Bitcoin Tip Jar

Cryptocurrency Tip Jars

We love cryptocurrency! Below you will find QR codes to donate to the show with BTC, BCH, DASH, and below that a Shapeshift widget to allow you to donate a bunch of different altcoins. Also, we want you to see the new Cryptosign created by our very own Johnson Rice:

Bitcoin Tip Jars

We're now accepting both "legacy" Bitcoin and the new Bitcoin Cash!

Bitcoin (BTC):  1NueeQ8rLSobgaeyKC5CciPZqNMvmcwTup

Bitcoin Cash (BCH):  qz0g6z8tlzdcd82uheylnx49j42tgp4cfsxdffwzau

You can learn more about bitcoins at

Thank you for your support!

DASH Tip Jar

FTL is now accepting DASH! Should you wish to send some our way, please do via this wallet address: XshMCgL752pXYu5NWo9TQTaNBsJfEuKowy

Altcoin Tip Jar

FTL is now accepting dozens of altcoins! Thanks to, you can now send us your favorite altcoin, easily via the below app. Shapeshift will convert it instantly to DASH and then send that to FTL.