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SF Underground Farmers Market

"To sell at a farmers market, you need to produce your wares in a commercial kitchen. This is an impossible expense for many of us, so the underground farmers market is about helping to get some exposure for all of our fellow producers without the cash for a commercial kitchen."

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Bitcoin releases version 0.3

"How's this for a disruptive technology? Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network based digital currency with no central bank, and no transaction fees. Using a proof-of-work concept, nodes burn CPU cycles searching for bundles of coins, broadcasting their findings to the network. Analysis of energy usage indicates that the market value of Bitcoins is already above the value of the energy needed to generate them, indicating healthy demand. The community is hopeful the currency will remain outside the reach of any government."

A growing list of merchants accept bitcoins.

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Created by davehollis 4 years 32 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 32 weeks ago
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A freemarket-ish response to the BP oil spill

An Alabama town decides to go ahead with it's own plans for protecting their shores despite not having asked the federal government for permission.

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There Is No Keynesian Miracle

Article in Forbes bashes Keynesianism for the fraud that it is: During 2009 there was a lot of smug talk among academic and political liberals of Keynesianism enjoying a triumphant revival. But in the real world of jobs, wages and production--as opposed to the imaginary one of the chattering classes--the evidence shows that John Keynes' notion of being able to spend your way out of recession has not worked this time, if it ever did. It's important to note that ordinary voters are more sharply aware of this idea's failure than are the Western governments that have put their trust in Keynes.

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Man imprisoned for illegal Pharmacy

Thought you all might appreciate this..
Apparently this guy had an illegal pharmacy selling medication for 1/3 the cost.

"Authorities say 66-year-old Lawrence Carl Runke, of Clarksdale, was indicted in the case last April. A Yavapai County Superior Court jury on Jan. 14 found Runke guilty of 12 criminal counts that included conspiracy, money laundering, sale of prescription drugs, possession of prescription drugs for sale and possession of dangerous drugs for sale."

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Created by donAlli 5 years 1 day ago – Made popular 5 years 1 hour ago
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No money? Then make your own

Can printing your own cash actually help revive a struggling economy? That's just what traders in one London shopping district are hoping for, as they begin accepting a new local currency.

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New Set of Change: 7 Coins Designed to Make More Cents

These so-called ‘infographic coins’ by Mac Funamizu have obvious benefits to the blind, much like the Euro, as sizes, shapes and textures all play a role in the legibility of coins. Impaired or not, anyone reaching into their wallet or purse would likewise be able to more easily identify each coin denomination by touch.

Are we likely to give up on our standard circles? Perhaps not, but at least rethinking our (United States) hodge-podge system with inconsistent sizes, Â colors and weights might be worth doing after so much time with so little design change.

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Ron Paul's ideas no longer fringe

Ron Paul's ideas no longer fringe
With the economy still struggling, the lawmaker's libertarian views are getting serious attention.

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