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FIJA activist arrested and taken to hospital again in Manhattan

Liberty activist Julian Heicklen again arrested and taken to hospital after refusing to stop distributing jury nullification pamphlets in front of federal courthouse in Manhattan.


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Created by bile 4 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 44 weeks ago
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FDA classifies natural drug as pharmaceutical, everyone loses.

Government regulation in action: Colchicine is a commonly used [naturally occurring] drug to treat gout. It used to cost pennies a pill, but now its price has since soared to $5 or more a pill.

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Created by kypdurron5 4 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 44 weeks ago
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80% of Americans distrust the government

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Nearly 80 percent of Americans say they do not trust the government to do what is right, expressing the highest level of distrust in Washington in half a century, according to a public opinion survey.

Only 22 percent of Americans say they trust the government "just about always" or "most of the time," according to the Pew Research Center survey released on Sunday.

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Created by berserker13 4 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 45 weeks ago
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Two soldiers from Bravo Company 2-16, the company depicted in the video, have written an open letter of apology to the Iraqis who were injured or lost loved ones during the attack that, these former soldiers say, is a regular occurrence in this war.

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Created by Puke 4 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 45 weeks ago
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Cop deonates a flashbang under bleachers at high school convocation

On April 8, about 27 students — mostly high school juniors and seniors — were taking part in a Student Alliance Program course in the highway patrol hangar at the Jefferson City airport. As part of a demonstration by Troop F, a SWAT officer rolled a “flashbang” grenade under the seats of the students without their knowledge.

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Created by rancemuhamitz 4 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 44 weeks ago
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The New Slave Masters

Police, for all practical matters, have rights far beyond those which ordinary citizens enjoy. Police may request identification from people, detain people, beat people, and even kill innocents, with little or no fear of the negative repercussions which any of us would expect were we to do any of those things. My father described similar experiences in Birmingham in the 1950s. Welcome to the new, more egalitarian America: we are all niggers now.

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Created by rawrob 4 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 32 weeks ago
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Man loses licence after drink-driving in toy Barbie car

A man who was caught drink-driving in a toy car with a top speed of 4mph has been banned from driving.

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Created by stuntmantdave 4 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 45 weeks ago
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Cops drop ‘corrupting youth’ charge against war protester’s mom

Police in Des Moines, Iowa, may have been trying to "scare" the peace movement when they ticketed the mother of an adolescent anti-war protester for corrupting her daughter, a law professor says.

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Created by THCPower 4 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 44 weeks ago
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Libertarians lead Independent shift from Obama

Who are these centrist, independent-minded voters who swung the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts to Republican candidates and are likely to be crucial in races this fall?

Political analysts are searching for a name. They have tried “tea partier,” “populist,” “conservative,” even “strange and unpredictable.”

None of these fits, however.

These voters are neither populist nor conservative. But many may be libertarian — fiscally conservative but socially liberal or tolerant.

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Created by masshole 4 years 45 weeks ago – Made popular 4 years 45 weeks ago
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The Story of the Night Hannah Was Not "Officially" Raped

After a Howard University student was drugged and raped at a party, her attempts to get a medical forensic exam were stonewalled by the cops.

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