Police State

Tennessee 'Officials' deply TSA on Highways to combat 'Terrorism'

Posted October 20th, 2011 by cvcreation

Tennessee 'Officials' deploy TSA on Highways to combat 'Terrorism' for the hell of it.

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Atlanta woman wrongly imprisoned for 53 days because of name mix-up

Posted October 19th, 2011 by jenrobi

Atlanta woman who shared only the same first name with a suspect is imprisoned for 53 days. She was only released because the victim of the crime testified that this was not the "Teresa" that attacked him.

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Florida police can install secret GPS trackers without warrants

Posted October 19th, 2011 by jenrobi

This fall a Supreme Court decision could force the police in Florida to require warrants before secretly installing GPS trackers. As of now, they do need a warrant saying it does not violate the Fourth Amendment.

"The police can't be trusted to police themselves," public Defender Howard Finklestein said. "There must be a check on police behavior or it will become an abuse of power. And the check has always been the Fourth Amendment."

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VIDEOS: More Police Brutality at OccupySF

Posted October 18th, 2011 by MuslimNonarchist

The Occupation was moved from the Federal Reserve to Justin Herman Plaza, which I believe was a request by the police, but I missed that General Assembly. The confrontation began when police demanded that the Occupiers disassemble their canapes. It appears some Occupiers responded by duct-taping themselves to the canapes, which didn’t cause the police a moment’s hesitation in tearing them down. Again the strategy of the activists was to form a human barricade when the Department of Public Works came to steal their supplies.

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Prison Industry

Posted October 17th, 2011 by LoveFreedomAndL...

An article about the prison industry in the United States.

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[Occupytimessquare] 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops (Marine Wins)

Posted October 17th, 2011 by cynical

Watch a bunch of bacon get shamed into walking away.

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Riot police use aggression on peaceful occupiers. (Video)

Fresh video from the Occupy movement. 10/15/11

The following events happened just prior to this footage being captured:

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Police cite privacy concerns over their own DNA

Rank-and-file police from Connecticut to Chicago to Los Angeles have opposed what some experts say is a slowly emerging trend in the U.S. to collect officers' DNA. "From a civil liberties standpoint, there are a lot of red flags," said Connecticut Trooper Steven Rief, former president of the state police union. "It's not that the law enforcement officers are opposed to giving up their DNA," he said. "You need to have safeguards in place. Something that can tell you ... something intimate about someone needs to be treated with the utmost care." ... No kidding!

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23 arrested at Occupy Denver protest

Posted October 14th, 2011 by ianCredible

Riot Police cleared and dismantled the tent city at the Occupy Denver protest this morning. At least 23 arrested.

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Movie Set Raided By SWAT Team for Prop Weapons

Posted October 12th, 2011 by berserker13

Onlookers may have thought that the intense police action was part of the plot, but when Hungarian police and a SWAT team descended on the set of Brad Pitt's film "World War Z" on Monday, it was not a scripted event.

According to US Weekly, the SWAT team raided a Budapest warehouse where weapons were being stored for use in the epic zombie flick, with anti-terrorism officers seizing 85 guns. The firearms, which were supposed to be nonfunctional, were automatic, military-style assault rifles that were in good working order.

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