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Federal Same-Sex Marriage Is Coming

Federal Same-Sex Marriage Is Coming

There is no disputing that the tide of public opinion on same-sex marriage has turned in favor of allowing federal marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. On the heels of the landmark decision in California and the legislative initiative in Washington State, both Maryland and New Jersey are also paving the way to allow same-sex marriage.

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Homeland Security Monitoring Internet For Anti-Govt Sentiment

A privacy advocacy group has swayed Congress to hold a hearing next week into the Department of Homeland Security’s practice of monitoring social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as media reports and organizations, including The Drudge Report.

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Sex Pistols, Smashing Pumpkins members discuss......

Posted December 14th, 2011 by Mattfree88

Sex Pistols, Smashing Pumpkins members discuss HAARP, GM Foods, Illuminati

In a recent interview posted on, Sex Pistols co-founder Steven Jones and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discuss everything from HAARP and weather weapons to GMO foods, the elite depopulation agenda and the possibility for a genuine freedom movement in the United States.

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Posted November 20th, 2011 by Stu Pitt Moran

This Lady created the best protest sign I ever saw. So I thought I would share it with everyone here at Free Talk Live.

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I do... for now? Mexico City considers temporary marriages

Posted October 7th, 2011 by Nemi

Officials in Mexico City are considering a new way to address the city's high divorce rates: by making marriages temporary. Couples would be allowed to decide on the length of their marriage (minimum license: two years), and the contracts would contain prenup-like legalese about financial support, how marital assets would be divided, and who gets custody of the kids.

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Beacon Hill, Mass wants to ban sex during divorce?

Posted May 16th, 2011 by godless heathen

A new bill on Beacon Hill would ban parents from engaging in sexual relationships within the home until their divorces are final.

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After the state police RAID on a small Oregon farm

After the state police RAID on a small Oregon farm taking away their guns, came wild dogs and, the soon to be famous sheep slaughter.

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Time to Outlaw Prostitution in Nevada

Posted February 23rd, 2011 by pmfalcon

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is taking on a venerable institution in his state: legalized prostitution. Calling for "an adult conversation" on the issue, Reid told lawmakers today that he believed the practice, legal only in rural counties, deters businesses from moving to the state, reports the Las Vegas Sun. “Nevada needs to be known as the first place for innovation and investment—not as the last place where prostitution is still legal,” he said in a speech to the legislature. One brothel owner said, "Harry Reid will have to pry the cat house keys from my cold dead hands."

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Posted February 7th, 2011 by GinsingSullivan

Free Ademo! Burk IS A LOOSER !!! !!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!

How do we get the MSM to recognize the problem?? The answer is.. MORE ADEMOs!!!!

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Rapper Kurtis Blow Busted With Pot After TSA Body Scan

Posted December 2nd, 2010 by pmfalcon

Legendary rapper Kurtis Blow was busted at LAX this morning after a TSA body scanner detected an item in his pocket -- a stash of weed, TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the body scan detected "an anomaly' in his pants. Yes, we thought that was funny as well. A subsequent pat down revealed pot in his pocket. Kurtis received a ticket -- standard operating procedure when it's under an ounce -- and went on his merry way. These are "the breaks". Next time Mr. Blow, try the pat down.

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