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A Federal Judge has Struck Down Part of Indefinite Detention Law


In a rare move, a federal judge has struck down part of a controversial law signed by President Obama that gave the government the power to indefinitely detain anyone it considers a terrorism suspect anywhere in the world without charge or trial — including U.S. citizens. Judge Katherine Forrest of the Southern District of New York ruled the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act likely violates the First and Fifth Amendments of U.S. citizens.

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'Daddy, help! They're killing me!'


San Diego, California (CNN) -- As evidenced by media stories and public awareness campaigns, Americans have resolved to get tough on bullying. In that spirit, it's time to send a message to bullies with badges.

We need to tell police who prey on the vulnerable: "No more! When you pile on a suspect and beat him to death, we will treat you just like any other alleged criminal. We will arrest you and prosecute you. And if convicted, you will go to prison for a very long time. We will make an example out of you so that other police officers will think twice before abusing their power."

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End a Failed Drug War (and Boost Entrepreneurship?)


End a Failed Drug War (and Boost Entrepreneurship?)

The global war on drugs is a failure, a high-profile commission funded by Richard Branson declares, as it calls for governments to consider decriminalizing some drugs. Could ending the decades-long battle be an opening for entrepreneurs?

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CU Police State 4-20-2012 - A Documentation


A revealing, and disturbing account of the unprecedented actions taken by the University of Colorado at Boulder administration, on 4/20 2012; containing actual footage through the perspective of a student who filmed his day, and ultimately was arrested with two other students for peacefully standing on the grass in front of their public university's library. The charges: TRESPASSING.

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FBI’s Network of Informants Created Most of the Terrorist Plots


The FBI has built a massive network of spies to prevent another domestic attack. But are they busting terrorist plots—or leading them?

by Trevor Aaronson, Alternet

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Off Duty Cop Executes Man for Making Fun of Him


Reports indicate that Dayle William Long, a 10-year department veteran of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, yelled “I’m a cop, I can do whatever I want to” before pulling the trigger.

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Don't believe we are living in a police state?


"We don't need any grounds. We're the United States" Listen in to this experience, at the border, by two Canadian citizens coming to the US to simply go shopping.

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Historic wave of Mexican immigration at a standstill, report says


The number of Mexican migrants to the United States dropped significantly while the number of those returning home increased, bringing net migration from Mexico to a statistical standstill, according to a report published Monday.

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Taxes Prompt More Americans to Renounce Citizenship


Last year, almost 1,800 people followed Superman's lead, renouncing their U.S. citizenship or handing in their Green Cards. That's a record number since the Internal Revenue Service began publishing a list of those who renounced in 1998. It's also almost eight times more than the number of citizens who renounced in 2008, and more than the total for 2007, 2008 and 2009 combined.

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Bartholomew brothers convicted in Yuba County anti-tax trial


Yuba County prosecutors said the case against Benjamin and Russell Bartholomew was not a free speech issue and that it is really about the brothers not following law enforcement instructions on April 28, 2011, when questioned by Yuba County Sheriff's Deputy Kenny Sowles.

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