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What's on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues-oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L.
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Free Talk Live 2015-01-21

Thu, 2015-01-22 00:57
Police Killing People - Shocking Numbers :: Belief in Freedom :: One Police Killing in Iceland :: Militarizing Police :: Dave is Pissed :: Internet Arguments :: Conspiracy Theory and Libertarianism :: All Caps Conspiracy :: Jones Plantation :: Governments and Ownership :: Ross Ulbricht's Alleged Journal Shown In Court

Free Talk Live 2015-01-20

Tue, 2015-01-20 23:16
Karpeles Testimony Rejected By Judge in Ross Ulbricht Case :: Demons and Sleepy People :: Faked Screenshots? :: Dave in NY Being Stalked? :: Net Neutrality :: Researcher Claims 20% of Ulbricht's Bitcoins From Silk Road :: STOP FREE KEENE!!! :: Who is more annoying? :: Filmmaker Who Allegedly Killed Family, Self :: Fetishizing Violence Against The State :: American Sniper :: Fake Al :: Sovereign Citizens

Free Talk Live 2015-01-19

Mon, 2015-01-19 23:18
American Sniper Chris Kyle, Simpleton and Bigot? :: Supporting the Troops :: Border-Believing, Tax-paying Keith :: Invasion! :: Cult Jargon :: Government Contracts :: Selling Government Assets :: Eastwood Validating Racism? :: Ignorant Commenters :: Prosecution Moves to Suppress Karpeles Evidence in Ross Ulbricht Case :: Dirty Art :: MLK and Communism :: Violence-Fetishizing Filmmaker Allegedly Murders Wife, Child, Kills Self

Free Talk Live 2015-01-18

Sun, 2015-01-18 23:13
John Cantlie's Latest ISIS Video Showing Life in Mosul :: Media Coverage of Iraq :: Beheading Fears Unrealistic :: ISIS VS USA :: Ridiculous Parking Ticket :: Laws You Don't Like :: Anarchist? :: Al Hates Rock and Roll :: Rockers Call In :: Binaural Beats :: Parents Under Investigation for Letting Kids Walk Around Unattended :: Underestimating and Spoiling Kids :: Prevalence of Child Abduction

Free Talk Live 2015-01-17

Sat, 2015-01-17 23:14
Lionel Joins Us to Discuss Charlie Hebdo Madness :: Iraq War :: Lionel on Silk Road :: Cursing on the Radio :: 911 :: Left Right Paradigm :: Bitcoin :: Government and the Elites :: Three Levels of Imperialism :: Gene Ray :: Guests on Talk Radio :: Ninjas :: Alex Jones and Conspiracies :: We :: Entitlements

Free Talk Live 2015-01-16

Fri, 2015-01-16 23:12
Venezuelan Shortages :: Self-Checkout :: Troops at Grocery Stores in Venezuela :: Venezuela Inflation Madness :: Racist Basketball Owner :: Hugo Chavez - Savior? :: Price Controls :: Bitcoin Ban? :: Smuggling From Venezuela :: Asset Forfeiture Done For? :: Is wealth bad? :: Consumerism :: Mt. Gox's Karpeles Denies Involvement in Silk Road

Free Talk Live 2015-01-15

Thu, 2015-01-15 23:45
DHS believed that Mark Karpeles was the Dread Pirate Roberts :: The Ross Ulbricht Trial :: The validity of the Bible :: Johnson calls a dude a douche-bag :: Why the bitcoin price is low :: Organized religion is dangerous :: Rand Paul visits New Hampshire, pleases gun folks, pisses off reporters :: Vermonter is jealous of New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation status :: Its like this too

Free Talk Live 2015-01-14

Wed, 2015-01-14 23:09
Kit Walsh of the Electronic Frontier Foundation explains Net Neutrality and EFF's solution :: Blowing through red lights :: Alex Jones :: Juror Dismissal :: Internet Bandwidth :: Ulbricht Case Update :: Judge Threatens Jury :: Why Activists Left :: Undercover Infiltration of Silk Road :: The Bust :: Jury Nullification

Free Talk Live 2015-01-13

Tue, 2015-01-13 23:11
Ross Ulbricht Admits to Founding Silk Road :: Government Land Divesture :: A Mason Calls In To Explain :: Potential Jurors Ejected For Seeing Activists' Signs :: Govt Scared of Jury Nullification, Cracking Down on Jurors :: License Plate Readers :: Recording Police :: Sequestering :: Snitching :: Michele Seven Calls in From NYC Outside The Ulbricht Trial :: Press Passes Denied :: Government-Related Jurors Allowed :: Will activists hold signs out front tomorrow? :: The Judge's Threat

Free Talk Live 2015-01-12

Mon, 2015-01-12 23:22
Mark Is Back :: No Taxes in Cayman Islands? :: Cowardly Talk Show Hosts :: Laws Upon Laws :: Postal Employees Not Tax Paid? :: Masons :: Christian Satanists :: Silk Road Reloaded Launches on I2P :: Open Bazaar :: Conspiracy vs Prospiracy :: Mark's Morality :: Transferred Intent

Free Talk Live 2015-01-11

Sun, 2015-01-11 23:07
Ross Ulbricht and the Murder For Hire Allegations :: NH House Chamber Gun Ban Repealed :: Stop TV :: Arminius Ulric Roukan and Courtroom Tactics :: Court Gurus :: Media Conspiracy? :: Why the Ulbricht Trial Matters :: Should Ross testify?

Free Talk Live 2015-01-10

Sat, 2015-01-10 23:15
Legalize Drunk Driving? :: Drowsy Driving Crackdown? :: Pulled Over for Nonsense :: Strict Enforcement? :: Responsible for a Bailee? :: Chappie Movie and Robot Police :: Paramedic on DUI :: The Legal System and DUI :: Illegal Pullovers Now Legal :: DUI Checkpoints :: Lying Judge :: What is a crime? :: Moneymaking Scheme :: Driving Sentences :: Civil Disobedience :: Law and Order Conservative

Free Talk Live Interviews Roger Ver aka "Bitcoin Jesus"

Sat, 2015-01-10 16:56
Roger Ver, aka "Bitcoin Jesus", longtime Free Talk Live listener and advertiser, joins us to discuss why he's not being allowed in the United States.

Free Talk Live 2015-01-09

Fri, 2015-01-09 23:32
Seattle cartoonist in hiding for 4 years :: Muslims overrepresented as domestic terrorists on US news :: Was blowback responsible for Paris killings? :: Darryl got a conscussion sledding, one time :: More discussion about race :: Banning sledding? :: Derrick J talks about the Ross Ulbricht trial :: NY Libertarians to pass out loose cigarettes :: Caller suggests that everyone is a little racist :: Charges dropped against Antonio Buehler

Free Talk Live 2015-01-08

Thu, 2015-01-08 23:09
Liberty Forum 2015 :: Roger Ver, aka Bitcoin Jesus is Prohibited From Entering the US :: Why Ver Renounced Citizenship :: US vs Mexico Embassy :: Red Pill Movement :: Rob Mathias vs Manchester Cop Video :: Shire Dude Joins Us :: UCC Conspiracy :: Update on 12 Year Old Shot to Death By Cops :: Collectivizing Police :: Recession? :: Coverage of Police Shootings :: Gun Debate

Free Talk Live 2015-01-07

Wed, 2015-01-07 23:11
Public Utility Internet and Net Neutrality :: Ross Ulbricht Case Critical to Internet Freedom? :: Jury Outreach :: Dave in NY - Neighbor Conflict :: Pete Weighs In :: Bitstamp Hack :: End of Bitcoin? :: Govt Thievery :: Agorism :: Girl Refuses Chemo, Govt to Force It :: Rights :: Jobs in NH :: Pirate Radio

Free Talk Live 2015-01-06

Tue, 2015-01-06 23:15
Free State Project Early Mover Max Abramson Booted From Criminal Justice Committee Over Felony :: NYC Police Backdown :: Former Police Chief's Violent Videos Were Intended to Gin Up Violent Crazies :: Jesus an Introvert? :: Fox News Dropped By Dish :: Repetitive Callers Upset Cantwell :: SpaceX :: Chris Cantwell Accused Of Running FB Page :: Handicap Parking :: Govt to Make Internet a Public Utility? :: Government Mismanagement :: Corporate Subsidies

Free Talk Live 2015-01-05

Mon, 2015-01-05 23:10
23 Signs You're Secretly an Introvert :: Derrick in Court :: Court Transcripts :: Changing into an Extrovert? :: Do extroverts have more fun? :: Grinder and Tinder :: Gregarious Introvert :: Twins and Introversion :: James In AZ Spurs Calls :: Religious People :: God and Derrick the Teapot Agnostic

Free Talk Live 2015-01-04

Sun, 2015-01-04 23:09
Genital Artist Arrested in Japan :: Getting Out of the US :: Crossing Into Mexico :: Hassles South of the Border? :: Vagina Kayak and Obscenity :: Japanese Genitalia Double Standard :: Gun Owners Targeted on Maryland Road? :: Kama Sutra :: Al's World :: Sexual Repression :: Violence on Cops :: 12 Steps :: Roadside Stops and Flexing Your Rights

Free Talk Live 2015 - 01 - 03

Sat, 2015-01-03 23:43
Hiding Legislative Votes :: Dave Ridley :: What's in a name? :: Government the Worst Problem Facing America :: Libertarian Candidates :: Gary Johnson :: Ballot Access :: Molyneux :: Gallup Gets it Wrong? :: Drugs in Saudi Arabia :: Meth Addiction :: Lawyers the Worst Problem :: Libertarians Aren't Republicans :: Proportional Representation and Preference Voting :: More Stats :: Al's World

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