Affiliate News :: "Anarcho Agenda" Now on LRN.FM

July 29th, 2017 - 3:50pmby FTL_Adminin

Free Talk Live welcomes our existing affiliate "KGX" in Palm Springs, CA as they expand from weekends to all seven-nights-per-week!  You can see details about our over 170 radio affiliates here.  

Also, in LRN.FM news, welcome to our newest show in the podcast loop, "Anarcho Agenda" hosted by Riley Blake.  Regular listeners of Free Talk Live will recognize Riley as the blind caller from Utah who edits a daily digest of FTL seven-days-a-week for your downloading convenience.  Here's our full list of shows on LRN.FM, to which you can listen online, your phone, or via satellite.

Speaking of Riley, he (and a few other listeners this week) just signed up for the FTL/LRN Forum!  Since he's an AMPlifier of the show, I added his FTL badge to his user profile pic.  If you want to help us spread the ideas of liberty, please AMP the show for as little as $5 (or bitcoin) per month!  You'll get some cool perks and we'll get the word out about freedom.

Thank you for listening to, supporting, and sharing Free Talk Live and LRN.FM,
Ian Freeman