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Detroit’s Heroic Anarcho-Bus Company

Posted October 20th, 2012 by lberns1

This year saw the birth of a new, private bus company in Detroit, and it’s called the Detroit Bus Company. The owner and founder, 25-year-old Andy Didorosi, was a guest on Mitch Albom’s show today, where he stated that his company is “trying to change what people think about buses.” In other words, his company does not tool around the city in monstrous, shabby, dirty, disgusting cages on wheels that are driven by 400-pound, sedentary maniacs who have nothing to lose, especially their union-protected, government job.

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Get Your New Dishwasher Now...Before the Government Ruins All of Them

Posted October 16th, 2012 by snappytype

An essay talking about how the government is planning on ruining dishwashers through regulation

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Washington Could Become First State To OK Pot Sales

Posted October 12th, 2012 by Sammy316

Washington state is on the verge of becoming the first in the nation to let adults over 21 buy taxed, inspected marijuana at state-licensed shops.

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Poker star Phil Ivey wins $11.5 million, but casino refuses to pay

Posted October 10th, 2012 by snowdog2012

Poker star Phil Ivey won $11.5 million in a London casino in August, but the gambling club is refusing to pay him.

Ivey was playing a card game called Punto Banco, in which skill plays no role. The winner is determined strictly by luck of the draw.

"Casinos love high-rollers. But not high-rollers who win," Bradley said.

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Startup Entrepreneurs Fleeing France

Posted October 8th, 2012 by snowdog2012

A flood of top-end properties are hitting the market as businessmen seek to leave France before stiff tax hikes hit, real estate agents and financial advisors say. "It's nearly a general panic. Some 400 to 500 residences worth more than one million euros ($1.3 million) have come onto the Paris market

Bugeon said he was seeing start-up entrepreneurs looking to move their headquarters out of France and taking their families with them.

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BitVendor, a new point of sale system for Bitcoin, seeks testers

Posted September 24th, 2012 by CryptoFreak

BitVendor will be an open source point of sale system for small and mobile merchants who want to accept cash and Bitcoin. We're looking for vendors who attend liberty festivals to help us test it. If you're interested, go to the site and click 'contact me'.

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Wait, what? Paul Ryan says feds should leave medical marijuana alone!

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan says the federal government shouldn't interfere with states that have legalized medical marijuana.

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Private Cities with their own legal and tax structures?

Posted September 5th, 2012 by evilklown

Private Cities with their own legal and tax structures in Honduras.

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US TV Dedicates F All Coverage To The Paralympic Games

Posted August 31st, 2012 by Sophia

Despite the fact it is a commercial TV channel in Britain which is finally giving disabled sport due respect by giving equivalent coverage to the Paralympics that the Olympics gets, apparently the United States the major commercial TV networks can’t find time in their schedules of shitty daytime soap operas & brain-dead quiz shows to air the pinnacle of sporting excellence for people with disabilities.

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Michigan Governor blocking alternate use of privately owned pipeline.

Posted August 30th, 2012 by TheQ

Michigan's Governor is trying to forcefully block a private company from using their private pipeline as they see fit.

I guess if you own it, you're not allowed to do with it as you please? :(

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