Taxes, Fees & Fines

How Walt Disney Cashes In on Corporate Welfare

According to the latest lobbying disclosure report submitted to the Senate, lobbyists for Disney pushed to extend millions in federal film credits in the final spending and tax deal adopted by Congress Jan.1, hidden among hundreds of other “tax extenders.” These deals carve out specific tax incentives to favored industries to boost economic growth.

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CA City May Take Fees & % of Revenue from Outdoor Fitness Trainers

Fitness classes in Santa Monica parks have other park users are complaining about fitness enthusiasts not only blocking pedestrian walkways but also making too much noise. So the City Council is considering requiring that fitness trainers pay an annual $100 fee and turn over 15 percent of their gross revenues to the city, as well as requiring CPR training, insurance, and limiting class size; notwithstanding that trainers already pay the city for business licenses and for police-issued permits.

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Man Ticketed for Running Over Himself

Posted December 26th, 2012 by snowdog2012

SALEM, Mass. (CBS Connecticut) – An area man was ticketed after he ran himself over with his car Monday.

Reynolds told responding authorities that the trouble began when his brakes failed to work near the entrance to Mack Park. At that time, he tried to halt the wayward vehicle by opening the door and using his foot to stop it. He reportedly fell out of his car in the process, which proceeded to roll over his leg.

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Forget About the Fiscal Cliff, the AMT Will Rob You Blind

While the nation’s eyes are affixed firmly on the future tax implications of the fiscal cliff negotiations, few people realize that they stand to pay larger tax bills in 2012 courtesy of a little something Congress could have — and should have – taken care of long ago: the exemption to the alternative minimum tax (AMT). As a reminder, the AMT is a parallel tax system that was originally designed in 1969 to guarantee that 155 wealthy, enterprising taxpayers would pay some amount of federal income tax.

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Independent Tax Preparers Fight Against IRS Power Grab

Posted December 17th, 2012 by Jking8767

Arlington, Va.—New Years is rapidly approaching, and with it come sweeping new regulations that could force tens of thousands of Americans out of work. Despite a federal lawsuit filed in March by three independent tax preparers and the Institute for Justice (IJ), the IRS remains committed to implementing an unprecedented licensing scheme. The new regulations benefit powerful industry insiders and burden some 350,000 independent tax-return preparers, ultimately harming 85 million taxpayers.

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Judges spend thousands of tax payer money for painted portraits.

Posted December 15th, 2012 by Bezzo0

Judges in Kanawha (ka-naw) County WV wish to spend thousands of tax payer money to have their portraits made. Some estimates as high as $80k. They say its to preserve history.......

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House Destroyed by Fire, Family Left with Nothing but a bill

Posted December 1st, 2012 by Jking8767

It’s a horrible thing to have to lose your home, regardless of the circumstance, especially at this time of year. But could you imagine being charged for the efforts to save your home? A couple here in the Albany Area are facing just that situation.

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$600 car issued more than $100,000 in parking tickets

Posted November 27th, 2012 by Lendog

An abandoned car in Chicago worth an estimated $600 has been issued more than $100,000 in parking tickets over the past three years.

Jennifer Fitzgerald, 31, is currently stuck with the bill but says the 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo actually belongs to an ex-boyfriend who registered the car in her name without her knowledge or consent.

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Your Taxes Build Robotic Squirrels & Menus for Mars says Waste Book

Posted October 16th, 2012 by snowdog2012

What do robotic squirrels, menus for Martian meals and a musical about climate change have in common? They've all been made possible with taxpayer assistance, according to the latest survey of government waste put out by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. Known simply as the Waste Book, the report is a watchlist of eye-opening expenditures, which Coburn blames on a "let them eat caviar" attitude in Washington -- at a time when "23 million of our fellow Americans do not have good jobs," Coburn notes.

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City demands $120 permit for throwing a frisbee

Posted October 11th, 2012 by phonon

Yoav Silverstein, 17, and his mates have been getting together at Caulfield Park most Fridays to throw a frisbee around for some exercise. But the schoolboys were stunned last week when a City of Glen Eira officer told them the activity was considered an organised sport and they needed a $120 permit to play.

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