Ian on "Against the Grain" with Gardner Goldsmith

September 17th, 2008 - 12:00am in Publicity

Gardner is a Free Marketeer who appears as a guest host on Free Talk Live on a weekly basis. He also hosts his own weekday talk show, "Against the Grain". I've been on his show many times now. Here are the archives: 09/17/08, 04/22/08, 12/28/07, 06/23/06, 06/02/06, 05/19/06, 05/05/06, 04/07/06, 03/10/06, 02/17/06, 01/27/06, 01/20/06, 01/06/06, 12/30/05, 12/23/05, 12/16/05, 12/02/05, 11/18/05, 11/11/05. Mark and I have also filled in for an entire episode of Against the Grain. Here's the xmas day archive.

Special TV Edition of Free Talk Live

March 10th, 2008 - 12:00am in Publicity

Free Talk Live's Ian and Mark broadcast a special television-only version of their radio show on MCAM TV-23 (Manchester Community Access Media) on primary day, 2008. Not only do we talk about Liberty but you also get to watch us do something we don't get to do any more with our national radio show: shamelessly promote a business owner for free food!

FTL's Ian Guest Hosts on WKBK's "Talkback"

November 24th, 2007 - 12:00am in Publicity

I appeared on WKBK's "Talkback" with Cynthia Georgina to discuss the Free State Project. We ended up discussing a variety of other things as well over the two hours and heard from supportive callers as well as some very angry authoritarians! Here's the archive. As you listen, you may notice that there is an occasional bit of missing audio. This is because the board operator was dumping three second blocks of speech including words like "hell" and "damn".