Who is opposing cannabis legalization in California?

Posted September 16th, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

These are the top contributors to the main group opposing marijuana legalization in California.

The #1 contributor is SA Recycling. Guess what they recyle?
Metal cans.

The #2 contributor?
The California Beer & Beverage Distributors.

The rest are mostly cops and narcotics agents.

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Free the 'Shine! Why it's finally time to legalize liquor

Posted September 1st, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

Federal agents still raid distilleries much like they did during Prohibition, and making any amount of moonshine at home is not only illegal, it's a felony that can carry up to five years in prison. The result is a market dominated by a few big names, where would-be craftsmen are forced to hide their work.

And yet, despite the danger, America is in the midst of "moonshine renaissance," in which a new wave of hipster hobbyists has joined with old-time 'shiners to flout the law and do what they love to do.

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Bartenders face up to 45 years for victim-less fireball tricks

Posted August 18th, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

Two fire-breathing bartenders face up to 45 years in prison each for performing flaming bar tricks.

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Cop recognized by MADD killed man while driving drunk on-duty

Posted August 13th, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

An Indianapolis police officer who was once honored for his prolific arrests of drunken drivers could cost the city more than $1 million in legal claims stemming from a fatal crash in which he is accused of driving drunk.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving spokeswoman Dorene Englert expressed disappointment today in Officer David Bisard. MADD recognized Bisard in the late 1990s while he was a Noblesville police officer.

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Drunk on-duty cop runs over and kills motorcyclist

Posted August 11th, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

An Indianapolis police officer tested at more than twice the level at which a driver in Indiana is considered legally drunk when he crashed his squad car into two motorcycles Friday, according to a victim's relative.

The accident killed one rider and critically injured two others.

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Homeless man reopens vacant bar without state permission

Posted July 24th, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

A homeless man allegedly broke into a California bar and served drinks to unsuspecting patrons all weekend -- before police came calling.

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U.S. pockets $20.6 billion in "sin taxes" in FY'09

Posted July 15th, 2010 by Deslock Darkstar

Americans armed themselves to the teeth and paid through the nose to have a smoke, according to a U.S. government report released on Wednesday. The U.S. federal government collected $20.6 billion in taxes on alcohol, tobacco, firearms and ammunition in fiscal year 2009, up 41 percent from the previous fiscal year, according to the annual report of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. --- Remember, kids... "Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms" should be a convenience store, not a government agency.

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Indiana to require ID for alcohol purchase regardless of age

Posted June 1st, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

Starting July 1, any licensed server selling alcohol for off-premise consumption will be required to card all Hoosiers -- regardless of how old they look. That means all retailers from supermarkets to package liquor stores will be turning away customers without identification.

Anyone who fails to check for ID during a transaction can be cited with a criminal misdemeanor.

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Police force catheter into man suspected of DUI

Posted April 30th, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

An Indiana man has filed a lawsuit claiming that police forcibly withdrew urine from his body during a drunken driving arrest.

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Kids More Likely to Use Inhalants Than Drugs, Alcohol

Posted March 12th, 2010 by rancemuhamitz

A new study says 12-year-olds are more likely to use inhalants than cigarettes or marijuana.

This is troubling news for parents. Most moms and dads make it a point to warn their children about drugs and drinking -- not huffing. But experts say huffing is killing kids.

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