WikiLeaks loses major source of revenue

Posted December 4th, 2010 by Bodalamba

BERLIN — WikiLeaks has lost a major source of revenue after the online payment service provider PayPal cut off its account used to collect donations, saying the website is engaged in illegal activity.

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WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange: Expect UFO talk in future files

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Friday that there were some references to UFOs in “yet-to-be-published” confidential files obtained from the U.S. government. Will a future document dump carry a UFO theme?

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State Dept. on Wikileaks: Transcript of Daily Press Briefing, Dec. 2nd

Posted December 3rd, 2010 by Cyphase

Some choice quotes:

QUESTION: Some of the governments that have been mentioned in these cables are heavily censoring press in terms of releasing some of this information. How do you feel about that? (Laughter.)

MR. CROWLEY: The official position ... [is that] ... we value a vibrant, active, aggressive media. It is important to the development of civil society in this country and around the world. ...

QUESTION: Do you know if the State Department regards WikiLeaks as a media organization?

MR. CROWLEY: No. We do not.

QUESTION: And why not?

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Cable: Abu Ghraib torture inspired hundreds of Saudis to jihad

Posted December 2nd, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

The Bush administration's torture program was a beacon for Islamic extremists seeking to recruit fellow fighters in the war against America and its allies, a leaked d

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Is Julian Assange a Libertarian?

Posted December 1st, 2010 by RottingNation

In case you missed it, Andy Greenberg, of the Forbes blog The Firewall, posted an interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. In it, Assange seems to profess libertarian-leaning tendencies. He says he is pr market.

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Should FTL stop using Amazon as an affiliate?

Posted December 1st, 2010 by argash

Amazon has bowed to pressure from Senator Lieberman and de-hosted the Wikileaks website.

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Mike Huckabee calls for Execution of WikiLeaks Whistleblower

Posted December 1st, 2010 by JustinStout

Florida resident and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee yesterday called for the execution of the person responsible for leaking hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

“Whoever in our government leaked that information is guilty of treason, and I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty,” he said in an interview, a clip of which is posted on YouTube and which you can view in full after the jump.

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Assange: Proponent of free markets

Posted December 1st, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

Forbes has a big interview up with controversial Wikileaks impresario Julian Assange. This section in particular will be of interest to Reason readers:

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Canadian PM Advisor calls for assassination of WikiLeaks director

In a pretty shocking moment on live TV, an advisor for Stephen Harper blatantly says Julian Assange should be murdered. Undoubtedly, this would fit right in with Obama's official assassination program for "terrorists", so it's probably already being considered.
When questioned on such a statement, he goes to say he feels "manly" for saying so. Just another example of the cowardly elite believe murdering innocents is righteous and just.

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An Interview With WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange

Posted December 1st, 2010 by Cyphase

"Admire him or revile him, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is the prophet of a coming age of involuntary transparency, the leader of an organization devoted to divulging the world’s secrets using technology unimagined a generation ago. ... Sunday, WikiLeaks made the first of 250,000 classified U.S. State Department cables public, offering an unprecedented view of how America’s top diplomats view enemies and friends alike."

Some interesting stuff on page 5 about being "a free market proponent".

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