Nanny State

Drug-sniffing dogs often wrong about drugs in cars

Posted January 6th, 2011 by stuntmantdave

Drug-sniffing dogs can give police probable cause to root through cars by the roadside, but state data show the dogs have been wrong more often than they have been right about whether vehicles contain drugs or paraphernalia.

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Patriot Pilot: Chris Liu Holds Press Conference Against TSA, FBI

Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — The airline pilot who sparked controversy after he posted a "cellphone video tour of security at San Francisco International Airport " has gone public with his identity.

The pilot identified himself to Sacramento's KXTV News 10 as Chris Liu, though the station did not say what airline he was affiliated with.

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Armenian police target teenage rock "cult"

Posted December 27th, 2010 by Deslock Darkstar

When police officers arrived at 13-year-old Masha's home, searched her room and inspected her computer, it was not because they suspected her of any crime. Her offense was simply to be a devoted follower of the angst-ridden punk-rock subculture known as 'emo', in an ex-Soviet state where pressures to conform remain strong.

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Woman arrested at ABIA after refusing enhanced pat down

Posted December 25th, 2010 by masshole

Early Wednesday morning, a computer glitch shut down a security checkpoint for a couple of hours at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The line snaked out the door as many travelers waited for more than an hour and some missed their flights. One of the first people in line after that shutdown never made it through. She was arrested and banned from the airport.

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Using marker at school leads to OKC teen's arrest

Posted December 22nd, 2010 by stuntmantdave

Delynn Woodside noted the marker had bled through a piece of paper onto the desk and reported to a police officer that she also had seen the teen writing on the desk with the marker, the report said.Woodside, a seventh-grade math teacher, made a citizen's arrest on the teen, and the police officer transferred the student to a Community Intervention Center that houses juveniles who have been arrested. The name of the minor was not released.

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Internet Porn Block Coming to the U.K.?

Posted December 20th, 2010 by kb7834

Conservative British lawmakers want Internet service providers to automatically block customers' access to pornography websites.Designed to protect young children from accessing mature content, a block on porn would require customers to "opt in" (request access) to illicit websites, British communications minister Ed Vaizey told The Sunday Times.

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In Braintree MA you must be 21 Years old to Sell Precious Metals

Posted December 12th, 2010 by misterfozzybear

In the town of Braintree Massachusetts you must be 21 years old to sell precious metals to a dealer and the dealer must wait 30 days before selling acquired precious metals to a refinery. Do they realize how much the price can swing in 30 days? Not to mention the use of gold and silver is specifically authorized in the Constitution, which I would agree is a worthless piece of paper.

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Everyone's Innocent, but the Property is Guilty -- Camp Zoe

Posted December 2nd, 2010 by tmikecurry

Camp Zoe - An interview with Mike Johnston and what happened the day 200 law enforcement officers seized 300acres of land... without accusing anyone of any crime. By William Norman Grigg as posted on

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Wikileaks is gone. :

Posted November 26th, 2010 by slayerboy

FYI, this might be nothing, but sounds like they sadly ended up getting Wikileaks.

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Four Loko Maker to Drop Caffeine From Drinks

Posted November 17th, 2010 by stuntmantdave

The terrorist have won. By terrorists, I mean the politicians.

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