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August 3rd, 2020
Covid vaccine maker to avoid liability :: The science is settled :: DIY Covid vaccine :: Negative Covid test as ticket to festivals :: Girls don't want sex as much as boys, or do they? :: Unfair government payouts :: Hosts: Captain Kickass, Nobody, Ian
August 2nd, 2020
The relationship between pathogens and authoritarianism :: Mail in Ballots :: Cops called for pumping gas :: Qualified Immunity :: Quarentine :: Defying shutdown :: Man shot dead after refusing to wear a mask :: Peakless Mountaineer, Melanie and Mark
August 1st, 2020
NJ Gym Owners Break Into Own Facility :: Heroes? :: Writing Politicians :: Monopoly State :: Genital Mutilation :: Pedophilia and Epstein :: Govt Taking Children :: Americans Regret no Savings :: Broken Social Contract :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark, Captain Kickass

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