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What's on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues-oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L.
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Free Talk Live 2015-08-13

Wed, 2015-08-12 20:00
Connecticut Supreme Court rules Death Penalty Unconstitutional :: Absinth :: Chelsea Manning sent to confinement :: College rape allegation overturned, Yes means yes on the ropes :: Sesame Street goin' HBO :: BEARCAT spotted in DE town :: Dick pics :: HOSTS - Johnson, Darryl and Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-12

Tue, 2015-08-11 20:00
Bitcoin Security and Value :: Right to Travel Activism :: Gold ATM :: National Debt :: Beginnings of Bitcoin :: Nightclubs Dying :: Dating Services :: Cord Cutters Growing :: Rand Paul Comes to Keene, Sneaks Out Back Door :: HOSTS - Ian, Tarrin, Mark

Edgington Post, Bob Bowdon 15-07-11

Tue, 2015-08-11 15:24
Bob Bowdon, of Choice Media, talks about the state of government education in the US today and his website that has education news targeted by state. http://choicemedia.tv/

Free Talk Live 2015-08-11

Mon, 2015-08-10 20:00
Topless Women Under Attack :: School Board :: Working in the System :: Free Speech and Expression :: Engineering :: Prostitution and Competition :: Frustrating Government Meetings :: Drug Dealing Crime with No Victim? :: Helping Via Charity vs the State :: Police Commissioner Demands Buffer Zone Between Camerapeople and Cops :: Being the Media :: HOSTS - Ian, Conan, Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-10

Sun, 2015-08-09 20:00
EPA Creates Toxic Waste Spill :: Campaign Finance and Libertarianism :: Corporate Contributions :: Trump :: Presidential Debate Questions :: Stopping ISIS :: Victimless Crime Spree :: Market Pressure for Campaign Finance Reform :: Traffic-Blocking in Ferguson :: Speedo Day :: Target Pulling Gender-Based Signage :: Venezuela Looting :: HOSTS - Ian, Derrick J, Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-09

Sat, 2015-08-08 20:00
Austin Activists Flex Their Rights in Pullover :: License Plates Covered Up :: False DUI Accusation by Cop :: Exposing Kids to Bad Cops :: Motion to Dismiss :: Showing the Police the Harm They Cause :: John Bush Calls In :: Invasive Police Questions :: Guy Gets Ass Kicked By Cops :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-08

Fri, 2015-08-07 20:00
Troubling Ruling about Drug Dogs :: Saying No to Roadside Searches :: Beligerrent Officer :: Former Cop Weighs In :: Not Knowing Your Rights :: More on Drug Dogs :: Power Corrupts :: Empathizing with the Rights-Ignorant :: Mandatory ID :: Violating Rights :: Coke Dealer :: Defending the Fourth Amendment :: Cop Block :: Border Patrol :: Chalking and Good Human Beings :: Risk is Involved :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-07

Thu, 2015-08-06 20:00
Russia Incinerating Tons and Tons of Imported Food :: Rand Paul Owned By Donald Trump :: Protectionism :: Rand and Ron :: Owing Everything to Ron? :: Depressing Trip to Venezuela :: Rand Paul Supporter Frustrated :: Rand Paul Super PAC In Trouble :: Rand Paul Burnout :: Babe Opposes Free the Nipple? :: HOSTS - Ian, Danica, Darryl

Edgington Post, Anthem Blanchard 15-07-11

Thu, 2015-08-06 15:15
Anthem Vault has done it! they have coupled gold and crypto. https://www.anthemvault.com/

Free Talk Live 2015-08-06

Wed, 2015-08-05 20:00
Republican Debate Drinking Game :: Donald Trump :: Blockchain uses in banking :: Dave from Poughkeepsie :: Reddit bans new subreddits :: White kid shot in the back at traffic stop :: All Lives Matter :: Waze user targeted by police :: HOSTS - Johnson and King Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-05

Tue, 2015-08-04 20:00
Cops Raid Medical Dispensary, Eat Cannabis Edibles :: Cops Raiding Business at Gunpoint :: Dispensary Raided Over Not Paying Bribe :: Disrespectful Town Selectman Hates Muslims :: Recording Radio Shows :: More on CA Police Raid :: Minimum Wage :: Snoop's Cash Confiscation :: Copying Restricted Keys :: Gas Station With Offensive Murals Raided by Police :: Ending Dutch Welfare State :: HOSTS - Ian, Tarrin, Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-04

Mon, 2015-08-03 20:00
Domestic Violence :: Workplace Harassment :: Voting Requirements :: Cannabis Prohibitionist :: Felons Voting :: Liberals and the War on Drugs :: Responsible for Dog's Actions? :: Weak Libertarians :: Deregulation :: Pirate Radio :: Free Trade :: Police Chief Arrested in NH For Alleged Sexual Assault of Police Explorer Teen :: HOSTS - Ian, Conan, Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-03

Sun, 2015-08-02 20:00
Things Libertarians Don't Understand, According to Raw Story :: Mark Doppleganger :: Poverty :: Planned Parenthood :: Post Office Violating Americans With Disabilities Act :: More on Government Creating and Perpetrating Poverty :: Successful Bitcoin Outreach Booth :: Derrick Denied Open Carry :: Booth Babes :: Chalk Crackdown at the Fair :: HOSTS - Ian, Derrick, Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-02

Sat, 2015-08-01 20:00
Dr. Ed Gogek joins us to advocate continued criminalization of cannabis. :: Recriminalizing Alcohol? :: Harm Reduction :: Pot to Heroin? :: No Bad Drugs Just Bad Users? :: Responsible Users :: Alcohol Prohibition :: Synthetics :: Opiate Addiction :: Space Rockets :: Addicts :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-08-01

Fri, 2015-07-31 20:00
Bernie Sanders is For Closed Borders :: Cracking Down on Immigration :: Allow Mexicans, But Not Folks From Elsewhere? :: Felons and Border Crossing :: Crossing With Driver's License :: Overpopulation? :: Dave in NY is Mad :: Sanders Supporter :: Welfare :: Good Immigrants :: Creative Commons :: Populists :: Catholic Conspiracy :: No Trains :: Borders :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark

Free Talk Live 2015-07-31

Thu, 2015-07-30 20:00
New DEA Administrator Thinks Cannabis May Not Be Worse Than Her :: Civil Disobedience :: As Legal as Tomatoes :: Free State Project Greatest Threat to the State :: ALEC :: Free the Nipple Protests Coming Up :: Topless Equality and Oppressive Social Norms :: Marrying Your Lawnmower :: Satanic Temple Reveals Baphomet Statue :: HOSTS - Ian, Cecelyn, Darryl

Free Talk Live 2015-07-30

Wed, 2015-07-29 20:00
Cecil the Lion :: Rights, where do they come from? :: Borders :: Libertarian purity :: Trans-folks and potties :: Trophy hunters :: Pig Talk Live :: Johnson, Darryl, and King Mark I

Edgington Post; Dale Bellis 2015-07-29

Wed, 2015-07-29 19:42
Dale Bellis, CEO of Liberty Health Share, talks about a different paradigm in funding medical bills. It meets all of the requirements of Obamacare. http://www.libertyhealthshare.org/

Free Talk Live 2015-07-29

Tue, 2015-07-28 20:00
Are the troops obedient welfare recipients? :: NH Calendar :: Facebook :: What happened to John Cantlie? :: Nonaggression and Allocating Resources :: Buying Up Properties Paranoia :: Portland Art Tax :: Jihadi John and Beheading Videos :: Offensive Meme Counterproductive? :: Lion Hunter :: :: HOSTS - Ian, Tarrn, Mark

Edgington Post, Steve Moore 15-07-09

Tue, 2015-07-28 10:29
Steve Moore, Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, talks about his debate with Paul Krugman, NY Times columnist.

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