Agorism Doesn't Work

November 10th, 2015 - 2:09pmby FTL_Markin

Agorism just doesn’t work, at least not as is proponants claim.

During this ever-expanding Election Season, we, the stalwart defenders of liberty, can expect to see not just a few posts of people advocating that you “Vote for Nobody” or suggesting that voting is violence against your neighbor or some such non-sense. Often, these same posters will advocate for something they call Agorism. If you show the very least amount of interest, they will breathlessly go on about how Sam Konkin III had this brilliant notion that we can use the counter economy to out compete the State.  They will tell you that System D is 2/3rds of the world’s economy. Suggesting that we are almost there!

I’ve got news for you, if you have 2/3rds of the market share, and you are losing market share, you are not about to win. You just have a system that doesn’t work. Further bad news: The State can tax and you can’t. Because of that simple fact, Agorism is generally a failed notion. Take a look a government schools. Is the Free Market winning in education? We’ve had 100+ years to compete in this area and lots of dedicated people working hard and the percentage of students enrolled in government schools (85+%) is holding strong. Why? Because they are tax funded, the same as the roads, the military, the police, the courts and a whole mess of other govt programs. People, sadly will take the least costly option, and then complain that it doesn’t work as well as the costly option, instead of just buying the costly option in the first place. If your idea can’t work in this area, the one that is most important to consumers (the education of their children), then you can’t make your idea work… Sorry… That is the end of the article…You can go home now…

Look, I know you are mad. I know the political system has betrayed you and you need something to believe in. How about I throw you a bone? Bitcoin is the Lotto winner of Agorist projects. How’s that? Do you feel better? Well, sorry to tell you, currency isn’t tax funded. It’s just created by the government or its confederates. If you can find another way to undermine the State, like Bitcoin does, I fully support you, but most Agorists are just drug dealers justifying their business. I don’t think you need to justify it, dude. You sell drugs, good for you. Or they are homestead farmers. I have a big garden, an orchard and 20 pigs. I am not undermining the State. I’m just growing food. No politician quakes in his expensive loafers when I eat a pork chop, I assure you.

I’ve been living in New Hampshire for the Free State Project for 9 years now. I have seen the Agorists come and I have seen them go. The best I can tell is they haven’t accomplished anything. Some will claim that they have achieved more personal freedom for themselves, but their personal freedom looks remarkably like poverty, to me. I’ve seen the civil disobedience folks gain a little traction, and the media folks certainly can spread the word about liberty, but I’ve had to come to a hard realization. As distasteful and inefficient as the political process is, it is the only thing I have seen work yet. If you live in Cleveland, L.A. or any  damned place but NH, I get why you don’t vote, it is a waste of time, generally, but don’t say that the political process doesn’t work, when I can show you it has here. In New Hampshire, 85 of the 400 Representatives in the NH House are endorsed by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. That is more than 20%! They have gotten a few real, quantifiable liberty bills passed, but that isn’t their real value. It’s not what they pass, it is what they stop. In every other state, the statists state away in the state capitol. In NH, they must pass their crappy bills through the phalanx of our nominal libertarians. In order to get their statist crap through, they must convince the libertarians, or convince the other side, be they the liberals or the conservatives, either way, our State is growing slower than your State and that is a tremendous advantage when you consider that the marketplace has the opportunity to grow too.

If you can’t move to NH, I understand, it’s not for everyone, but, please, don’t waste your time with a philosophy that is so obviously bunk, like Agorism.
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