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Free Talk Live Weekly Digest #50 2014-12-06 thru 2014-12-12

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-12-15 14:54
A week of Free Talk Live condensed into less than 75 minutes. satanist trolls :: property and the NAP :: corporal punishment :: libertarianism :: Ian's integrity :: body cameras :: torture :: Conservatives :: dangers of being an Armed Bureaucrat Tips for the work that goes into this project are always welcome and appreciated, and can be sent to this Bitcoin address: 19k7WrfMEu7t5ap4QrFtqJztS8U92kJCHy My PayPal email is: BenjaminBartholomew@hotmail.com

Free Talk Live 2014-12-14

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-12-14 22:17
Insane Development in Ross Ulbricht Silk Road Court Case :: NYC Mayor Upset About Garner Killing? :: Ulbricht Prevented from Knowing Witnesses :: Legalization and Pardons :: Secession :: Cost of Legislation :: Ulbricht Prevented from Seeing Prosecution Witness List! :: Mark' Pigs Slaughtered :: Raising Pigs :: Does meat taste different raised with love? :: US World Power :: More Perfect Union

Free Talk Live 2014-12-13

Podcasts - Sat, 2014-12-13 22:19
Police Accountability Protests Happening Nationwide :: Cameras on Cops :: Volunteer Cops? :: Voluntarists Reaching Out to Protestors :: Police Band-Aid :: Being Black Around Cops :: End Prohibition :: Asset Forfeiture :: Private Protection :: Holding Cops Accountable :: Prison Planet :: Tea Party :: 911 :: Policing Changes :: Washington DC :: Busted Buying Pot :: National Debt

Free Talk Live 2014-12-12

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-12-12 22:23
James Cleaveland Recounts His Summer Arrest for Recording Video of Police :: Alternative Theories :: Prosecutor Threatens to Seek Jail When James Refuses Plea Deal :: Exclusive Audio of James' Arrest :: Freedom to Record :: Free State Project :: Too Much Bad Cops? :: Dangerous Job? :: Nervous Around Cops :: Difficulty Opening Businesses :: People Killed By Police :: Cops With Cameras :: Starting A Business :: Why Thrift? :: Too Many Laws :: Jobs in NH

Free Talk Live 2014-12-11

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-12-11 22:34
Martin O'Malley, Maryland Governor, believes that WiFi is a human right :: Negative rights vs positive rights :: Lauren believes you have the right to pollute other people's property. :: Objectivist Girl bitches out a cop and ignores a homeless guy asking for food. :: Feds leaving marijuana sales alone :: Walter Block supports Rand Paul's declaration of war against ISIS :: Would you declare war against Hitler? :: How do the hosts of FTL keep astraight face will all of the weird callers?

Free Talk Live 2014-12-10

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-12-11 00:00
Cop Controversy Continues :: Bizarre Cryptocurrency Plot :: Cannabis Stocks :: Are people evil or good? :: Foxy Lady Latte :: Street Smarts :: Charges for Torture :: Fear and Torture :: Using Violence on Cops :: Talking to People About Torture :: Policeman Stops Caring About People :: Parenting and Bad Kids :: Dating Advice :: Wealth Redistribution :: Killing and Imprisoning

Free Talk Live 2014-12-09

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-12-09 22:15
Torture Memo Reveals CIA Lies, Horrors :: Torture Fail :: Following Orders :: More Allegations from the Torture Report :: Does Mark Support Torture? :: Truth Serum :: Cop Camera Controversy :: Libertarian Immigration Confusion :: Torture Without the State :: Camera Debate Continues - Jonny Ray Opposes :: Surveillance State :: Will cameras interfere with discretion?

Free Talk Live 2014-12-08

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-12-08 22:20
Mark Wahlberg Seeking Pardon For Violent Teenage Past :: Denying Pardons :: Restitution :: Pugnacious Pete :: North Korea Behind Sony Hack? :: Sony Movie Plot Focuses on Killing Kim Jong Un :: NK Refugee Speaks Out :: Taking Sides and Integrity :: Are cops constitutional? :: James in AZ :: Don't support laws you aren't willing to kill to enforce.

Free Talk Live Weekly Digest #49 2014-11-29 thru 2014-12-05

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-12-08 14:00
A week of Free Talk Live condensed into less than 75 minutes. shot in possession of airsoft pistol :: violence against Armed Bureaucrats :: man in a meme :: animal Rights :: alcohol prohibition Tips for the work that goes into this project are always welcome and appreciated, and can be sent to this Bitcoin address: 19k7WrfMEu7t5ap4QrFtqJztS8U92kJCHy My PayPal email is: BenjaminBartholomew@hotmail.com

Free Talk Live 2014-12-07

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-12-07 22:20
Anti-Police Protests Continue :: Police Reform? :: National Service :: Protests Then What? :: Dave in NY To Track Down Youtube Blogger, Force Him to Work :: What is a libertarian? :: Libertarians and Police :: Federal Reserve :: Former Cop Speaks Out About Racist Cops :: Becoming Unracist :: Racism in the Military :: Internet Radios :: Homeless Feeding Law Suspended in Ft. Lauderdale :: Socialists Paying Below Proposed Minimum Wage

Free Talk Live 2014-12-06

Podcasts - Sat, 2014-12-06 22:09
High Schooler In Trouble for Preaching :: Free Speech Zones :: Age Discrimination :: Violence and Speech :: Quakers and Jews :: ACLU :: Blocking Traffic :: Corporal Punishment :: Satanists at School :: Discrimination, Racists, and Bigots :: Constitutional Convention :: 101 Reasons Film :: Satanist Trolling

Free Talk Live 2014-12-05

Podcasts - Fri, 2014-12-05 22:11
Police Violence Protests :: Indicting a Ham Sandwich Easier than Indicting a Cop :: Ferguson Details :: Grand Juries :: Oath Keepers Back on Rooftops in Ferguson :: Guy Who Recorded Garner Arrested :: Selling Loosies :: Power Issue :: End of Alcohol Prohibition :: Prohibition Party :: Reporting on Police Brutality :: Residency

Free Talk Live 2014-12-04

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-12-04 22:20
Satanic Temple Wins Equal Display in Florida Capitol :: Eric Garner :: Ayn Rand Anarchist? :: Nature of Rights :: Any Rand Cult :: Monopoly :: Society :: Withdrawing Support :: Cameras on Cops :: Chimp Denied Habeas Corpus :: Rights and Chimps

Edgington Post; John Ramsey 2014-12-04

Podcasts - Thu, 2014-12-04 19:07
John Ramsey, of Liberty For All, has been called the youngest power-player in American politics. Here he talks about what the future holds for the Ideas of Liberty. http://libertythatwins.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_A._Ramsey http://www.johnramsey.name/

Free Talk Live 2014-12-03

Podcasts - Wed, 2014-12-03 22:19
No indictment in NYC choke-hold death :: Cigarette Taxes are what killed Eric Garner :: UK outlaws certain pr0n acts :: Cantwell reacts to 2 Girls 1 Cup :: Repression causes kink :: Cantwell likes choking :: Ferguson about police violence, not race :: A cop calls in to do some cop defending :: Witt opens up a can of Obvious :: Cops are cowards for shooting dogs

Free Talk Live 2014-12-02

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-12-02 22:21
20 Things Successful People Refuse to Do :: 15,000 Russian Troops in US? :: Proving Reality :: Rand Paul :: Jimmy Sphincter :: More Success Ideas :: Crypto-Anarchy Institute :: New Age Garbage? :: Mark's Prius :: Gun Safety Rules :: Change

Edgington Post; D2C 2014-11-25

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-12-02 18:28
This is a montage of my favorite interviews from this year's D2C event. It is always a lot of fun, I think you will like it. http://www.retailing.org/d2c/

WSMN's George Russell Interviews FTL's Ian

Podcasts - Tue, 2014-12-02 12:58
Our affiliate in Nashua, NH - WSMN's George Russell Interviews Free Talk Live's Ian

Free Talk Live 2014-12-01

Podcasts - Mon, 2014-12-01 22:31
Soldier Upset About FTL Reposting Meme :: Questioning Military Orders :: Gun Confiscation :: FATCA :: Oathkeepers Kicked Out of Ferguson :: Competing With Police :: Ritualistic Courts :: UBER Suspended in Nevada :: Derrick's Right to Bear Arms :: Gay Meme Offensive? :: Libertarian Psych Study

Free Talk Live 2014-11-30

Podcasts - Sun, 2014-11-30 22:52
Dale from Flaming Freedom Joins Us :: Colbert Report Robin Hooding Critique :: Cantwell Bad Activism? :: Harassment? :: Subjective Preferences :: Blinded By Cop Bean Bag :: Attracting Courageous Libertarians :: Debating Activist Tactics :: FSP Press Coverage Due to Keene Activism :: Butthurt Mark

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