Census supervisor: We may be back with a police officer next time

Posted May 17th, 2010 by Mandrik

It was a beautiful Sunday evening around 7:30PM. I had just finished cooking a dinner of chicken wings & a dessert funnel cake for my wife and kids. I was in the kitchen cleaning up when the doorbell rang. My wife & kids were sitting close to the door, watching an episode of Life on the Discovery Channel. My wife answered the door, which was open to allow the cool breeze to come in. There stood a pair of census enumerators. I immediately walked out of the kitchen, and my wife informed them they would need to speak to me.

(Won't let me post the entire story here -- read on in my comments/replies)

Wow, definitely keep us

wbuch 5 years 20 weeks 5 days 14 hours ago

Wow, definitely keep us updated!

My story (continued)

Mandrik 5 years 20 weeks 6 days 11 hours ago

This wasn't my first visit from a census employee. Earlier in the week a female enumerator visited my home. I informed her I would not be participating in the census and to have a pleasant day. I had to leave for work and still had a lot to do, and I didn't have my phone or video camera on me. She was polite and left without any further questions. I figured she would visit some neighbors and ask them, but that apparently did not happen.

Back to the story--I stepped outside and closed the door behind me. The gentleman introduced himself as Kevin, and the woman introduced herself as Lisa, Kevin's supervisor. My hands were still wet so I didn't shake their hands, but I wanted to remain calm and polite. They were visiting again because I turned the previous enumerator away. They started with their normal spiel, and asked if I would answer their questions. I politely declined, saying I made no oath to the constitution and had no interest in participating. This time around they pulled out "the law" that says I have to answer their questions. I continued to refuse to answer.

What happened next is what made me realize I wasn't video recording. Lisa told me that if I refused to answer the questions they would just be back tomorrow and they could be forced to bring a police officer along! I asked her why is it the state always resorts to force to get their way? She had no answer to this. I then reached into my pocket and began recording on my iPhone. They did not like this, and that's where the video begins. At the end of the video you can hear her say "We'll be here tomorrow to knock on your door." As of 12:45PM there has not been another knock.

I apologize for not recording the entire incident. My iPhone is usually plugged in and charging at this hour, and I didn't realize it was in my pocket until halfway through our conversation. If they show up again I will not make the same mistake.

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