Amish leader, 15 followers convicted of hate crimes in beard attacks


Sixteen members of a breakaway Amish community in rural eastern Ohio, including its leader, were convicted of federal hate crimes Thursday for the forcible cutting of Amish men's beards and Amish women's hair. Sam Mullet Sr. and the 15 followers were found guilty of conspiracy to violate federal hate-crime law in connection with what authorities said were the religiously motivated attacks on several fellow Amish people last year. The verdicts were read in U.S. District Court in Cleveland following several days of jury deliberation and a trial that began in late August, a U.S.

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Faith-Healing Parents Get Probation For Negligent Death Of Son


An Oregon couple whose teenaged son died from a burst appendix because they don't believe in modern medicine accepted a plea deal to avoid jail. Last December, Austin Sprout became sick with flu-like symptoms. Instead of taking the 16 year old to a doctor, his mother and stepfather chose to pray for his recovery. Sprout's condition deteriorated over more than a week, however, and an autopsy revealed that an infection from the burst appendix killed him, the Crewsell Chronicle reported.

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Shrine of the Statists


A political cartoon of statism, I'd say it's a pretty accurate summation.

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GoDaddy: Yesterday's outage not due to a hack or a DDoS attack


GoDaddy press release: Yesterday's outage not due to a hack or a DDoS attack

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How to prevent 15 out of the top 16 leading causes of Death


Death in America is largely a food-borne illness. Focusing on studies published just over the last year in peer-reviewed scientific medical journals, Michael Greger, M.D., offers practical advice on how best to feed ourselves and our families to prevent, treat, and even reverse many of the top 15 killers in the United States

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War On Drugs: Unintended Consequences? Naaahhhh


Washington state flower growers balk as U.S. government helps Columbia take over market. MOUNT VERNON - As she took a break from picking dahlias, zinnias and amaranths on her Jello Mold Farm, Diane Szukovathy wondered why, in her opinion, the federal government is working so hard to put other flower growers and her out of business by helping competitors thousands of miles away in the temperate regions of Colombia.

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Bitcoin Heist Shows Upside of Regulation?


Bitcoin heist shows we may all not be ready for a Wild West mentality with currency.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy says denying evolution holds everybody back


Bill Nye "The Science Guy" asks parents that believe in Creationism not to teach it to their kids. He claims that the denial of evolution holds everyone back.

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how to invest in gold


Excellent article on gold stocks. Concise and worth it's weight in...

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Police Publish "Most Wanted" Pictures of Non-Violent Accused


Local police department in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. creates their own "Most Wanted" list, posting the pictures and accused crimes on the internet. All of these people are to be considered "dangerous" despite being accused of nonviolent crimes and oh yeah...being innocent until proven guilty! To make matters worse, the local Patch (online newspaper/community bulletin board and project of Huff Post) _re-posts_ the names, photos, and warrant information of these people to the community.

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The liberal presidency


Not confronted with the stench of rotting bodies, the wail of fathers who lost their children, the cry of children who lost their mothers, the silence when whole families are shredded and burned by our freedom, the American liberal is free to imagine Barack Obama as both a grand leader and something of a friend. Thanks to an award-winning ad campaign, Obama the product - not the man, because who knows that? - is smart, hip and sophisticated, or everything George W Bush was not. But here's the thing with that, friend. Barack Obama is the US President, which is to say: A bad person. A murderer.

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"Election Day" Zombie Apocalypse


"Election Day" Zombie Apocalypse..................

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Conservative Radio host whines about TSA groping her va jay jay. LOL


I bet she was all for this kind of thing when her precious Bushy Boy was the boss.

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California Gas Prices Force Some Station Owners to Shut Pumps


A gallon of regular gas was $5.69 Thursday in Calabasas, while a gallon of super costs $5.89 with cash and $5.99 with credit. Such prices are causing pain at the pump for many drivers who might see an 11-cent increase by later this morning, which means some could be paying more than $6 a gallon.

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Douche or Turd?


A big fat turd or a giant douche! Which do you like best?

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Voter ID and early voting cases heat up in courts across the country


Voter ID and early voting cases heat up in courts across the country

Legal battles over controversial voter ID laws, changes to early voting rules, and even the way ballots could look on election day are being heard in courts from Florida to Nevada.

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Appeals court puts 1st Amendment over public health


The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act makes it illegal to sell a prescription drug for any purpose other than what's listed on the label. Nevertheless, a divided federal appeals court this week tossed out the conviction of a former drug sales rep who was recorded pitching a doctor on other uses of a medicine approved by regulators solely to treat the sleep disorder narcolepsy.

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