Ian and Mark Broadcasting from Anarchapulco! + Liberty Lobby Week 7

February 26th, 2017 - 10:49am by FTL_Admin in

Hello from Mexico! Mark and I started broadcasting Free Talk Live from the third-annual Anarchapulco yesterday. It's been a great event so far with lots of big names in the libertarian community. Free Talk Live listeners are in attendance and everyone seems to be enjoying this excellent conference at the Mundo Imperial Resort. Last night's show had some big guests including G. Edward Griffin, Roger Ver, Jeffrey Tucker, and event organizer Jeff Berwick. We've got more lined up for tonight's show, and we'll continue doing the show from here through Tuesday. Check out more about Anarchapulco here on the event website .

Also, here's the video from last week's visit to the state house in NH - a hearing on cannabis legalization in a senate committee.

Stay tuned for three more shows...

Liberty Lobby – Week 7 – Cannabis Legalization

February 24th, 2017 - 5:00pm by FTL_Ian in

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I went to the state house this week to testify on more legislation. However it was another short week and this time I only have one full length hearing video to share, but it’s a good one: Cannabis Legalization! The NH senate judiciary committee heard SB 233 to legalize up to an ounce of cannabis and five grams of hashish. I spoke in favor, with some reservations. Here’s the full hearing video :

Will the tide change this year for cannabis? Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest!

Bitcoin Hits All Time High: Over $1,200!!! + New Websites, Meetup, & Shire Bitcoin Forums Launched!

February 24th, 2017 - 1:21am by FTL_Ian in

Bitcoin Hits All Time High of $1200!

Bitcoin Hits All Time High of $1200!

Bitcoin fans around the world are celebrating as the price of bitcoin hit a new all time high as of around 10:13pm Eastern time tonight. The price has continued to travel up from there. At the time of this article’s writing, the...

Liberty Lobby – Week 6 – Videos

February 18th, 2017 - 11:19pm by FTL_Ian in

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I went to the state house last week to testify on more legislation. It was a short week, however, and I only have two videos to share, but they are long hearings:

HB 82 would ensure that hair braiders can work without fear of arrest for operating without a license. Nearly everyone who spoke in this 90-minute hearing spoke in favor of the bill, all except for one lady – who just so happens to work for a beauty school – the very industry that most benefits from the cosmetology licensing scam. Here’s the full hearing video :

HB 585 seeks to stop cities and towns in NH from flouridating their water supply. The do-gooders came out to oppose...

New Affiliate in PA :: Liberty Lobby Week Six

February 18th, 2017 - 4:37pm by FTL_Admin in

FTL welcomes listeners in Bellefonte, PA to the FM translator of our existing affiliate, WBLF-AM. WBLF is now being heard on 106.3 - you can get full details on our affiliates list here .

Also, Darryl and I once again spent some time at the NH state house this week. It was a short week though, so only two videos this time. One, a hearing to prohibit towns from flouridating water and another to legalize hair braiding without a license. Videos will be going up on the Free Keene YouTube channel this weekend, so be sure to subscribe! You can support Darryl's Liberty Lobby efforts here .

Not-so-good news: The Free Talk Live AMP program has dropped down below $3,000 per month - if you've been thinking about AMPing, please step up - we'd appreciate your support. We'd rather move ahread thinking about...

New Shows on LRN + New FTL Affiliate + Liberty Lobby Week 5

February 12th, 2017 - 2:07pm by FTL_Admin in

Free Talk Live welcomes our existing affiliate KTOX-AM's new listeners on FM via their new translator on-the-air in Needles, CA. KTOX airs us live weekdays 4-7pm Pacific, and we get some good participation from their listeners. The FM should increase that listenership! As always, our full affiliate list of over 160 stations is here .

In LRN.FM news, we say goodbye to Flaming Freedom after six years of great shows. Derrick J is starting a new business and just doesn't have time for media production these days. Will it ever return? We can hope. In other LRN.FM show news, we welcome two new podcasts to our lineup: " A Liberty Laugh Time with Stenny and Z " and " Wake Up Call Podcast ". You can see our full program guide here .

Darryl and I went back to the...

Liberty Lobby – Week 5 – Videos

February 12th, 2017 - 1:32pm by FTL_Ian in

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I once again dropped in on a bunch of hearings at the state house legislative offices. Here are multiple videos of full and partial hearings:

HB 634 would repeal the 24% “penalty assessment” on criminal court fines. This would be a big help to the victims of the court system. I testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video :

HB 622 would allow all NH voters to opt into an absentee ballott. Darryl W Perry, Liberty Lobbyist , spoke in favor. This is a partial hearing video :


Cop Block Founder Ademo Freeman Arrested in Ohio for Drug Trafficking/Possession – VIDEO

February 10th, 2017 - 9:00pm by FTL_Ian in

Cop Block founder and Free Keene blogger Ademo Freeman has been arrested while driving in Lebanon, Ohio by Ohio State Police. Despite Ademo not consenting to a search, trooper Jeffrey Martin claimed that because he allegedly smelled the odor of cannabis, that he had probable cause to search.

Ademo was placed into a cruiser, then the trooper(s) broke open a lock on a suitcase. They asked him how much marijuana he had, so presumably that’s what they found inside – at this point we can’t know for sure. Ademo was placed under arrest and taken to the Warren County Jail, all while asking trooper Martin his thoughts about victimless crimes. All of this is heard on a 40+ minute video recorded and live streamed on Ademo’s cell phone to his facebook page .

I’ve taken the time to edit the video down to less than 15 minutes as...

BREAKING: NH State Representative Joins Libertarian Party – Press Conference Video

February 9th, 2017 - 5:20pm by FTL_Ian in

It’s a big day for libertarian history in New Hampshire and nationwide. For the first time in two decades, the Libertarian Party of NH (LPNH) has a sitting state representative in the legislature who is just beginning his first term in office. Caleb Dyer , state representative for Hudson and Pelham, announced today at a press conference in Concord’s Legislative Office Building that he has switched his voter registration from republican to libertarian and has also joined the state party as a dues-paying member. Dyer is a New Hampshire native who knocked on 2,000 doors in his district, Hillsborough 37, to win his election in November of 2016. Here’s the press conference video from this morning:

The LPNH was basically dormant for years until late 2016 when superactivists...

Liberty Lobby – Week 4 – Videos

February 5th, 2017 - 1:51pm by FTL_Ian in

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and his fellow libertarian activists once again drop in on a bunch of hearings at the state house legislative offices. Here are multiple videos of full and partial hearings and some clips:

HB 613 would reform the solitary confinement system in jails and prisons in New Hampshire. There’s some incredibly moving testimony during this full-length hearing video :

HB 562 – NH liberty legislators propose exempting internet gambling from gambling prohibitions. This video is a partial hearing:


New Affiliates in WI, NH + New Audio Promos!

February 5th, 2017 - 12:32pm by FTL_Admin in

This week we are welcoming two new radio affiliates including brand-new talk station WRRD-AM 1510 in Milwaukee which is airing us live 6-9pm Central seven-days-a-week! Plus, we're also now being heard in Salem, NH on WCCM-AM 1110 live on weekends. As always, you can get the full list of over 160 radio affiliates at http://affiliates.freetalklive.com

Plus, I cranked out several :60 audio promos this week from shows done in 2016. Were you listening for these great moments? For more audio promos from the past, check out https://www.freetalklive.com/audio-promos​

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