Cops execute pet, while on a leash

Posted November 3rd, 2012 by logicle

OMAHA, NE -- A man walked his dog along the sidewalk and came a little too close to some peace officers. The peace officers tackled the man, and then shot his dog in the head. He was charged with obstructing justice and resisting arrest.

The dog was a friendly labrador/golden retriever mix, was on a leash, and showed no aggression. The neighbor who recorded the incident said, “The dog did nothing aggressive. I've lived next to this dog two and a half years and it’s one of the best dogs.”

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Obama Supporters Actually Hate His Policies

Posted November 3rd, 2012 by Grey

Check out Luke Rudkowski asking Obama supporters about "Romney" policies. (not surprisingly, they immediately deride them.) Then watch what happens when they're told they're actually Obama's - they stumble - they make excuses and it just makes for some great video.

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Ghostbuster Backflips Over Cop

Posted October 31st, 2012 by unique2

Video of drunk Ghostbuster back flipping off a cop car on Halloween, and getting arrested for it. Also, cop threatens person filming with arrest!

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"The Judge" agrees with Lysander Spooner

Posted October 31st, 2012 by GinsingSullivan

"The Judge" agrees with Lysander Spooner in his wonderful speech at the Mises Supporters Summit. More at MisesMediaChannel on YouTube.

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Ben Swann: What The Media Isn't Telling You About The Drug War

Posted October 31st, 2012 by libertyevolution

VIDEO - TV news reporter Ben Swann speaks to a crowd about the dangerous results of prohibition and what it does to communities around the US-Mexico border.

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FreeStaters Have Taken over / Wrecked the State of New Hampshire...

Posted October 28th, 2012 by kelvin

NH state legislature candidate rants and raves against liberty activists during an exchange in the Lakes Region. Claims we've taken over the state house and practically wets his pants over the fact guns are allowed in the building again after a brief ban. Click the link to watch, and bring popcorn. Props to

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Call the police for help, and they will come and kill you.

Posted October 27th, 2012 by roryn3kids

The parents of a 16-year-old suicidal boy spoke only with CBS Atlanta News' Wendy Saltzman after their son was gunned down by a police sniper in Cherokee County.

Lisa and Nick Messina said their son was killed at the hands of the officers they called for help.

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man shows how to handle police. "Am I being detained?"

Posted October 26th, 2012 by awagele

Hawthorne PD Gets OWNED

Holding up a 'SPEED TRAP' sign about four blocks ahead of a speed trap.
"Am I being detained - Am I free to go?" Magic words!

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Trolling the Police... on video!

Posted October 26th, 2012 by kelvin

Cops confronted on video while sitting drinking coffee while illegally parked... Pretty funny!

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Watch the Apologists Downplay Obama's Kill List

Posted October 24th, 2012 by Grey

Check out a rep from both the Democratic and Republican Party as they're confronted by Luke Rudowski of "We Are Change" on the legitmacy of Obama's Kill List. At least Obama's rep handles himself pretty well - can't say the same for the GOP punk.

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