Big government

NH taxpayers no longer have to turn blind eye to government abuse.

Posted February 19th, 2013 by Lendog

Taxpayers of Center Harbor and all other taxing districts in the State of New Hampshire have legal recourse against local government action — without having to prove "significant personal harm". On January 1, 2013, HB-1510 went into effect, which amends RSA 491:22, and gives taxpayers a legal right to challenge local government action in Superior Court if they feel such action is unlawful or unauthorized.

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Homeland Security and its cache of bullets.

Posted February 15th, 2013 by Lendog

Online rumors about a big government munitions purchase are true, sort of.

The Homeland Security Department wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four or five years. It says it needs them — roughly the equivalent of five bullets for every person in the United States — for law enforcement agents in training and on duty.

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Young, Liberal and Open to Big Government

Posted February 12th, 2013 by freestategirl

Under-30 voters are “the only age group in which a majority said the government should do more to fix problems,” the nonpartisan Pew Research Center reported in November. In a Pew survey a year earlier, more than 8 in 10 said they believed that Social Security and Medicare had been good for the country, and they were especially supportive of seeing the programs overhauled so they would be intact when they retire. (Young people were also more open than their elders to privatizing the programs.)

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Problem families 'have too many children’

Posted July 22nd, 2012 by eightiesgod

Mothers in large problem families should be “ashamed” of the damage they are doing to society and stop having children, a senior government adviser warns today. They are going to take steps to stop this!

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Federal task force wants obese Americans placed into counseling

Posted June 27th, 2012 by Jstevenjones

With obesity a growing problem, a federal panel is considering forcing primary care physicians to put overweight Americans into counseling.

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Star Trek exposes the FRB!

Posted March 20th, 2012 by Bill Berry

Star Trek exposes the FRB! Just a slight modification of an original episode.

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Ron Paul Says "Let's Get Out of Middle East...And United Nations."

The real, pro-US solution to the problems in the Middle East is for us to end all foreign aid, stop arming foreign countries, encourage peaceful diplomatic resolutions to conflicts, and disengage militarily. In others words, follow Jefferson’s admonition: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

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Border bill would expand Homeland Security powers

The proposed National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act would let the agency waive 36 federal environmental protection laws in the name of better border patrols on public lands. But it would give Homeland Security unchecked authority to disregard major environmental laws covering wilderness areas, national parks and wildlife refuges.

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Would You Push Leonard Read's Button?

Posted April 20th, 2011 by Steven from Colorado

Leonard Read made a speech in he said if there was a button on the podium in front of him that would end government controls and regulations on the US economy, he would push it. The idea of this poll is to conduct a thought experiment, in which there is a table in front of you, with a multitude of buttons that, when pushed, eliminated a government program or agency. I am asking which, if any, you would push. As for me, I would push them all, without hesitation.

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Lack of Liberty, The Continued Erosion of Private Property Rights.

Posted February 26th, 2011 by blakebosarge

This article has multiple references listed and discusses the continued oppression of the american people by the abuse of government power. Property rights have been continually eroded since the drafting of the bill of rights. Many of those rights we no longer have, because of this It is important to educate the voter base on how their rights are being eroded. It also brings the question what can we do to protect our rights?

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