Just got back from the NH Cannabis Freedom Festival!

August 28th, 2017 - 12:46am by FTL_Admin in

Darryl and I just got back from the first ever New Hampshire Cannabis Freedom Festival at the amazing Rogers Campground . If you noticed my error this weekend where Friday's show accidentally aired both Friday and Saturday, you can now download the correct Saturday show, that sadly never aired on the radio, here:


I'll have a writeup at some point at Free Keene about the epic, successful outreach booth we did at the festival.

Thanks for listening to and supporting Free Talk Live and please if you don't already, AMP the show for $5 (or bitcoin) per month . Ian

Join LPNH & Free Talk Live at this Weekend’s NH Cannabis Freedom Festival 2017!

August 24th, 2017 - 10:38pm by FTL_Ian in

You’re invited to join the Libertarian Party of NH and Free Talk Live from this year’s NH Cannabis Freedom Festival at Rogers Campground . Last year Darryl and I conducted a bitcoin outreach booth at then-named Hempfest. This time, we’re focusing on the LPNH , which recently achieved ballot status in NH equal to the republicans and democrats. With the next state elections just one year away, now’s the time to make people aware of the LPNH.


Wow, what a week for FTL-related news!

August 19th, 2017 - 4:46pm by FTL_Ian in

As you know, last week the media exploded with coverage of former co-host of Free Talk Live now-turned-racist Christopher Cantwell due to his prominence at the white nationalist protest in Charlottesville. Free Talk Live has gotten a lot of media coverage as a result, so welcome to any new listeners who found us through the Cantwell controversy. If you missed my blog statement about Cantwell, please check it out here .

In other big FTL-related news, it's now official: Will Coley from Muslims 4 Liberty and frequent guest on Free Talk Live for "Ask a Muslim" is planning a move to our home of Keene, New Hampshire! He is raising funds to open up the region's only full-time mosque. We're hoping to get him up here by late September. If you'd like to ...

FTL Hosts In New NH Hempfest Documentary + Bitcoin Tickets Available for 2017

August 14th, 2017 - 12:59pm by FTL_Admin in

Last week Free Talk Live's hosts popped up in a brand new documentary from former Rebel Love Show host Rob Mathias that focuses on the NH Hempfest, which this year has rebranded to the New Hampshire Cannabis Freedom Festival ! If you want to get a taste of the festival last year and a BUNCH of the music that was played there, you ought to watch the feature-length documentary here ! (It basically wall-to-wall live bands for three days - awesome!)

Not only is it a great festival, but as of this year, the NH Cannabis Freedom Festival is now accepting bitcoin !

We're broadcasting from there again this year, but this time outdoors. It's once again at the beautiful Rogers Campground,...

NH Hempfest Documentary Released Free Online!

August 9th, 2017 - 3:30pm by FTL_Ian in

Last year I had the pleasure of attending and broadcasting my talk radio show, Free Talk Live , from the third annual NH Hempfest! This year it’s back, rebranded to the “ NH Cannabis Freedom Festival “, again at the beautiful Roger’s Campground from August 25th-27th. Like last year’s event, this year promises to be packed full of wall-to-wall live musical performances by some great bands. (And this year they are accepting bitcoin – get your tickets here !) If you were wondering what this excellent festival was like last year, Free Keene blogger and radio host Robert Mathias was there and spent the last year of his life putting together a...

NH Cannabis Freedom Festival Coming Up! :: New LRN.FM Daily Show :: New Affiliate

August 6th, 2017 - 12:00am by FTL_Admin in

Last year, we had a lot of fun broadcasting from the New Hampshire Hempfest at Rogers Campground for the first time. This year, we'll be back for the newly named " NH Cannabis Freedom Festival " from August 25th-27th and we'll be moving our show outdoors, like we did from Somaliafest in June. We had a lot more fun recording the show, as since we're outside, more festival attendees can see and hear us, so they're more likely to come watch and even sit in as guests. In our previous years broadcasting from Rogers we were basically hidden up in the upstairs room. So if you're coming, we'll look forward to seeing you - it's a great excuse to visit New Hampshire and see the freest state in person! You can grab your tickets now at NHcannafest.com

In LRN.FM news, we've added a new show to the daily podcast lineup, the Tim Preuss Podcast . Tim does a show five days a...

Affiliate News :: "Anarcho Agenda" Now on LRN.FM

July 29th, 2017 - 3:50pm by FTL_Admin in

Free Talk Live welcomes our existing affiliate "KGX" in Palm Springs, CA as they expand from weekends to all seven-nights-per-week! You can see details about our over 170 radio affiliates here .

Also, in LRN.FM news, welcome to our newest show in the podcast loop, " Anarcho Agenda " hosted by Riley Blake. Regular listeners of Free Talk Live will recognize Riley as the blind caller from Utah who edits a daily digest of FTL seven-days-a-week for your downloading convenience. Here's our full list of shows on LRN.FM , to which you can listen online, your phone, or via satellite.

Speaking of Riley, he (and a few other listeners this week) just signed up for the FTL/LRN Forum ! Since he's an AMPlifier of the show, I added his FTL badge to his user profile pic. If you want to help us spread the ideas...