Bitcoin and the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Posted November 15th, 2010 by davehollis

In another significant milestone for P2P cryptocurrency the EFF has agreed to accept Bitcoin donations! The EFF is known for legal cases involving high profile tech companies such as Apple, Google, Craigslist, and Facebook. The simple fact that the EFF is welcoming anonymous donations is a small but significant step towards Bitcoin societal acceptance.So,how long untill FTL accepts donations via bitcoin?

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FTL needs bitcoin donation address

coaltrane 4 years 43 weeks 3 hours 46 min ago

I second that is time for FTL bitcoin donation options: Listening to FTL's Dec 8th mp3 during minute 22, Ian and Mark talked about Mastercard/Visa's inability to process transactions, and did make the astute point that Visa/Mastercard are highly insecure, considering the fact that yesterday's DDoS attack was able to take them down. Later during minute 32, Ian and Mark did their regular request for donations to their AMP marketing program...but they had to reluctantly admit that they use PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard because they don't have good alternatives: time 32:45 - Ian Freeman, "Go to, and I know PayPal is on there.  What else can you do?  There just aren't very many convenient payment systems on the internet...unfortunately we have to hold our nose a little bit...we do accept Visa and MasterCard, as well when they are up an running." time 33:02 - Mark Edge, "One a good opportunity presents itself..." time 33:05 - Ian Freeman, "Where's the agorist payment processor!?!" I think it is time for FTL to accept bitcoin :)

No Excuse

inertia 4 years 41 weeks 6 days 12 hours ago

I know Ian and Mark are busy gentlemen. And I'm sure it would help if someone would call the show to explain it to them (impossible for me). But at this point, there is no excuse not to accept Bitcoin. Especially since I tried to explain it to them by sending them 15 BTC by Ian's reply: "Hello, Sorry for the confusion, but by alternatives, I meant alternative payments like money orders, bank-issued checks, or silver. I have heard of bitcoin, but never heard of anyone using them, so basically they would not do the AMP program any good. Plus, I'm suspicious of having to install a program just to collect the funds. I hope this is not too disappointing, but AMP will need to be in FRN. We'll take hard metals, but those aren't as useful as I can't buy as much with those. Thanks for your support!" I replied that I understood. I also gave him more information, like the fact that you don't have to run the client in order to deal in Bitcoin. But I don't think I got anywhere. This little discussion above took place on October 28th. So there is no excuse for saying "Where's the agorist payment processor!?!" ... except for hard-headedness. They can get paid in Bitcoin, then cash out with That simple.

"So,how long until FTL

Still 4 years 46 weeks 2 days 20 hours ago

"So,how long until FTL accepts donations via bitcoin?" I'll donate bitcoins. It's pretty easy to set up.

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