Democrat-turned-Libertarian State Rep Speaks at Keene State College

December 20th, 2017 - 1:59pm by FTL_Ian in

State Representative Joseph Stallcop made headlines and history earlier this year when he became the second state rep this year to flip parties to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire . He was elected to the Keene seat as a Democrat in 2016.

Earlier this fall, Stallcop was invited to give a presentation at Keene State College during a larger event where multiple speakers were on campus. I was able to attend and record video , which includes his presentation and the questions afterward:

New Radio Affiliates in IL, WA

December 16th, 2017 - 1:49pm by FTL_Admin in

Free Talk Live is back on in Chicago, this time on WCGO-AM 1590 late weeknights! Also, we welcome listeners in Tacoma, WA where we're now heard on KLAY-AM on weekday evenings. You can see our full list of over 160 radio affiliates here .

If you'd like to help us get the ideas of liberty, cryptocurrency, and peace on the radio in your local market, please check out this thread for details on how to contact your local stations and please AMP the show for $5 per month !

Thanks for listening to and sharing Free Talk Live! Ian

Orphanage Fundraiser Success! :: BTC/BCH/DASH/Alts Tip Jars Updated!

December 9th, 2017 - 10:52am by FTL_Admin in

This week we announced 4X matching on final contributions to finish up the orphanage in Uganda and in less than 24 hours we raised the approximately $2,000 we needed and blew past that goal by over $1,200! Thank you to the donors and to our matching contributors, Cell 411 , , and Shire Free Church .

Also, I've updated our cryptocurrency tip jar addresses. The old addresses are still good, but these new addresses go to a more secure storage. We're accepting Bitcoin Core (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DASH, and dozens of Altcoins via Shapeshift. Check out the new addresses on the Tip Jar page here and thank you for supporting our mission to spread the ideas of liberty, cryptocurrency, and peace.


VIDEO: Vermin Supreme’s Pony Protest Outside Hillary’s Book Signing in Concord

December 6th, 2017 - 11:21am by FTL_Ian in

After filing a federal lawsuit against the city of Concord , NH for trying to oppress his free speech rights, the city agreed to a settlement and Vermin Supreme’s pony protest was a success!

He and supporters gathered outside a bookstore in downtown Concord, NH with signs and a real, live pony to protest the evil Hillary Clinton who was inside doing a book signing.

Here’s what happened .

Lots of people thanking us for turning them on to bitcoin!

December 2nd, 2017 - 4:40pm by FTL_Admin in

We just wrapped up the first-ever NH Blockchain conference in Portsmouth. It was a great first-year event with over 200 attending - a smashing success! If you missed it, we'll hope to see you there again next year. FTL host Chris Rietmann gave an excellent presentation and Darryl W Perry was on a panel discussion about the future of crytpocurrency. There was a videographer present, so once the videos are available to view online, we'll let you know.

Also we've had more than a few people online and in real life thank us for talking about Bitcoin way back in the day - apparently they got some and have become quite wealthy. If you've got a bunch of bitcoin burning a hole in your wallet and want to do something with it, our bitcoin donation page is here .

Of course, you can also use bitcoin to AMP the show here .

Thanks for listening and...