Keene 420 10th Anniversary Smoke Out! :: New Affiliate in NM :: Nobody Interviewed on Local Radio :: CoinSpice Interviews Ian

September 21st, 2019 - 1:40pm by FTL_Admin in

Welcome to Free Talk Live's newest radio affiliate, KOBE-AM/FM in Las Cruces, NM. They're airing our Saturday show. For full affiliate details for our over 200 radio stations, please visit our affiliates page here . If you want to help us get to 300 stations, please AMP the show for just $5 (or BTC) per month. You'll get some cool perks and help us spread the ideas of liberty.

This week, Nobody's first local media campaign appearance happened at Keene State College's radio station on "Wake Up Call", a wed morning show hosted by Vincent. Wake Up Call is basically a broadcast-friendly version of his LRN.FM show, "Questioning Authority". I recorded video of the whole interview, which you can see here .

Finally, if you missed my...

Nobody’s Mayoral Interview on WKNH’s “Wake Up Call” at Keene State College

September 20th, 2019 - 5:37pm by FTL_Ian in

Nobody recently made headlines by entering this year’s already contentious mayoral race in Keene . Shortly thereafter, he received an amazing endorsement from the Union Leader , New Hampshire’s top newspaper.

This week, Nobody was interviewed about his campaign for mayor at Keene State College’s radio station, WKNH 91.3 on “Wake Up Call” with host Vincent Moore. I was there to record video of Nobody’s first media interview, so you can watch the full interview here :

Wake Up Call airs every Wednesday 9-11am on WKNH 91.3 FM in Keene and at and WKNH on the TuneIn app. You can learn more about Nobody’s campaign for mayor of Keene at...

New Podcasts on LRN.FM :: New FTL Affiliate in North Dakota :: Twitch SUBtember

September 14th, 2019 - 4:55pm by FTL_Admin in

This week two new podcasts have been added to the lineup on LRN.FM including "Wealth, Power, and Influence" with Jason Stapleton and "The CoinSpice Podcast" with C. Edward Kelso. Learn more on our program guide here .

We also welcome 92.7 FM "KTGO" in Tioga, ND to our affiliates list at Free Talk Live! If you want to help spread Free Talk Live to more radio stations, please join the AMP program for $5 (or BTC) each month.

Finally, it's "SUBtember" at Twitch , where if you subscribe to the LRN.FM Twitch channel , it only costs $2.50 instead of the usual $5, and all of the proceeds go to LRN.FM! So if you're not subscribed on Twitch, this is a great month to try it out.

As always, thanks for listening to LRN....

"Freer Talk Live" with Jay, Nobody, and Silver Dave :: Bitcoin Magazine Article

September 7th, 2019 - 4:18pm by FTL_Admin in

This week, Jay Noone, Nobody, and Silver Dave got together on Wednesday night after our radio show ended to do an internet only "Freer Talk Live" on our DLive and Twitch . You can watch the archive of it on the LRN.FM YouTube .

Also, in case you missed it, here's a feature length article from Bitcoin Magazine on how banks are screwing over bitcoiners. They interviewed me and Aria.

As always, please follow our social media including Twitter , Mastodon , and Telegram . And please do AMP Free Talk Live for just $5 (or BTC) per month! One more AMPer...

Longtime Campus Convenience Store Now Accepting Cryptocurrency + Bitcoin Magazine Coverage

September 3rd, 2019 - 1:03am by FTL_Ian in

My Campus Convenience

My Campus Convenience, Keene – Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies!

As of last week, Keene now has two well-known and busy convenience stores that are accepting multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), DASH, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Corner News, the Main Street icon for over 100 years has been accepting crypto since 2013 for various convenience items and smoking accessories, but they now have a crypto-accepting competitor...

Freer Talk Live - Vegans :: Mark with Roger Ver in Korea :: Nobody Receives Endorsement :: Benny Wills Interview

August 31st, 2019 - 6:13pm by FTL_Admin in

It's been a busy week for Free Talk Live. Last night we had a pretty interesting episode of Freer Talk Live follow up the radio show where a bunch of vegans called in. The topic was going so strong on the radio show , we continued for another hour on Freer Talk Live, the internet-only version of our show. You can watch it here on the LRN.FM YouTube if you missed it live.

Mark also recently returned from a trip to Asia where he met with founder and longtime FTL sponsor, Roger Ver. In addition to hosting an episode of Roger's weekly Bitcoin Cash news show , Mark and Roger also did a...’s YouTube Show Discusses Keene’s Role in Bitcoin’s Early Days

August 31st, 2019 - 5:33pm by FTL_Ian in

Free Talk Live host Mark Edge recently traveled to South Korea to visit with founder Roger Ver. In addition to hosting an episode of Roger’s weekly Bitcoin Cash news show , Mark and Roger also sat down for a special episode where both talk about how they found out about Bitcoin.

Naturally, the Crypto Mecca of Keene, New Hampshire plays an important role in Bitcoin’s early days. You can watch the video here :