Cost Differences Between Hospitals Revealed!


Hospital Prices No Longer Secret As New Data Reveals Bewildering System, Stagger

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Bitcoin: world's fastest growing currency migrates off the internet


In Kreuzberg, Berlin, virtual currency Bitcoin has expanded off the internet to become a favoured medium of exchange in real shops and bars. Joerg Platzer, the owner of bar Room 77 is helping to establish what he believes to be the world's first Bitcoin local economy.

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Judge again orders Tacoma police to return man's pot


Give the man his marijuana. That was the gist of a simple order Tacoma Municipal Court Judge Jack Emery gave to Tacoma police two months ago. Police refused. Thursday, Emery repeated himself with emphasis: Police have seven days to comply with his Feb. 28 order and return the pot to Tacoma resident Joseph L. Robertson, or face a possible order of contempt. “Appeal or comply,” Emery told assistant city attorney John Walker. “Or next week, show up, and I would advise you to bring counsel.”

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Revenue Canada says BitCoins aren't tax exempt


Revenue Canada says BitCoins aren't tax exempt

Just in time for tax season, the Canada Revenue Agency says the users of Bitcoins will have to pay tax on transactions in the upstart digital currency.

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US Army says "Thanks, but no more Tanks", but Politicians Insist...


"The Army is on record saying we do not require any additional M1A2s," Davis Welch, deputy director of the Army budget office, said this month. Sean Kennedy, director of research for the nonpartisan Citizens Against Government Waste, said Congress should listen when one of the military services says no to more quipment.
"When an institution as risk averse as the Defense Department says they have enough tanks, we can probably believe them," Kennedy said.

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Man fined $1,298 for littering - threw away $45 parking ticket


He shouted: "I will ****ing well park here" and then refused to pay the fine....he’s since been found guilty of littering the ticket and fined $1,298.

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Hairdresser Sentenced to 40 Lashes for Drinking Alcohol


Alcohol consumption is banned in Qatar, except in hotels and for non Muslims who obtain special licenses.

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4/20 bankrolled by B.C. lottery winner Bob Erb


As the pungent scent of marijuana wafts over communities across Canada to mark 420 Day on Saturday, Bob Erb will be smiling. Erb — yes, that's his real name — is the B.C. man who won a $25-million Lotto Max …

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5 Ways Your Brain Is Tricking You into Being Miserable


Your brain contains more than 100 billion neurons that flawlessly work together to create consciousness and thought. It is an astonishing marvel of evolution and adaptation, and it is also a huge dick.What do we mean by that? Well, everyone wants to be happy, but the biggest obstacle to that is the mushy thing inside your skull that you think with. Evolution has left your brain with all sorts of mechanisms that are heavily biased toward misery. We can't guarantee that reading this article will help, for your brain is as crafty as it is sadistic. But at least you'll understand it better.

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Lew Rockwell announced as keynote for Porcfest 2013


The Porcupine Freedom Festival, commonly known as PorcFest, is the Free State Project’s flagship annual summer gathering. This year’s PorcFest 10th Anniversary celebration will be held in Lancaster, NH, from June 17 - 23, 2013.

On Friday, June 21, Lew Rockwell will deliver a one-hour keynote entitled Our Job as Libertarians. This will be his first PorcFest speaking engagement.

“I am very excited to be part of Porcfest,” Rockwell notes. “It is one of the great libertarian events, and it's in my favorite state.”

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