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What's on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues-oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L.
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Free Talk Live 2015-03-01

Sun, 2015-03-01 23:14
Refusal to Pledge of Allegiance :: Republic of Texas Courts :: Sex With Lobbyists OK in North Carolina :: Reporting Transactions :: Campaign Finance and Bitcoin :: Money Out of Politics? :: Integrity :: Port Authority :: FCC and Net Neutrality :: Natural Monopoly :: Reason for the FCC :: Mushrooms

Free Talk Live 2015-02-28

Sat, 2015-02-28 23:14
Domestic Black Site Disappearing People :: Bad Apples Rising to the Top :: More On Homan Square, Black Site :: Dodging Traffic Ticket :: Muslim Day in Oklahoma :: Sharia Law :: Libertarians Supporting Muslims :: The Parasitic State :: Net Neutrality :: Circumcision :: Eesolution Vs Bill :: Drunk Guy :: Internet Incentives :: Protesting the Black Site :: EFF Changing Tune on Net Neutrality? :: Black Site Beatings

Free Talk Live 2015-02-27

Fri, 2015-02-27 23:19
Former NSA, CIA Head Claims to be Libertarian :: Obama Libertarian? :: Governor Candidate Suicides After Calling Media :: Cherry Manufacturer Owner Kills Self During Drug Raid :: Free Satellite Ride Ends :: Indiegogo Campaigns :: No Jail Time For Cannabis? :: Pledge of Allegiance Controversy :: Jehovah's Witness

Free Talk Live 2015-02-26

Thu, 2015-02-26 23:14
FCC Grabs Power Over Internet :: Censorship to Come Next? :: Jimmy Savile, Prevert Protected :: Repealing Net Neutrality :: Mises Institute on Net Neutrality :: Markets and Regulation :: Magic Mushrooms Helping People Quit Smoking

Free Talk Live 2015-02-25

Wed, 2015-02-25 23:43
Conspiracy Theories and Chemtrails :: Adverse Possession :: Circumcision :: Flags :: US Reps Threaten DC Mayor Over Pot :: DHS Shutdown Coming? :: Ron Paul Interrupted at SFL Conference :: Buying Children :: Ron Paul Newsletters :: Violence Inherent in the System :: Definition of Libertarianism

Free Talk Live 2015-02-24

Tue, 2015-02-24 23:22
Alaska Cannabis Legalization Effective Now :: Repeal vs Legalization :: $3,000 Barrier :: Which East coast state will legalize first? :: Inevitable :: Representation :: Free State Project Momentum :: Fifty FSPs? :: Will DC Legalize Cannabis Despite Congress? :: Secessionists Raided in TX :: Crazy Child Support Issue :: Bad Courts :: Simulated Legal Process?

Free Talk Live 2015-02-23

Mon, 2015-02-23 23:28
Bitcoin Gambling Site Raided :: NH Gaming Goons Couldn't Get Seals With Clubs' Money :: Terrorizing a Family, No Charges :: No-Knock Raids :: Child Pornography :: Teen Arrested for Sex, Sexting :: ISIS Twitter Account Threatens Gays :: Census Threats :: Census Video :: Vaccines :: Homeschooling :: Kochspiracy :: Trigger Warnings :: Ridiculous Consequences for Non-Rapist on Campus

Edgington Post; Frank Karsten 2015-02-23

Mon, 2015-02-23 21:39
Frank Karsten, author of Beyond Democracy, explains why democracy doesn't work. http://beyonddemocracy.net/

Free Talk Live 2015-02-22

Sun, 2015-02-22 23:13
Voting :: Libertarianism :: Sovereign Citizens and So-Called Terror Attacks :: Shooting Cops :: Terrorism :: Get the Military Out :: Dave and the County Bureaucrat :: Sovereign Citizen Origins :: Killings By Police :: Getting Harder To Recruit Police :: Police the Pinnacle of Society :: Soccer Hooligan Tommy :: James in AZ's New Facebook Page

Free Talk Live 2015-02-21

Sat, 2015-02-21 23:21
Greatest Country In the World? :: Ron Paul on Secession :: Freedom-Oriented Cop Calls In? :: Private Protection :: Liability for False Arrest :: 911 :: Illegal Flintlock Pistol May Spell 10 Year Sentence for Old Man :: Patriots :: Swords Illegal to Carry in New Jersey? :: Dropping Charges :: Internet Alternatives, Shortwave, Google Loon, Outernet :: Court :: Vision for the Future :: Violence and Consent

Free Talk Live 2015-02-20

Fri, 2015-02-20 23:19
No Votes in Election :: Ako Reports form Cameroon :: Ako Prevented From Picking Up Moneygram :: Coinapult Solution for Cameroon :: Empowering Youth :: Tails and Privacy :: Twitter Destroys Pervert Rapist's Life? :: Gearless and Fearless :: Unpermitted Food Truck :: Bitcoin Crackdown in Vermont? :: Police Called Against Dissenter at Town Meeting :: Bitcoin Regulation Threats

Free Talk Live 2015-02-19

Thu, 2015-02-19 23:23
Diamonds are neither special nor rare :: Dating women from outside the US :: Feminism :: Milgram Experiments :: Agorism :: Gamer Gate :: Women as cops :: Chem Trails :: Keystone Oil Pipeline :: Moving for Liberty :: Socialist Logic :: Grafton, New Hampshire :: Murica Hatin'!

Free Talk Live 2015-02-18

Wed, 2015-02-18 23:17
Adventures of Anarcho-Lobbyist :: Jury Duty :: Stricken from Jury for Ron Paul Shirt :: Penn Jillette Supports Forced Vaccinations? :: Police Dog Attacks Kids :: Cops Rob Gun, Cash from Man :: NSA Spyware on Hard Drives Firmware :: Protesting the Rock-Thrower's Shooting :: Free Stater with Cancer :: Cantwell Fan Suicides :: Nullification :: 90 Year Old Woman's Home Destroyed By Police

Edgington Post; Peter Bonilla 2015-02-18

Wed, 2015-02-18 20:11
Peter Bonilla, Director of FIRE's Individual Rights Defense Program, tells us about a case where a student is banned from campus for Facebook posts he didn't make and then tried to muzzle the school newspaper about it. http://hosted.verticalresponse.com/1051845/5f9537d050/519996693/b1bae7c4e6/

Free Talk Live 2015-02-17

Tue, 2015-02-17 23:26
Decriminalization Bill :: Minimum Wage :: Advocates for Reefer Madness :: Legalization Problems :: Repeal :: Lying Cops :: Deterrence :: Lost Moral Compass :: Participation at the State House :: Jury Nullification Great Ideas :: Drug Cartels Hurting :: Weed Grades :: Jury Misconduct :: Voluntarist Law?

Free Talk Live 2015-02-16

Mon, 2015-02-16 23:12
Journalist Threatened By Cop Openly on Facebook :: Challenging the Panhandling Ordinance :: Targeting the Homeless :: Virgil to go to Court :: Solitary Confinement for 37 Years Over Facebook Posts :: Violent Fantasy :: Private Prisons :: The Truth About College :: Lazy Teachers :: College Degrees :: Law School :: Derrick Recommends Sisters Drop Out of School

Free Talk Live 2015-02-15

Sun, 2015-02-15 23:15
Alleged ISIS Video Showing 21 Beheadings :: What is ISIS' goal with the beheadings? :: Is ISIS a state? :: Legitimacy of States :: Man Threatened by Police At School Board Meeting :: Local Talk Radio :: Government Religion :: Student In Trouble for Throwing Flag Out Window :: Flag A Religious Icon :: Going Along to Get Along :: Dave Shutting Down His Youtube Channels :: Psychedelic Deer Urine :: Opening Your Mind :: Animals Getting High

Edgington Post; Max More 2015 - 02 - 15

Sun, 2015-02-15 20:21
Max More, Ph D, President of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, tells us how the technology exists today to conceivably extend your life indefinitely. If you sign up to live forever, mention my name, Mark Edge. http://alcor.org

Free Talk Live 2015-02-14

Sat, 2015-02-14 23:11
Why the fascination with Fifty Shades of Grey? :: How does interest in BDSM start? :: Is BDSM Filthy? :: Spanking Club Visit :: Dominance and Submission :: Problem with society? :: Is the money the attraction? :: Puritans and Sex :: Unhealthy? :: Pain :: Deceit :: Sex Before Marriage :: Control Issues :: Sex Addiction :: Asexual :: Shaming

Free Talk Live 2015-02-13

Fri, 2015-02-13 23:16
US Falls to 49th on Press Freedom Rankings :: How the Rankings Are Calculated :: What to do about it? :: Press Freedom Correlations :: Journalists Being Investigated by Feds :: Media Cost-Cutting :: Are blogs media? :: Standing up for Freedom :: Illegal Hair Braiding :: Cell Phones in Court :: Licensing Protection Racket :: Bus Driver Freaks Over Camera

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