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Common Questions

1. Where is the video?

You will need Flash Player installed to see the cam. If you aren't watching during live shows, you'll just hear audio from LRN.FM - The Liberty Radio Network. Still not working?  You can watch us on YouTube during our live hours here.  Or, just try our audio streams.

2. My video/audio is stuttering. What can I do?

The chat box client built into this page may be too burdensome for your system. Try popping the cam, popping out our barebones webchat, then closing this window.

3. Are you guys reading the chatroom?

Usually no, but it is possible.

4. How do I chat?

Use the client on this page or the full screen chat. Alternately, you can IRC to, channel #LRN. Finally, if you would prefer a no-frills webchat client, you can use this one.

5. Are there video archives?

There are, as of March 2014, on our Youtube channel. You can also find any audio episode dating back to late 2006 via our MP3 Archives.