Full Video of Hearing on Bill Prohibiting Giving Guns to Felons

March 4th, 2016 - 9:30pm by FTL_Ian in

The usual big government suspects came out to support HB 1632 last month, a bill that would make it illegal to provide guns to felons. (Though apparently the bill authors did not know it already is illegal, according to RSA 159:7 .) Gun freedom advocates came out to oppose it, but not as many as would on most gun restriction bills, as lots of gun freedom people don’t want to be seen as taking the side of felons.

However, someone had to stick up for felons’ rights, so I testified about how they deserve to be free to defend themselves too. The felons intent on continuing a life of crime won’t be stopped by pesky laws from getting guns, but those who’ve turned their lives around are. They can’t as effectively protect themselves or their families because their “right” to bear arms has been stripped from them.

The committee voted 7-6...

This Week's FTL News

March 3rd, 2016 - 9:54am by BenjaminBartholomew in

Selected Episode of the Week: The Saturday's Episode Mark and Ian interview Cypherpunk Paul Rosenberg about encryption and the future of mass surveillance.

Check out Mark's latest blog: The Internet Sucks for Commincation

FTL has added numerous stations, KEII-AM, K224EL-FM, K266BY-FM, KEIR-AM, K249EE-FM, K266AF-FM, AND WWHP-FM, you can find the full list of Free Talk Live affiliates HERE .

Jared Goodell Interviews Ian on WFEA Manchester About Edward Snowden

If you have been listening to the show recently then you may have heard Mark or Darryl talking about how they have started using SuperBeets...

Full Video of Hearing on Female Topless Prohibition Bill

March 3rd, 2016 - 12:13am by FTL_Ian in

The horrible bill ( HB 1525 ) that would enact a prohibition on female toplessness went down in flames 18-0 this week in the NH house criminal justice committee. It was a decisive move by the committee and came after a long public hearing where an overwhelming amount of people opposed the bill in verbal and written form.

Thanks to Biker Bill Alleman for capturing the nearly two-hour public hearing on video , and of course to those who took the time to come out and testify against the bill. Here’s the full video :

In the video, Chris Cantwell attacks the Free...

Secret Service Destroys Freedom With Keene Police’s Help

February 28th, 2016 - 6:00pm by FTL_Ian in

Police State KeeneIn November of 2015 the Secret Service gang came to Concord and took over the state house property, stripping all entrants (except law enforcement) of their weapons. They even took Vermin Supreme’s pony .

It seems that wherever the Secret Service goes, the supposed rights guaranteed by the constitutions, both NH and US, disappear. In December they visited Keene State College where Keene police officers were used to supplement the Secret Service agents. Ben Carson, one of the Republican presidential candidates, was scheduled to speak.

After subjecting my camera bag to a dog sniff...

More Early Movers Videos from FSPMovers.com

February 28th, 2016 - 1:34pm by FTL_Ian in

Recently the brand new FSPMovers.com kicked off a series of short videos that feature Free State Project early movers’ stories.

They have since released several more videos. Here they are:

Jody Underwood , Croydon school board member:

Keith Ammon , state representative:

Aaron Day , political activist:

Carla Gericke , longtime FSP president:

Mark Warden , Porcupine Real Estate:

The Internet Sucks for Commincation

February 25th, 2016 - 7:34pm by FTL_Mark in

In the year 2016 we have more access to communication than at any time in our history, but we aren’t communicating!

Let me stress the importance of communication and concede that we are communicating better than ever before. In ancient times a man named Hero, in Egypt, created a rudimentary steam engine. In Greece they had train tracks that ran across the peninsula . Imagine how advanced we would be now if those two inventions could have been combined!

So, yes, we are communicating in many ways, like science, innovation, entertainment and recipes from grandmas. However, we are miserable at communicating ideas around issues or politics, if you prefer. It makes me mad. I see people talking past each other on Facebook all day about issues. Obviously, I think they are wrong, but they think I am too and if I take the time to type...

This Week's FTL News

February 24th, 2016 - 5:58pm by BenjaminBartholomew in

Selected Episode of the Week: The show spent the weekend hosting the show from the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH. You can l isten to Mark and Rich Paul on the Saturday's Episode talk to Matt Phillips, the new President of the FSP and to Nick Gillespie the Editor in Chief of Reason.com and Reason TV, along with a variety of other Liberty Forum attendees.

Check out the Free State Projects blog about Edward Snowden's keynote address at Liberty Forum: Snowden Speaks at Free State Project's Liberty Forum in Libertarian NH

The FSP blog includes a video of Edward Snowden speech, in case you weren't able to make it.

FTL's Ian Appears on...