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May 29th, 2020
MN Riots :: Section 230 :: MN is a distraction compared to 230. :: Does Trump understand what he is doing with Section 230? :: Will America collapse? :: It all starts with culture :: Magical thinking :: Crisis is an opporunity :: Michigan Update :: Riots ::CNN Atlanta stormed :: HOSTS - Vin, Alex
May 28th, 2020
Legally Confusing Legislation :: COVID Testing Questioned :: Trump Targeting Twitter, Social Media :: Website Content Liability :: Secret Ballots :: True Reviews on Blockchain :: Police Murder :: Too Big Website Penalty :: Bicycle Shortage :: Consequences for Violent Police :: MI Appeals Court Demands Barber Close Doors :: Edgington Post - Dr. Carol Osborne :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark, Nobody
May 27th, 2020
An end to the lockdowns? :: Stay At Home 2.0 :: New Hampshire race track owner defies His Excellency :: An entire town breaks Michigan governor's dumb decree :: Smoking marijuana & Delta 8 THC :: "The New Customary" :: Who supports the Chinese government?! :: Larry thinks no one died in Minneapolis for... reasons that he alone understands :: Why militias aren't good :: The siege of the police station in Minneapolis :: Riots spread to Los Angeles :: Hosts - Aria, Mark, Ian.
May 26th, 2020
Woes in Keene, New Hampshire :: Masks, masks, and more masks :: Divided we fall :: Mask shaming and divisiveness :: The most Karening Karen Who Ever Karened :: Cops are fired for committing murder :: Will you ever get another stimulus check? :: Riots in Minneapolis :: Hosts - Aria, Conan, Ian.
May 25th, 2020
Beach Civil Disobedience :: Pro-Mask People Shout at Mask-Free Woman :: No Gov Challenge :: Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies :: Memorial Day :: Biker Bar Reopens Ignoring Govt Threats in IL :: Risk :: MI Restaurant Reopens :: Military Suicides :: Appeals Court Backs Religious Indoor Meetings :: Bad Weed :: Governor Hung in Effigy :: Edgington Post - Michael Busler :: HOSTS - Ian, Nobody, Captain Kickass
May 24th, 2020
Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian for POTUS :: Vegan Socialist "Meat" plant CEO busts union :: China is disappearing activists in Hong Kong :: US dropped a nuke on North Carolina in 1961 :: Cheap guns :: Google deletes item out of persons Drive account :: David’s case :: Edgington Post - Dr Carol Osborne, dogs can smell Covid :: Mark, Melanie and Richie Rich
May 23rd, 2020
Libertarians Holding Online Convention to Nominate Presidential Candidate :: COVID in Prison :: Forkfest Two Weeks? :: New Hampshire Protests :: Joe Biden Knows Who is Black :: Escaping Politics :: New Orleans Crackdown :: Mark and Derrick Giving Up, Changing Strategy :: Reopening :: Obedient People :: People Standing Up :: Mass Barber Civil Disobedience :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark, Derrick J
May 22nd, 2020
Black people must vote for Joe Biden :: Voting in General :: Why Vin and Alex moved to Saipan :: Art Calls From Prison :: Joe Rogan to Leave CA? :: US China AI Race :: Joe Rogan tells Alex Jones that he has had enough :: Youtube Censorship :: China vs US Government, who is the real problem? :: Should Israel be a state :: Freedom in Florida :: Florida's handling of Covid-19 :: Quarantine is Imprisonment :: Saipan's WWWII History :: Should You Fear China? :: Personal Responsibility :: Edgington Post - Jacqueline Newman :: HOSTS - Vin, Alex
May 21st, 2020
Trump Refuses to wear a mask :: Dangers of Lawfare :: Michigan Barber beats Govt. in court ... again! :: Trump won't close economy for second wave :: Governors won't reopen until "foolproof" vaccine developed :: Ian hates the "New Normal" :: Belarus has same number of covid deaths as NH :: Meet the candidate who makes Sununu look "good" :: Schools to triple in size? :: Pro=lockdown Church burning :: affluent white female liberals :: Vincent's favorite soap opera :: Obamagate is no conspiracy
May 20th, 2020
What are facts? :: Economic collapse :: Muh stimulus check :: the psychological impact of government lockdowns :: What are the flu numbers? Are they wrong? :: NFL players are sexually harassed on a flight :: The DOE's SWAT team? :: Obama and reloading AR-15s :: Pitcairn Island :: Hosts - Aria, Mark, Vincent.
May 19th, 2020
Americans are economically illiterate :: spreading the fear virus :: The government wrecks your money (again) :: Larry from Indiana suffers from confusion on national radio :: Conan is watching Legion :: Don't mind me, just suing the gays :: Dershowitz doesn't think we have the right to not be vaccinated :: Faith in the system, why isn't it broken? :: Forced vaccinations :: Hosts - Aria, Conan, Ian.
May 18th, 2020
100,000 people imprisoned on cruise ships :: Did Michael Jackson do things to kids :: Texas drops over 200 cases against lockdown violator :: the tipping point for revolt :: many restaurants have or will close permamently :: Economics :: Christian Anarchist Corona Virus Update :: Space Disco Update :: Barter Town Soon In Goldbar :: Hosts Captain Kickass, Nobody, Ian
May 17th, 2020
Does the MMR vaccine prevent Covid-19 :: FBI supporter :: Will the rich use Covid to get richer :: Intercoin :: Government Schools :: Food prices :: Property Tax refund :: Starving rates in NYC :: James in AZ wants assassinations :: Dave food shortage tips :: Melanie, Richie and Mark
May 16th, 2020
Wisconsin Supreme Court Overturns Lockdown? :: Opposing Mask Mandate :: Song Parodies :: Tampa Pastor's Assembly Charges Dropped :: Prison Infections :: Jogger Murdered? :: Social Distance Ratings :: Michigan Frustrations :: Unemployment :: :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark, Captain Kickass
May 15th, 2020
Operation Warpspeed :: Buy Gold? :: Dollar collapse? :: "Science" :: Police :: Bugging Out :: US Empire :: Is martial law already here? :: Childhood diseases :: Michigan Memorial Day Protest :: Uganda :: HOSTS - Vin, Alex
May 14th, 2020
Contact Tracing Tyranny :: Peaceful Parenting :: Spare the Rod Spoil the Child? :: Nobody vs His Excellency Sununu II :: Programming Advice :: Michigan Protest Scuffle :: Right of the People to Abolish the Government by Force :: How Many Americans Support the Anti-lockdown protests? :: Masks Mandatory in New Mexico :: Economic shutdown meant to take down Trump? :: Government Designed Mass Starvation
May 13th, 2020
Masks and insanity :: contact tracing :: the number of deaths from Covid-19 :: The Senate and the FISA Act :: economy and the state :: Winter is coming :: James wants a tank :: The Michigan Militia stands against the state :: War is coming in Michigan? :: Arkansas news and drag racing with 30,000 fans :: Hosts - Aria, Vincent.
May 12th, 2020
Mask stupidity :: Becoming that which you despise :: How things are going in Uganda :: Drive by parades :: Colorado Restauranteur fights government :: The LNC election :: James from Arizona MIGHT have a dick in his mouth :: Are the fearful breeding? :: Hosts - Aria, Conan, Ian.
May 11th, 2020
Bring your rocket launcher to lunch :: Crypto and music as languages :: Not wearing masks :: Brewer opens in defiance :: Disarm goverment first :: Dystopian concerts on their way :: Bitcoin as Gold :: Silver crypto tokens :: Fear vs risk :: Air tavel restrictions :: Tesla reopens in CA :: Separate government from money :: Scott the bigot is an oxymoron :: James Wittikind sucks again:: Hosts Captain Kickass, Nobody, Ian
May 10th, 2020
Belief in the State :: Executive Orders are Not Laws :: Liberal States Worse? :: Nationalized Food :: Food Shortages :: Govt Money :: Pushing Back Against Corporate Rules :: Media Truth Enforcement? :: Hogs and Insurance :: Masks :: HOSTS - Ian, Melanie, Rich E.
May 9th, 2020
IRS Screwing Businesses on Small Biz Loans :: Unemployment :: Abducting COVID People From Homes :: Mass Disobedience from Business Owners :: Trump Destroying Republican Party? :: 2/3rds of Americans think Reopening too Fast :: Civil Disobedience :: Secession :: Theocrat :: Contract Tracing :: Beaches :: Dr. Bully :: :: HOSTS - Ian, Captain Kickass
May 8th, 2020
Dallas Salon Owner Rebels :: Fear Porn :: Will there be a revolution? :: California Civil Disobedience :: Brad and Circus ::: What is your price? :: Overton Window :: Universal Basic Income :: Lockdown Incentives :: HOSTS - Vin, Alex
May 7th, 2020
Dallas Salon Ordered Released from Jail by Governor :: Cure Ignored? :: Uganda Corona Crackdown :: NY Dave Will Not Wear a Mask :: Overriding Contempt Charge :: CNN Shaming Readers over Wearing Masks :: Five Year Old Drives SUV :: Caller Shames Us :: Lunatic James :: Being Essential :: College Rape Accusations :: HOSTS - Vincent, Ian
May 6th, 2020
Masks are shit :: Contempt of court is also shit :: drive-thru strip clubs :: An-cap unemployment :: Journalists staging events :: Project Veritas reveals medical personnel cooperated with CBS to lie :: Scott the Jewish anti-semite :: Mercenaries wearing labcoats :: Time for cake and sodomy :: Covid-19 myths and lies :: 500m USD to paint a stupid fence :: Hosts - Aria, Vincent.
May 5th, 2020
Karen is watching :: Food shortages are coming :: Karen the Christian Anarchist wants the Corvette now, damnit! :: Resident Evil 3 has a disappointing ending :: X-Com: Chimera Squad :: Mining crypto with body heat? :: The Institute of Human Obsolescence :: James dislikes Aria, who knew :: "Join the collective, Conan. Resistance is futile." :: Hosts - Aria, Conan, Ian.
May 4th, 2020
Giant Murder Hornets :: Outdoor Drive-In Concerts :: Mosh Pits :: Justin Amash :: Libertarian Party Candidates :: Commie Bernie Bros :: Truck drivers made to wear masks alone in their trucks :: Gene spanks the hosts :: Emergency on Power Grid :: Metallica Sucks :: Woodstock happened-during a pandemic :: Mesh Networks :: Corporations Without Government :: Mandatory Contact Tracing App :: Database of Snitches Released :: Federal Loans :: HOSTS - Captain Kickass, Nobody, Ian
May 3rd, 2020
Lockdown Poll Results :: Barbershop Owner Defies Cease and Desist :: Scott the Bigot's NAZI Society :: Homeowner Unable to Evict Squatters, Sell Home :: First Crypto Purchase :: Cops Executed :: Hawaii Mandating Visitors Have Cell Phone, Or Face Arrest :: Ridiculous Business Restrictions in Kansas City :: HOSTS - Ian, Melanie, Rich E.
May 2nd, 2020
Massive rally takes NH state house steps! :: California Protest Plus Beach Ban :: Disobey :: Bitcoin Halvening :: :: Trump Supporting Crackdown :: Unemployment :: Tamed Man :: Black Panthers Protest and Michigan Protest :: Heroic Owner Reopens Restaurant in Maine Without Permission - State Cracks Down :: Obedient Business Owners :: Licensing Threats :: Defiant Church Service :: Canada Gun Ban :: HOSTS - Ian, Captain Kickass
May 1st, 2020
Michigan Protests Are Terrorists? :: Black Panthers :: Guns as a De-escalater :: Americans Will Not Be Subjugated? :: Never Ending Lockdowns :: Salons And Small Businesses Being Crushed :: Freedom vs. License :: Soft Censorship :: Gallup, New Mexico Martial Law :: Who is to blame? :: HOSTS - Vin, Alex

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