The TSA is Killing Us

Posted November 20th, 2012 by rastahomie

Article in Slate magazine about how the inconvenient and inefficient TSA is actually causing more deaths than it prevents.

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9GAG - TSA Logic

Posted November 19th, 2012 by knutars

If you don't let us touch your penis, then you hate America.

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Showdown with TSA set for 'Opt Out and Film Week' November 19-26

Posted November 14th, 2012 by JessieLee

1) Fly within the United States, opt out of the body scanner and have someone film your pat-down.
2) Go to your nearest U.S. airport and hand out flyers to travelers to spread the word about the event.
3) Film TSA personnel at non-airport locations, like subways, train stations and bus stops, and peacefully re-assert your rights when faced with random bag searches and other unreasonable security procedures.

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Don't celebrate yet: TSA moves X-ray body scanners

Posted October 21st, 2012 by freeAgent

The TSA is in the process of moving its "old" radiation-emitting backscatter x-ray machines to smaller airports and replacing them with new millimeter wave machines in big airports.

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Conservative Radio host whines about TSA groping her va jay jay. LOL

Posted October 15th, 2012 by quickmike

I bet she was all for this kind of thing when her precious Bushy Boy was the boss.

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Securing your luggage against theft when flying

Posted October 12th, 2012 by johnnycakes

The most effective way to secure your luggage against theft when flying on commerical airlines is to travel with a firearm. When flying with a firearm you are required to store it in a hard case with a lock to which ONLY YOU have a key. The TSA is prevented from both opening your luggage once sealed or marking it in any way to indicate contents. Watch the video for more detailed information. NOTE: If you are uncomfortable with firearms, the firearm you travel with does not have to be deadly (i.e. it can be a flare gun).

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TSA Humiliates Dying Cancer Patient

Posted October 10th, 2012 by digitalgloom

Security officials lifted bandages from recent surgeries, lifted her shirt to check feeding tubes and broke open an IV bag of saline solution, all in full view of other passengers

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TSA Confiscates Camera, Deletes Footage of Checkpoint

Despite the TSA admitting on its own website that there is no law which prevents people from filming TSA checkpoints, a man traveling through San Juan airport in Puerto Rico had his camera confiscated and footage deleted.

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TSA hired priest accused of molesting girls to do pat downs

Posted October 1st, 2012 by jarvis

The Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) didn’t bother to do a background check on a priest who had been defrocked for molesting girls before they gave him a job, which included doing pat downs on children at Philadelphia International Airport.

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TSA Agent Caught Stealing iPad

Posted September 27th, 2012 by rastahomie

ABCnews.com article about iPad deliberately left behind at Orlando International Airport. Using tracking software, the tracked to the home of the TSA agent who stole it.

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