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Bradley Manning’s full statement

The statement below was read by Pfc. Bradley Manning at a providence inquiry for his formal plea of guilty to one specification as charged and nine specifications for lesser included offenses. He pled not guilty to 12 other specifications. This rush transcript was taken by journalist Alexa O’Brien at Thursday’s pretrial hearing. O’Brien provided Salon with the full transcript.

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“Download this gun”: 3D-printed semi-automatic fires 600+ rounds

Cody Wilson, like many Texan gunsmiths, is fast-talkin’ and fast-shootin’—but unlike his predecessors in the Lone Star State, he’s got 3D printing to help him with his craft. Wilson’s nonprofit organization, Defense Distributed, released a video this week showing a gun firing off over 600 rounds—illustrating what is likely to be the first wave of semi-automatic and automatic weapons produced by the additive manufacturing process. Last year, his group famously demonstrated that it could use a 3D-printed “lower” for an AR-15—but the gun failed after six rounds.

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UK stripping terrorism suspects of citizenship

From the UK, more fodder for the debate over the US drone assassination campaign and the acceptability of killing citizens: In early February, a leaked white paper from the Obama Justice Department caused a small stir, because it laid out an expansive set of circumstances under which the president could order a citizen killed abroad. In September 2011, the US killed Al Qaeda propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, both US citizens, and a few weeks later a US drone strike in Yemen also killed Awlaki's 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman.

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Utopia in Denmark?

Danish city of Christiania defies both local and European governments and declares to be a free town.

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N.C. Mountain Man Fights To Preserve Old Ways

N.C. Mountain Man Fights To Preserve Old Ways

Primitive retreat too primitive for government officials

By Don Carrington Dec. 17th, 2012

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BOONE — Watauga County mountain man Eustace Conway’s passion for teaching primitive living came to a sudden halt in October when local government officials shut down his operation, citing safety and health

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How the world economy was and is being destroyed!

A huge article detailing the financial crisis, how it was orchestrated, connections to horrible companies and organizations and how everyone involved was bought and paid for to turn a blind eye and/or create laws and legislation to help "legalize"the whole thing.

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City of Austin goes after SideCar ride sharing service.

A ride sharing service called SideCar that is very popular in San Francisco and Seattle is under attack by the Austin City Council for being an unregulated taxi service. The City wants to conduct Sting operations to bust, fine, and impound the vehicle of volunteers who give rides to people on a donation basis only. This would be conducted during South by Southwest when the company plans to launch in Austin. The service is offered through a smartphone app and no cash is exchanged.

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Video of police abuse gets cop off scott free!

Cop Gets Away With Punching Woman BECAUSE It Was On Video. Judge Patrick Dugan ruled NOT guilty on the grounds that the incident was videoed and was “sensationalized” by the media.

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Potential Threat to the Liberty of Bitcoin?

What will be the future of Bitcoin now? Will US Government enforce conversions of Bitcoin to USD be made entirely through wallstreet under threat of death?

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In bid for credibility, largest BTC exchange moves to Silicon Valley

The world's leading Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, has announced a partnership with the Silicon Valley startup Coinlab. Under the agreement, Coinlab will handle Mt. Gox's American operations, which account for a large majority of the exchange's business. The transition will occur on March 22. CoinLab raised half a million dollars of venture capital last year. At the time, the firm was touting a scheme to exchange bitcoins for currency in games such as World of Warcraft and Second Life. Taking over Mt.

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