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Genetically Modified Glow-in-the-Dark Sheep Made in Uruguay!

Sheep were crossed with a jellyfish protein in Uruguay to make glow in the dark sheep! This was funded by a non-profit. Uruguay has a government almost identical to our own, so I would say that the non-profit is probably publicly funded. What I think is most important in this article is that it challenges many USA Americans' ethnocentric view of education and science in the Western/Northern world versus places found in the southern hemisphere. One commenter brings up the possibility of easier to spot teenagers, but could this technology be used against people? For people?

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Veterinarian Says Medical Marijuana Also Helps Animals

Posted April 8th, 2013 by snowdog2012

Now that several states, including Colorado and Washington, have legalized marijuana use, one veterinarian says that dogs dealing with chronic pain and other debilitating conditions should be allowed to benefit from the medicinal effects of cannabis.

He acknowledged that after he ‘dosed’ his own dog Nikita, who had been suffering from terminal cancer, she was up and about and enjoying a better quality of life until she reached her end.

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What is a Hypothesis? Examining Current Definitions

Posted March 6th, 2013 by MikeH

With so many irreconcilable notions of Hypothesis floating around, it is necessarily to examine them all to find a definition that can be used Scientifically, i.e. Consistently.

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How Vaccines Have Changed Our World In One Graphic

Posted February 19th, 2013 by iamodd999

Here is a graphic that shows positive side of vaccines, just to keep the argument balanced. Often times the rare negative reactions seem to overshadow what good is done.
The data in this graphic come from the web site of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, but a graphic designer in Purchase, N.Y., named Leon Farrant has created a graphic that drives home what the data mean.

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Cyborg rats with infrared vision

Posted February 15th, 2013 by iamodd999

Researchers Give Lab Rats Terminator-Like Infrared Vision.
Researchers at Duke university have developed a neuroprosthesis that gives rats the ability to detect infrared light, a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to which mammals are normally blind.

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More evidence emerges that our universe is a computer simulation

Posted February 11th, 2013 by iamodd999

There's a lot of buzz in the news about a new scientific study that statistically supports the idea that our known universe is actually a grand computer simulation. This is mainstream science, and the idea isn't a whacky as you might fist think.
A new scientific paper published in arXiv and co-authored by Silas Beane from the University of Bonn reveals strong statistical evidence that our reality is, indeed, a grand computer simulation. The title of the paper is Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation.

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Missouri Bill Would Require Labels for Genetically-Modified Meat, Fish

How much do we trust the government to label foods today? Think about "pastured," "cage free," "whole grains," and "organic" labels. With such an inefficient, overstuffed bureaucratic fumbling with the current labeling of food, why would we want this same institution regulating GMO labels? Now, when a smaller independent company labels their food as containing no GMOs, we can trust that label. Get the government involved and this labeling system will lose meaning.

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German Neurologist Discovers 'Evil Patch" In Human Brain

A leading German neurologist believes he has found an ‘evil patch’ in the brains of violent criminals. Having spent years analysing the brains of convicted offenders for the German government, Dr Gerhard Roth now claims brain scans of rapists and murderers reveal a dark mass between the two frontal lobes.

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Edible Flu Vaccine testing in Corn crops

Posted January 28th, 2013 by iamodd999

Iowa State University researchers are putting flu vaccines into the genetic makeup of corn, which may someday allow pigs and humans to get a flu vaccination simply by eating corn or corn products.
"We're trying to figure out which genes from the swine flue virus to put into corn so those genes, when expressed, would produce protein," said Hank Harris, professor in animal science. "When a pig consumes the corn, it would work as a vaccine."

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Extinction of millions of species 'greatly exaggerated'

Posted January 26th, 2013 by iamodd999

In the past scientists have warned that up to five per cent of species are at risk of dying-out as a result of climate change, deforestation and development.

But a new analysis by the University of New Zealand found that this figure was five times greater than reality because the number of animals living in the wild in the first place had been over estimated.

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