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June 16th, 2021
Magistrates & judges :: ETs :: U.S. government and aliens :: Bogus allegations about people :: Matt talks about UFOs :: A crazy caller :: The space force :: Military dudes staring at turtles when cocaine appears :: Hosts - Aria, Bonnie, Angie.
June 15th, 2021
Trance metal :: Voting :: Swallowed by a whale :: Socialism sucks :: Love one another :: The algorithms are listening :: Slavery :: Do animals feel emotions? :: Colonialism & small pox :: Hosts - Aria, Mark.
June 14th, 2021
Aria's prayer? to the state? :: The last year of Covid Hell :: Mark's mix tapes :: The hate sale that Americans are buying :: Violent revolutionaries :: Pronouns and Ivy Leagues :: Aria ranting about grammar :: The dogma of modern science :: Crazy comparisons:: Hosts - Aria, Mark, Joa.
June 13th, 2021
Elon Musk backpedals :: Ian takes over and discusses Madison Square Garden :: El Salvador first Bitcoin Country? :: Is El Salvador a good place to move? :: Blood test for vaccines :: Maple Syrup :: FBI tries to strong arm newspaper into revealing reader’s ID over a story the FBI doesn’t like :: Justice Dept puts unprecedented gag order on NYT :: New Mexico DPS breaks FOIA laws as a pattern and practice :: Mark & Leigh / Ian, Ridley and Steve from CT
June 12th, 2021
Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road Founder Speaks Out :: Toobin Reinstated to CNN After Exposing Self :: Crappy Judge :: Ross Ulbricht, Hero :: COVID Drugs :: How to End Federal Prison with Bitcoin? :: Rods from God :: HOSTS - Ian, Captain Kickass, Peakless Mountaineer
June 11th, 2021
FBI wants to keep fortunes from Beverly Hills raid :: El Salvador aims to become first nation to adopt bitcoin as LEGAL TENDER :: El Salvador Offers No Capital Gains Tax, Permanent Residence to Crypto Entrepreneurs :: West Virginia To Give Away Guns As Covid-19 Vaccine Incentive :: Skull and Crossbones Sign Given to Unvaccinated in Rural India :: Hosts: Captain Kickass, Bonnie, Chris
June 10th, 2021
Cali Assault Weapons Ban Overturned by Appeals Court :: Migration to NH :: Black Expo Indy Competition? :: FBI Recovers Bitcoin Ransom? :: Newspaper Company Fights Outrageous FBI Subpeona for Readers' IP Addresses :: Violence Not the Answer :: Noncooperation :: Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Speaks for the First Time Ever Since His Arrest :: HOSTS - Ian, Bonnie, Matt
June 9th, 2021
Kink at pride :: Forkfest is closer than you think :: Vaccine employment requirements :: National stripper shortage :: Incels and ridiculous standards :: The thieving nun :: The Crypto Six :: Are nuns wasting their lives? :: Outlets & exercise :: Hosts - Aria, Bonnie, Angie.
June 8th, 2021
Aria's good news :: Bitcoin :: Rainbow, the studio beast :: El Salvadore & Bitcoin :: The state is a parasite :: They Lying Flat Movement :: Individualism versus collectivism :: Raising kids :: Superhero shows :: Hosts - Aria, Conan, Mark.
June 7th, 2021
Trump is the least pro-war President in 20 years? That's stupid :: Aria's take on Pride Month :: Words & Labels :: Bitcoin actually kinda sucks :: So Trump is a jingoist :: Dogecoin & Bitcoin :: Ransomware & terrible IT people :: Forkfest and ransomware :: Undoing paying a ransom :: The FBI distributes child porn :: Hosts - Aria, Peakless, Joa.
June 6th, 2021
Dating tips by Melanie :: Is dating meant to end in marriage :: Elon Musk manipulates the crypto market and Anonymous is gonna get him :: Petro Dollar :: Governments love encryption too :: Drone kills independently for the first time :: Peakless Mountaineer, Melanie and Mark
June 5th, 2021
Investigation underway after Spokane family's claims about cotton cleaning assignment :: government education is indoctrination :: non violent activism :: UFO's turn into toilet paper :: Why don't politicians drive electric cras or have solar powered homes? :: Operaton Iraqi Liberation AKA - O.I.L :: Hosts, Captain Kickass, Ian, Peakless Mountaineer
June 4th, 2021
Make Way for the Snitch State: The All-Seeing Fourth Branch of Government :: How retailers track you in their store :: Rogue killer drone 'hunted down' a human without being instructed to :: Get stabbed for cash & prizes! California’s vaccine incentive program :: Politics Is Seeping Into Our Daily Life and Ruining Everything :: Sacrificing Liberty, caller recounts false flag operation :: Hosts: Captain Kickass, Bonnie, Chris
June 3rd, 2021
It's international whores day :: Former congressman Ron Paul: Bitcoin is money and should be taxed the same :: US Convenience Store Chain Sheetz to Accept Cryptocurrencies for Payments :: Fauci Emails :: Sly smuggler uses Border Patrol for free trips home :: Hosts: Captain Kickass, Matt, Ian
June 2nd, 2021
The Virus :: Bitcoin Gandhi Visits Federal Building :: Peace As Your Means :: Religious Intolerance of Gays :: Palestine vs Israel :: Delta 8 Regulation :: Dave in NY Hates Women :: Government UFO Release Coming :: Court Conditions of Release :: Timothy Berril Has Exculpatory Evidence Withheld in New Hampshire Court :: Hosts- Mark and Aria / Ian and Bonnie
June 1st, 2021
Is the FBI targeting FTL? :: Decentralization of FTL :: The Federal Government is going after libertarians :: Do people want to be free? :: Mark's subpoena :: Studio Cats :: Are cats domesticated? :: Hosts- Aria, Mark, Conan

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