life. With the exception of a few cities dominated by cranks, social engineers, and nursing home residents, photo radar just couldn't disguise its image for what it really is, a device to milk motorists. The savior came in the form of the red Light Camera.

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