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Alameda adopts strict smoking ordinance

Posted November 18th, 2011 by losingfeeling

The Alameda City Council has approved a new ordinance that aims to protect people from secondhand smoke by effectively banning smoking in all outdoor public places.

Smokers could run afoul of the new law -- most of which will go into effect Jan. 1 -- if they light up at a bus stop, ATM or even on a balcony of a multiunit rental complex.

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San Francisco Escalates the War on Bags

Posted November 15th, 2011 by EtotheRic

Legislation sponsored by Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and headed for likely passage by the Board of Supervisors would require San Francisco shoppers to pay 10 cents per bag provided by the store at checkout starting July 1. That charge would jump to 25 cents per bag two years later. The store providing the bag would pocket the money.

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Macy's To Pay Huge Fine for Selling Hoodies With Drawstrings

Posted November 10th, 2011 by snappytype

Drawstrings on hoodies qualify them as "deadly merchandise."

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Eugenics: Compulsory Sterilization in 50 American States

Posted November 9th, 2011 by TJLawJX

In response to last night's topic on State Eugenics programs I found this... last updated in Spring 2011.

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Couple's Daughter Taken Away For 18 Hours Over Alleged Sandwich Theft

Posted October 30th, 2011 by stuntmantdave

A Hawaii couple’s 3-year-old daughter was taken away from them for 18 hours after they were arrested for forgetting to a pay for two $5 sandwiches.

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Is a naming a child Adolf Hitler, a form of child abuse

Posted October 28th, 2011 by TheLibertarianW...

The feds really do own you children, it seems they can just take your children on a whim. If anyone, anywhere is offend by your parenting. Adolf Hitler is one of the most evil men to ever walk the face of the planet. He also happens to be a little boy in New Jersey. Adolf Hitler Campbell was taken away from his parents in 2009 because welfare officials said that his name was a form of abuse.

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Biking and Walking Might Become Illegal in Small Wisconsin Town

Posted October 26th, 2011 by snappytype

Here I discuss a town in Wisconsin that is talking about outlawing biking and walking without first registering your travel plans with the town for prior approval. Unbelievable.

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Using Ohio Animal "Rampage" as Fear Tactic to Create Laws

Posted October 25th, 2011 by rmyofme

Conservationists have expressed outrage over the lack of American wildlife ownership laws after the slaughter of 49 animals, including 18 rare Bengal tigers, set free from a private Ohio farm.

"Quite frankly, nobody should have these animals in the first place, so we need to take steps to change laws to make that a reality," Adam Roberts, executive vice president of Born Free USA, told AFP.

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What Sort of Bird Are You?

Posted October 24th, 2011 by rmyofme

The typical American is so conditioned to Authority that he will not even dare to defy a road sign – even when it’s out in the middle of nowhere and there’s essentially zero chance of any repercussions. Anything that looks official, anyone in a uniform of any kind – even if it’s not an official uniform and the wearer has no gun or actual authority to do anything – the average American will, without a murmur, sit quietly – and obey.

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Philanthropists Offer Prize for Bone Marrow, Get Prison Threat

Posted October 13th, 2011 by stefminus

These days, donating bone marrow isn't so bad. In most cases, you no longer have to go under anesthesia and no one sticks a giant needle in your hip bone anymore. Instead, drugs to cause your body to overproduce the useful stem cells, which are shed into the bloodstream and easily extracted from blood drawn through a (relatively) non-scary needle in the arm, just like a normal blood donation. Which makes it all the more ridiculous, former Reason Editor in Chief Virginia Postel writes in a moving Bloomberg column, that offering money for a match is still illegal.

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