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Bitcoin May Be the Global Economy's Last Safe Haven - Businessweek

That’s where Bitcoin thrives: where people would prefer to throw in their lot with anonymous strangers instead of the world economy. It’s gold-bug thinking reinvented for an age of fluid transparency and instantaneous transactions. And as such it’s an excellent indicator of anxiety. Where you see Bitcoins in action you find a weird and heady mix of speculative angst, a fear of being left behind, and people who appear to have lost faith in institutions, who feel most left behind.

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Gov't Admits It Won't Prosecute Banks

Since the collapse of Arthur Andersen, the government is now afraid to prosecute large companies and banks in particular. Unfortunately, they're also unwilling to prosecute individual employees of those same corporations.

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Boxers want to fight in China because of high U.S. Taxes.

Manny Pacquiao's chief adviser insisted Monday that the Filipino superstar's preference is for his next bout – a fifth fight against Juan Manuel Marquez – to take place away from Las Vegas, with the off-shore Chinese gambling resort of Macau emerging as the "favorite."

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Congress — not email — destroyed the Postal Service

The oft-maligned U.S. mail is actually quite well-run. Politicians steered it into the ditch
By John Tierney

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Government Ban On Bitcoin Would Fail Miserably - Forbes

I maintain that a government ban on bitcoin would be about as effective as alcohol prohibition was in the 1920s. Government prohibition doesn’t even do a good job of keeping drugs out of prisons. The demand for an item, in this case digital cash with user-defined levels of privacy, does not simply evaporate in the face of a jurisdictional ban. One could even make the case that it becomes stronger because an official recognition that Bitcoin is not only a “renegade” currency but a “so-effective-it-had-to-be-banned” currency would imbue the cryptographic money with larger than life qualities.

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Dwolla Begins Account Suspensions for Using Bitcoin

Dwolla Begins PayPal-Style Account Suspensions - "Dwolla has moved beyond closing the accounts of those it can prove are operating unlicensed [Bitcoin] exchanges and has begun closing the accounts of private individuals based on a mere affiliation."

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Wholly Financed, owned and operated bridge opened by private investors

New privately funded bridge opens in Virginia (The South Norfolk Jordan Bridge)

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Minimum Wage Laws Hurt The Poor and Hobble the Economy

Want to decrease unemployment? Want to provide a ladder for the advancement of younger, less skilled or less experienced people? Eliminate the "Minimum Wage."

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Bass Fishing and the Free Market

This is an article on how the lack of intellectual property laws within the bass fishing industry have allowed for a fast paced and highly competitive market where anyone can do well provided they have good products.

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Bitcoin Not Bombs

Bitcoin allows Iranians to store their wealth digitally where the currency police can’t seize it, and most importantly it allows them, at the individual level, to skirt US sanctions and maintain an economic connection to the outside world. When US sanction against Iraq killed an estimated 1 million innocent civilians in the 90s it’s easy to see how important that is.

French economist Frederic Bastiat once said, “If goods don t cross borders, armies will.” I suggest that when States can no longer prevent goods from crossing borders, armies won’t.

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