Common Sense and Security...$2.4 Billion Worth of Security Theater


The Transportation Security Administration is feeling public heat these days over its combination of whole-body-image scanners and heavy-handed pat-down searches, and deservedly so.

There’s no question that reform is needed to curtail TSA’s excesses. We especially applaud the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s efforts to increase public awareness about the body scanners. But will the heat now being generated produce the kind of light we really need?

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Law enforcement officer left loaded gun magazine on plane


A federal law enforcement officer mistakenly left a loaded gun magazine that was found Tuesday on a Southwest Airlines plane, officials said.

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Body Scanner Operator Caught Masturbating at Colorado Airport


Denver International was on high alert awhen full body scanner operator was caught masturbating in his booth as a team of High School netball players went through the scanner.

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Man defies TSA and walks free


“Would you touch my balls?”

“I don’t want to touch your – genital region, but my hand might brush against it.”

I clarify, “Well, like I said, I’ll do whatever you say is mandatory. If you tell me that you have to touch my balls—“

“—I said no such thing. You’re putting words in my mouth.”

“OK. I apologize. If you say that a pat-down is mandatory, and that as a condition of that pat-down, I may have my genitals brushed against by your hand, even though you don’t want to, I will do that. But only if you say it is mandatory.”

“I’m not going to say that.”

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Created by phonon 4 years 3 days ago – Made popular 4 years 2 days ago
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TSA workers face verbal abuse from travelers


Awww. TSA agents feelings hurt when travelers express their discontent about being groped.

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Created by stuntmantdave 4 years 4 days ago – Made popular 3 years 51 weeks ago
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TSA airport screeners gone wild in San Diego- again


Sam Wolanyk says he was asked to pass through the 3-D x-ray machine. When Wolanyk refused, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel told him he would have to be patted down before he could pass through and board his airplane.

Wolanyk said he knew what was coming and took off his pants and shirt, leaving him in Calvin Klein bike undergarments.

“It was obvious that my underwear left nothing to the imagination,” he explained. “But that wasn’t enough for the TSA supervisor who was called to the scene and asked me to put my clothes on so I could be properly patted down.”

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Created by jl12345 4 years 5 days ago – Made popular 4 years 5 days ago
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Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA


Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA. The terrorists have won.

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Created by Takeshi Kovacs 4 years 5 days ago – Made popular 4 years 5 days ago
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Obama calls airport pat-downs necessary


President Obama said today he sympathizes with passenger complaints about aggressive body pat-downs at airports, but his counter-terrorism aides say they are necessary to guard against hidden explosives.

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Created by Fizzul 4 years 5 days ago – Made popular 4 years 5 days ago
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TSA pat-down leaves travelling cancer survivor covered in urine


A retired special education teacher on his way to a wedding in Orlando, Fla., said he was left humiliated, crying and covered with his own urine after an enhanced pat-down by TSA officers recently at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

“I was absolutely humiliated, I couldn’t even speak,” said Thomas D. “Tom” Sawyer, 61, of Lansing, Mich.

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Created by berserker13 4 years 6 days ago – Made popular 4 years 5 days ago
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"I Don't Like the TSA" Song Goes Viral


Jonathan Mann doesn't like the TSA, and he's written a song to prove it. And it rhymes.

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