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Report: Cops commit sex crimes 3 times as often as general public

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US - According to The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project, police officers committed sexual assaults at a rate of 79 per 100,000 law enforcement personal. That rate is over two times the rate of the general public (28.7 per 100,000). The fact that rapists seem to be concentrated among a group of armed individuals who have the purported authority to detain and arrest other individuals, should be more than a little alarming for even the most prolific bootlicker.

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No Charges for Seattle Cop Who Murdered Woodcarver John T. Williams

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — (SEATTLE) King County prosecutors have decided not to file criminal charges against Seattle police Officer Ian Birk in the fatal shooting of woodcarver John T. Williams, sources familiar with the decision say.

The Prosecutor's Office is expected to announce the decision in a news conference on Wednesday, the sources say.

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11 Year-Old Girl Sent to Criminal Court for Wearing Perfume in Class

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — (AUSTIN, TX) If you disrupted class or used profanity back in school, you were probably sent to the principal's office. Today in Texas, more students are being sent to criminal court instead.

Last February a student at Fulmore Middle School says she received a ticket for "disruption of class" after spraying perfume on herself.

"I didn't do anything wrong," said 13-year-old Sarah, who was in the sixth grade at the time she was ticketed. "I thought I didn't smell good and the next thing you know, the whole class complains for no reason."

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Jesse Ventura Suing TSA For 'Warrantless Rubbing of the Genitals'

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — MINNEAPOLIS — Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura sued the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration on Monday, alleging full-body scans and pat-downs at airport checkpoints violate his right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Ventura is asking a federal judge in Minnesota to issue an injunction ordering officials to stop subjecting him to "warrantless and suspicionless" scans and body searches...

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Witnesses: Underwear Bomber Set Up by US Govt with Defective Bomb

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — DETROIT (WKZO) -- The 'Underwear Bomber' will head to trial later this year. Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab was in federal court in Detroit Tuesday and learned his trial date has been set for October 4th. Making a startling accusation outside the court house was Attorney Kurt Haskell, a passenger on the 2009 flight along with his wife Lori. Haskell says he saw AbdulMutallab in Amsterdam arguing with a ticket agent because he didn't have a passport and yet was able to get on the plane...


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L.E.A.P. Questions President Obama on Drug Legalization

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — WASHINGTON, DC -- A video question about legalizing drugs from a former deputy sheriff has come in first place in YouTube's "Your Interview with the President" competition, where users submitted and voted on questions to be posed to President Barack Obama...

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Border Patrol Agent Fired for His Opinion on Drug Legalization

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — Border Patrol Agent Fired For Views On Drug Legalization Files Lawsuit...

In September of 2009, border patrol agent Bryan Gonzalez was fired for expressing his views on drug legalization to a fellow agent. Now, the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico has joined Gonzalez in filing a lawsuit on First Amendment grounds seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

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Did Salvia Drive Loughner Mad? Maybe Prozac? Twinkies? Big Macs?

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — A friend says the Arizona shooter used the hallucinogen salvia. Kate Dailey on how the drug—also used by Miley Cyrus—could have affected his brain.

Arizona shooter Jared Loughner used salvia, the hallucinogenic drug, according to a high school friend of his. Obviously, Loughner was troubled. But did salvia have anything to do with it?

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Peace Prize Obama Welcomes Jailer of Peace Price Winner to White House

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — (WASHINGTON) President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao will confront stubborn rifts over North Korea and bilateral economic imbalances on Wednesday when they meet amid the pomp of a formal state visit.

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Most Americans Unaware, US Govt. Found Guilty of MLK Execution

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — MLK assassinated by US government: King family civil trial 1999 decision. Why didn't you know this?

Martin Luther King's family and his attorney, William F. Pepper, won a civil trial that found US government agencies guilty in the wrongful death of Martin Luther Kin

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