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5 Sci-Fi Ad Techniques That Are About to Make Life Creepier


We are in the middle of a great cultural arms race between advertisers with tons of money and state of the art technology and the common man's ability to ignore the ads those advertisers create. You've seen hundreds of ads today -- how many did you actually remember?
Don't think for one second that ad executives are giving up. It's all about using futuristic technology to make their ads more and more invasive. That's how we've wound up with ...

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Created by rmyofme 2 years 51 weeks ago – Made popular 2 years 51 weeks ago
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I used to think "This Could Never Happen Here"....


A China-born U.S. citizen and award-winning inventor of emission control systems for autos, Hu has written to the police who investigated him for infringing commercial secrets and met with the prosecutors who dropped the charges for lack of evidence. Yet he has not been allowed to leave - nor told why.

-"Kelvin" in Colorado

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Created by kyfhome 3 years 2 days ago – Made popular 2 years 51 weeks ago
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Ogden (UT) Police First-In-Nation To Use Surveillance Blimp


A patrol car fitted with all of the police extras cost $40,000; a surveillance blimp will cost well below that -- possibly as low as $15,000; after that, it is $100 a week to keep it filled with helium and charge its electric batteries; the police in Ogden, Utah, decides this is a good deal.

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Created by mrtruth 3 years 3 days ago – Made popular 3 years 2 days ago
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Is an anti police state poster a "threat?"


A University of Wisconsin professor has been threatened with criminal charges after placing a series of posters on his office door. The first poster featured a picture of and quote from the character Mal Reynolds from the television series "Firefly" that, according to the university police chief, could be interpreted as "a threat." After the first poster was removed by said police chief, the professor, James Miller, put up a second poster featuring a cop clad in riot gear with this caption, "Warning: Fascism. Fascism can cause blunt head trauma and/or violent death.

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Created by Mick4747 3 years 4 days ago – Made popular 3 years 3 days ago
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Ron Paul Says "Let's Get Out of Middle East...And United Nations."


The real, pro-US solution to the problems in the Middle East is for us to end all foreign aid, stop arming foreign countries, encourage peaceful diplomatic resolutions to conflicts, and disengage militarily. In others words, follow Jefferson’s admonition: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

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Created by mrtruth 3 years 4 days ago – Made popular 3 years 4 days ago
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Border bill would expand Homeland Security powers


The proposed National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act would let the agency waive 36 federal environmental protection laws in the name of better border patrols on public lands. But it would give Homeland Security unchecked authority to disregard major environmental laws covering wilderness areas, national parks and wildlife refuges.

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Created by mrtruth 3 years 4 days ago – Made popular 3 years 3 days ago
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The Federal Reserve plan to monitor conversations on Facebook, Twitter


he Federal Reserve wants to know what you are saying about it. In fact, the Federal Reserve has announced plans to identify "key bloggers" and to monitor "billions of conversations" about the Fed on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs.

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Created by mrtruth 3 years 6 days ago – Made popular 3 years 6 days ago
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A Drug Arrest Every 19 Seconds, Says Latest US Data


More than 1.6 million people were arrested for drug offenses in the US last year, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report 2010, and more than half of them were for marijuana. That's a drug arrest every 19 seconds, 24 hours a day, every day last year. The numbers suggest that despite "no more war on drugs" rhetoric emanating from Washington, the drug war juggernaut is rolling along on cruise control.

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Created by gat 3 years 1 week ago – Made popular 3 years 1 week ago
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Homeland security raids 5 IHOP locations to investigate terrorism.


It's not gourmet but is it really terrorism to serve crappy pancakes and french toast?

Authorities were investigating money laundering, funding terrorist organizations and possible undocumented workers.

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Created by ianCredible 3 years 1 week ago – Made popular 3 years 1 week ago
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Do We Really Want More Policemen?


" Another fallacy in the idea of using more police to stop crime involves the problem of recognition. Criminals do not wear sweat-shirts with “Bad Guy” printed on them to enable policemen to single them out. One way police try to find robbers and murderers is to stop and question ordinary people who have done nothing wrong. Increasing the number of policemen therefore means an increase in the number of innocent people who will be harassed and intimidated by officers."

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Created by KareFree 3 years 1 week ago – Made popular 3 years 1 week ago
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