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CA Bill to Legalize Pot Advances, Law Enforcement Complains

A bill to legalize marijuana in California was approved by a key committee of the Assembly, in spite of opposition from law enforcement.

Assemblyman Danny Gilmore, a former CHP commander, said the estimated $1.3 billion in tax revenue is not worth the grief that will be caused by legalization. Gilmore uses the logical fallacy of the slippery slope arguement: "What's next? Are we going to legalize methamphetamines, cocaine?"

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States lower standards for high school diplomas

Pennsylvania, like 26 other states, is now requiring "exit exams" in order for students to receive an high school diploma. However, because it's government, many of the original proposed standards have been watered down to ensure passage.

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The State is Not Pro-Life

To Grant Government More Power in the Hopes that it Will Defend Human Life is Foolish.

Health care? Abortion? War? The State, as an institution, is not pro-life in any way. It's a mistake to allow it more power in the hopes that it will defend life. A look at a few points within the U.S. Federal State will help bring this fact more clearly to home.

This article looks at 2 things:
1 - the government itself has stated that it has no responsibility to defend you
2 - politicians (even "pro-life" ones) do not have convictions, they only have platforms.

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Amish Families Exempt From Insurance Mandate

Federal health care reform will require most Northern New Yorkers — but not all, it turns out — to carry health insurance or risk a fine.

Hundreds of Amish families in the region are likely to be free from that requirement.

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Tee-shirt = weapon of terror

AIRPORT guards stopped a man boarding a plane - for wearing a Transformers T-shirt showing a cartoon gun.

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Created by onederbred 5 years 7 weeks ago – Made popular 5 years 7 weeks ago
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Off-Grid Man Jailed For Confronting Utility Company

William Williams, 76, of Cecil, vows to continue removing the guy wire and its anchor in his yard each time the power company replaces them. For Mr. Williams, it’s all a matter of civil disobedience. He said he refuses to surrender his property rights to the utilities.

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Top police officer 'bullied' man over website pay row

Web designer is attacked & arrested after asking a police officer for payment owed to him.
'Commander Ali Dizaei, 47, bullied web designer Waad Al-Baghdadi when he asked for £600 for work on [the commander's website], Southwark crown Court heard. '
The officer challenged the designer to a fight, and then proceeded to arrest him after he refused and attempted to call 999 (English equivalent of 911).

Police are out to protect us all? Obviously.

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Should We Write Off the Tea Party?

Thomas Woods giving his two cents on the Tea Party.

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Incompetant TSA Closes Airport Over Honey.

LOS ANGELES, Jan 5 (Reuters) - Authorities shut down a California airport on Tuesday after a suspicious amber liquid in a passenger's bag tested positive for explosives -- only to ultimately determine that the substance was honey.

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Uncle Sam Plans To Steal Your 401k

Uncle Sam Wants To Steal Your 401K
According to Business Week, the US govt. wants your 401K. It seems the govt. doesn’t have enough of YOUR money. They want more. The U.S. Treasury and Labor Departments may begin next week asking Americans how the U.S. govt. should take control of 401k’s.

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