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Uses For Acid Core Solder

Posted August 25th, 2011 by MayerAlloys
Tags: is your source for the highest quality Lead and Solder Products including lead free solder wire, scrap lead sheet, tin and pewter alloys, fusible alloys, lead came, tin powder, genuine babbit and rosin core solder paste. Find out today what we can do for you!

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Ron Paul: The Face of Tomorrow's Republican Party?

Posted August 25th, 2011 by nicrivera

A Gallup Poll released on August 24 in which Republican and Republican-leaning Independents nationwide were asked to choose which candidate they supported for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination showed Rick Perry in the lead with 29% of the votes, followed by Mitt Romney with 17%, Ron Paul with 13%, and Michele Bachmann with 10%. No other candidate managed to poll more than 4%.

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Woman who recorded cops acquitted of felony eavesdropping charges

Posted August 25th, 2011 by thedrickster

A CHICAGO jury got it right??!!?? Jury nullification is alive and well, even inside of the collectivist beast.

The camera is indeed the new gun.

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Dear American Progressives, Please Vote For Ron Paul!

Posted August 25th, 2011 by free_german

A German tells American progressives to vote for Ron Paul

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Why is the Government Driving Folks Off Their Land?

Posted August 24th, 2011 by joestros

From Nuisance Abatement Teams in the Antelope Valley, CA, are enforcing ridiculous code violations in order to get people to stop living on their land. The Mayor, Mike Antonovich, responsible for enforcing these rules is now, not-so-ironically, heavily involved in promoting an "inland port", a high desert corridor, and a high speed rail line through in the same area.

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Peter Jackson funds Private Investigation after State Injustice

Oscar-winning New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson continues to fund private investigation of murder in the "West Memphis Three" case, because of the Amerikan injustice system which terrorized and stole 18 years from three innocent men which the state continues to blame after their release from prison.

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Diabetic Supplies,CPAP Supplies

Posted August 24th, 2011 by Medcareinc
Tags: - Diabetic Supplies,CPAP Supplies,Respiratory Supplies,Catheter Supplies,Diabetic Shoes,Lumbar Brace,Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Therapy Pump,Diabetic Testing Supplies,Sleep Apnea Supplies,Orthotic Supplies,Juvenile Diabetes.

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No charges for girl who admitted telling rape lie

A TEENAGE girl, who claimed someone had tried to rape her on a bridleway, was not telling the truth, police have revealed.

Suffolk Police received a report on June 26 from a 15-year-old who claimed she had been attacked by a man in Red Lodge on June 19.

The girl claimed she was grabbed by the man in a bridleway near Hundred Acre Way at around 6am. According to the teenager, she fought the attacker off before fleeing the scene.

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Dad wasn't dad after all, but still owes child support

Posted August 24th, 2011 by Takeshi Kovacs


Sixteen months after his divorce, Richard Parker made a devastating discovery. A DNA test revealed that his 3-year-old son had been fathered by someone else.

Mr. Parker immediately filed a lawsuit claiming fraud by his apparently unfaithful ex-wife. He took his case all the way to the Florida Supreme Court.

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Hangover Remedies | Beerocity Blog

There are a lot of hangover remedies but mostly they only ease a few of the symptoms. Remember that unless the alcohol is out of your system, the hangover won’t stop. These are the things that will help you with your hangover problems.

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