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What's on your mind? Unlike those right-wing or left-liberal extremist shows, Free Talk Live is talk radio that ANYONE can take control of. Yes, even you. Free Talk Live is the next generation of issues-oriented talk. What is the meaning of freedom? This show is about Liberty with a capital L.
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Free Talk Live 2014-11-14

Fri, 2014-11-14 23:31
Rideshare Jorge :: World War II :: Govt School Pro-State Propaganda :: Refusing Police Entry :: Email in Prison :: God x3 :: The Bellamy Salute and the Pledge of Allegiance :: Where Rights Come From :: Origin of Rights :: White Separatist Sicko :: Dave in NY Upset At Successful YouTubers :: Youtubers Making A Living From Creativity :: DJVCS Re-Release

Free Talk Live 2014-11-13

Thu, 2014-11-13 22:31
90 Year Old Man Continues to Defy Ban on Feeding People in Ft. Lauderdale :: WW2 for Freedom? :: Just Asking :: Protesting Outside Mayor's Home :: Getting Paid in Bitcoin :: Bitcoin Hospital :: Bringing Consequences Home to Bureaucrats :: Catalonia Secession Vote :: Intellectual Property and Decentralized File Storage

Free Talk Live 2014-11-12

Wed, 2014-11-12 22:36
Net Neutrality :: GMO Labeling :: Millennials' Economic Plight :: Westboro Baptist Church :: Bitcoin Run-up :: Young People Living with Parents :: World War I

Edgington Post; Paul Snow 2014-11-12

Wed, 2014-11-12 19:16
Paul Snow, CEO of the Texas Bitcoin Conference, talks about 2015's conference, to be held on March 28th and 29th in Austin. http://texasbitcoinconference.com/

Free Talk Live 2014-11-11

Tue, 2014-11-11 23:16
Veteran's Day :: Fighting Back Against Aggressive Cops - Bad Idea :: Cop Slaps Young Man for Refusing Search :: Asking to Search :: Badge Cams :: Market Policing :: Don't Answer the Door :: Punishing the Cops :: Teenage Warriors :: War Benefiting Corporations and Politicians :: Secret Societies

FTL's Ian Interviewed by WDBF's Dick Farrel

Tue, 2014-11-11 17:23
FTL's Ian Interviewed by WDBF's Dick Farrel- after the interview, he called me a "libertarian loonie" and "nut bar"! Fun! :)

Free Talk Live 2014-11-10

Tue, 2014-11-11 00:20
Ballot Initiatives :: Proposition Passes in CA to Defelonize Personal Drug Possession :: Tough on Crime :: Reducing Fraud Felonies? :: Restitution vs Imprisonment :: Choice of Prisons :: Prison Exploitation :: Freedom to Run? :: Decentralizing Drug Markets :: Strength of Decentralization :: No Moderation :: Sentencing Insanity

Free Talk Live Weekly Digest #45 2014-11-1 thru 2014-11-7

Mon, 2014-11-10 10:16
A week of Free Talk Live condensed into less than 75 minutes. Republicans vs Democrats :: topic hodgepodge :: Keenevention recap :: voting :: election results :: Pledge of Allegiance :: hosts feelings on Armed Bureaucrats :: feeding homeless Tips for the work that goes into this project are always welcome and appreciated, and can be sent to this Bitcoin address: 19k7WrfMEu7t5ap4QrFtqJztS8U92kJCHy

Free Talk Live 2014-11-09

Sun, 2014-11-09 22:27
Stephanie and Brian's last show! :: Chicago shortens yellow light, rakes in the money :: weigh stations on the interstate :: auto accident snafu :: speed trap activism story :: critical thinking :: drinking in public :: people are scared :: traffic in Mexico :: how was the silk road 2 server :: the milk road :: the war on drugs vs the people on drugs :: vehicle kill switches for people with poor credit :: changing the world vs. working on yourself :: killswitches in cars :: credit system :: goodbye!

Free Talk Live 2014-11-08

Sat, 2014-11-08 23:36
Light Security on Amtrak :: Are there issues that are winners and losers? :: Gay Marriage and Cannabis Legalization :: Republican Thinks Hating Gays A Winning Issue :: Welfare State :: Polygamy Fears :: Confirmation Bias :: Minimum Wage :: Immigration :: Party Conspiracy? :: Exploitation or Regulation :: Demon Believer :: Shirley Temple World? :: Back to the Future Technology :: Flag Burning :: Open Borders :: Clueless Voters :: Religious Republicans

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