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Over-regulated America: being suffocated by regulation

Posted February 19th, 2012 by iamodd999

red tape in America is no laughing matter. The problem is not the rules that are self-evidently absurd. It is the ones that sound reasonable on their own but impose a huge burden collectively. America is meant to be the home of laissez-faire. Unlike Europeans, whose lives have long been circumscribed by meddling governments and diktats from Brussels, Americans are supposed to be free to choose, for better or for worse. Yet for some time America has been straying from this ideal.

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Pay with Bitcoins at more than 30 Restaurants in St. Louis MO!

Posted February 18th, 2012 by MemoryDealers

You can now pay with Bitcoins at more than 30 restaurants in St Louis Missouri!

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Liberty superstar Tom Woods looking to start his own show

Posted February 17th, 2012 by HXn

"I’d love to have a one-hour show with a format similar to Peter’s: I open the show by myself, commenting on whatever, maybe take a couple calls, then spend time with a guest, then back to me, then end of show. The show can then be downloaded later for people who weren’t listening live."

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John Bush: The Constitution = Slavery, Agorism = Freedom

Posted February 14th, 2012 by Regulus

John Bush speaks at LibertyFest West on February 11, 2012.

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Donation based game development-Double Fine Adventure

Posted February 11th, 2012 by EtotheRic

Pretty neat way to fund a project, based solely on consumer demand. They reached their goal in under 1 day thanks to internet networking. How many more people would be successful in life without government regulation and intervention?

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Public ISP 'competes' with big cable for broadband service

Read this article eating lunch the other day, and was curious to fellow FTL listener's opinions on public ISP's competing with private cable companies. Most of the time you get a local monopoloy from a cable company and that's your only real choice for broadband internet service, and I know my service SUCKS. I'm in favor of free-market solutions and competition, but it doesn't really exist for Cable and Broadband services. This LA city has a public ISP that supposedly operates reliable at advertised speeds, for MUCH less per subscriber.

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Required embalming room drives up costs of funerals

Posted February 8th, 2012 by jeffersonish

Minnesota law requires funeral homes to have an embalming room at each location even though most do all embalming at one central location or even outsource that task to a third party, thus making the law a barrier to entry for competition and driving up the cost of funerals. A young funeral home director specializing in low cost funerals is now challenging that law.

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Poverty Blights the Dream of Hong Kong

Posted December 10th, 2011 by PC Harris

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights.

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Missing you

Posted December 3rd, 2011 by kayak3036

Remy sings about the departure of our old friend the incandescent light bulb and the free market

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Stephan Kinsella Changed My Mind

Posted November 29th, 2011 by rawrob

A BBS user describes how Stephan Kinsella changed his mind about the compatibility of corporations with libertarianism.

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