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February 21st, 2020
New York County to Ban Smoking in Apartments, Condos :: Busybody Neighbors :: Coronavirus :: Boy Scouts Filing Bankruptcy :: False Sex Abuse Claims :: Sex Robots :: Oregon Secession Movement to Join Idaho :: HOSTS - Ian, Chris W., Nobody
February 20th, 2020
Marianas free-est place in the US :: California attempts to license cam girls and pr0n :: Politicians are liars :: Feminists think Ruth Bader Ginsberg is sexist :: Grievance Culture :: No one is a victim ::Abortion :: David’s legal story :: Mark and Alex
February 19th, 2020
New Hampshire chief of police fired, walks home in underwear during the snow :: Cops get away with rape :: 18 year old faces 350 years in prison for receiving underwear pics of underage girlfriend :: Bitcoin :: Advantages of cryptocurrency :: James is confused why Americans measure value in USD :: Nobel Peace Prize :: Hosts - Aria, Nobody, Grey.
February 18th, 2020
Does South Park make people apathetic? :: How are we discussing trans athletes again? :: The candy and grill lobby :: Kanye West, the gay fish :: College professor "discliplined" for misgendering a trans student :: Who is the victim in this victim culture? :: Granting permission versus creating rights :: Hosts - Aria, Conan, Johnson.
February 17th, 2020
Smart Home Devices and Privacy :: Politicians :: Voting :: Hushmail is a Scam :: Presidential Power :: Kooky Conspiracies :: Nutty Craig Wright Threatens to Sue Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Programming :: Nepotism in New Mexico :: HOSTS - Captain Kickass, Nobody, Ian
February 16th, 2020
Parents Naming Kids Based on Social Media Appeal? :: Border Control Boot Licker :: Freest Country on the Planet :: World War Fighting for Freedom? :: Medical Debtors Prison :: TSA Confiscates $181,000 Cash :: HOSTS - Captain Kickass, Rich E., Ian
February 15th, 2020
School Calls Police on Down Syndrome Six Year Old for Finger Gun :: CoronaVirus :: School Ethics Investigation :: False Reports to Police :: Snitch Society :: Partisan Jerome :: Make America Great Again :: Cop Lover :: Black Republican :: Road Rage :: Racism or Cognitive Dissonance :: Victimless Crimes :: HOSTS - Captain Kickass, Ian
February 14th, 2020
Bitcoin Mixing a Crime? :: Money Laundering :: Reverend Bud Green :: Psychedelics and Unity :: Enlightenment :: Feds vs Darknet :: Freedom Hosting - How far is too far? :: Respirator Mask Govt Requisitioning :: Speaking Out and Taking Action :: Old Man in the Mountain :: Sheriffs and Gun Rights :: HOSTS - Ian, Chris W., Nobody
February 13th, 2020
History of Mariana Islands :: Guest Dave Radich talks about his gun freedom case in Saipan :: Daylight Saving Time :: Gun Rights :: Constitutional Sheriff Movement :: Unconstitutional Gun Laws :: HOSTS - Mark, Alex, Dave
February 12th, 2020
Connecticut sued over trans athletes :: The government fears Bitcoin :: Mark's solution to trans athletes :: What's happening in China? :: James calls and is actually on topic :: Natural selection & viruses :: David calls about New Mexico's corruption :: Alex from Crypto Frontier calls :: Edgington Post - Geoff McCabe from Divi:: Hosts - Aria, Nobody.
February 11th, 2020
Paganism :: Satanism & the Reformed Satanic Church :: The Coronavirus :: Men Rights, Women's rights, Individualism :: Climate change & religion :: "If you don't worship the fern, you shall burn" :: Co-opting religion :: Nihilism in the western world :: Hosts - Aria, Conan, Johnson.
February 10th, 2020
Abalonia Island Failure :: Thailand King :: Larry Loves to Oppress :: Death Penalty for Drug Dealers? :: China Rounding Up Alleged Sick People :: Muslim Organ Harvesting :: Addictions :: Prohibitionist :: Unfair Claims about Islam :: HOSTS - Captain Kickass, Ian, Nobody
February 9th, 2020
Immigration and Costs :: Difficulties of Legal Immigration :: Free Market vs Regulations :: Seatbelts :: Lawn Permits :: Corporations :: Flat Earth Kook :: Unlicensed Contractor Crackdown :: HOSTS - Ian, Melanie, Rich E.
February 8th, 2020
Killdozer :: Richmond Gun Protest :: Government Gang :: Freemasons :: Etienne Arrested by Secret Service for Ammunition :: FCC Profanity Rules :: 10 Years in Prison for Ammo Possession in DC? :: Corey Feldman's Hollywood Pedo Documentary :: Couch in the Pool :: HOSTS - Captain Kickass, Etienne de la Boetie2, Ian
February 7th, 2020
Major Internet Outage Affecting Spectrum and Verizon :: Phoenix Jones Arrested for Drug Dealing :: Utah Mom Facing Topless Charges :: Santa Cruz Decrims Shrooms :: Cannabis Decrim in New Hampshire :: Coronavirus :: Cop Frustrated by Cameraman Asking Cop Questions :: HOSTS - Ian, Nobody, Chris W.
February 6th, 2020
Corona Virus :: China Using Drones to Find Sick People :: Flu far More Deadly :: Iowa Flubs Caucus Count :: Rush Limbaugh Gets Medal of Freedom :: David's Court Cast :: Insurance, Modern Serfdom? :: Modern Organization :: Edgington Post - Tom Young :: HOSTS - Mark, Wes Bertrand
February 5th, 2020
Renting sex dolls in Vegas :: Muh sperm property rights! :: The Alphabet Soup of LGBTQIAAAP+ :: Gender & sex :: Transgender & transsexual :: Love Bus Liberty Tour :: James has a meltdown when Ernie doesn't know or care who he is :: Ernie on vaccines :: Hosts - Aria, Jay, Ernie.
February 4th, 2020
Elaine Brown to be Released from Prison :: Bernie Bro Flips to Libertarian :: Cognitive Dissonance :: Rotating Strikes in Canada :: Illuminati :: Inner Monologue :: Thoughts vs Visualization :: Iowa Caucus Failure :: The Witcher :: HOSTS - Ian, Conan, Johnson
February 3rd, 2020
Liberty Forum and Alt Expo :: Creepy Internet Advertising :: Facebook and Other Monitoring Apps :: Faraday Bags :: In-Store Tracking :: MAC Addresses :: Body Tech Mods :: Watch out for Whatsapp :: Rae Dawn Chong Not Ashamed of Sex at Age 15 with Mick Jagger :: Double Retail Bankruptcies :: HOSTS - Captain Kickass, Ian, Nobody
February 2nd, 2020
When is it illegal to say "Super Bowl"? :: Super Bowl Economics :: Government Property :: Urine Drinking Panacea :: Performance Enhancing Drugs :: :: More Superbowl Numbers :: Cops Upset Over Critical Super Bowl Ad :: Cantwell Raid :: HOSTS - Ian, Melanie, Rich E.
February 1st, 2020
Alt Expo 32 :: Man Sentenced to 16 Years in Federal Prison for Running Medical Cannabis Business in Michigan :: The State Criminal Gangs :: Jack Shimek, Alt-Expo Organizer :: Alternative Currencies :: Alternative Social Media :: Mesh Networking :: Forkfest and Decentralized Events :: Tech Crackdowns :: Evil Uses of Blockchain :: HOSTS - Ian, Jack Shimek, Stone

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